Pristina, Kosovo

2016-01-19 12.15.09Spend three exciting days in the capital of Kosovo – Pristina. It is snowing. Snow makes me extremely happy. Because it feels surreal. My surrounding is like a fairy-tale. I am walking towards the city centre, passing across the big cathedral of Mother Theresa Catholic church, to my right side is the University of Pristina. Walked up to the intriguing building of Pristina International Public Library, next to it is an Orthodox church built by the Serbians. While walking in the park a sudden feeling of immense gratitude is enveloping my whole being while having thoughts of – if I die tomorrow, I will never have any regrets, knowing that I have lived my life to the fullest. Life has been good to me. It was not perfect. But it was very good. Very good is an understatement. I have seen the world. Not so much. But part of it. It gives me a kind of feeling like having a reservoir of wealth beyond material riches. Learning more about myself that I can thrive beautifully in any place where I would live for a short period of time without knowing any one at the time of my arrival amazes me. I learn how to assimilate a culture that is totally different from me without losing my individuality, retaining the values that I think are essential, while keeping an open mind to adopt to a particular lifestyle. It can go together. You can always accept and embrace a culture that is different from your upbringing as long as you are in touch with your inner self and your values are intact. Otherwise, you might get swayed and forget about where you come from. Being conscious of your roots and learning that you can go further than you can imagine keeps your feet on the ground. Humility is indeed a virtue. Being true to yourself, when you can say “no” to a certain situation even if others viewed it not cool is okay. You don’t have to conform to a short-lived fashion and fads if it does not makes you feel good inside. It is better to speak your mind even if others may not agree with what you think is right and wrong. And if you can demonstrate what is “respect” through your actions and deeds, people will respect you and in return you earn their trust.

I still am dreaming of having my own hostel in one of the most beautiful islands in my country, Palawan – someday. I still dream of writing a book(s) and become a renowned published author – one day. I still want to have my own family and settle down – soon (day) ;). And the list goes on. I have a feeling that these will happen at the time that are designed to be.

For now, I am making one of my dreams come true – traveling the world while learning and experiencing the different culture of every country, city or town I am inhabiting.

Cheers to more success in 2016!
Hugs and kisses, Mafey xx

Maf at Kosovo!Me 🙂 with the back drop of the intriguing building – Kosovo’s Public Library

PS, my current location: Tirana, Albania 🙂

Skopje, Macedonia

12541157_10201252966041976_7203392482859204155_nToday, I leave Macedonia. Traveling from Skopje to Pristina (Kosovo).
Spent twenty – six delightful days in a country I did not expect it to be.
Part of me will live here. Maybe forever.

As they say, love finds you in the most unexpected way. Moments are fleeting. Time flies. I will continue my journey. And so are you. If fate has destined to let us meet again. It will be a beautiful union.

When the future is uncertain we leave things to fate. Is life really what we make it? Or is there really such a Grand Plan that let fate guide us through what is destined to happen. I have not really pondered much about it.

All I can say is, thank you for the L O V E .

It’s a great 2015. It’s gonna be greater 2016! Happy New Year! :)

Happy 2016!!Happy 2016!This trip has given me so much strength I never knew I had. It made me resilient to various challenges I have come across the journey. Each life experiences in every place I have inhabited, only sculpted me to be a better person.

Before this year – 2015, comes to an end. And welcome the coming of the New Year – 2016. Let me thank all the people I met on this journey, strangers turned to be a life-long friends, strangers I have met only once in this life, friends turned to be strangers… My loving family, thoughtful relatives and supportive friends back home (Philippines and Singapore) who had been a constant source of inspiration. This is the longest time I am away — 6 months and counting. I would have not done it if not for the people who opened their homes for me, for groups and organizations who willingly allowed me to work to sustain my planned long-term travel and for random strangers who’d just showed up out nowhere every time I needed help the most. THANK YOU. Please know that I love each and every one of you.

It truly is a great 2015. Have a blessed and peaceful 2016!

Much love from Macedonia, Mafey xx

Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler

Keep Safe!

I was staring at the ceiling for as long as I remember. Staring blankly. Slightly shocked. My Invincible Guide has just saved me. From unthinkable danger. Thank you My Guardian Angel. -Maf (0248 hours. 19.11.2015)

The fundamental points I wish to share are based on my personal account as the title suggests. Although I don’t feel very comfortable detailing a few disconcerting encounters I had faced. What I will discuss however would be helpful to every solo traveler regardless of gender or preference. Continue reading “Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler”

*Live Update: Maf is in Cappadocia, Turkey :)

A splendid view from my new home :)
A splendid view from my new home 🙂

For more and more of us, home has really less to do with a piece of soil, than you could say, a piece of soul.”

10.55am Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey 10.11.2015 (Tuesday)

Too cold for me. Two (2) degree Celsius. The sun is up. Past half 7am. On a Tuesday. A view of a whole new environment. And surroundings. Welcome to Cappadocia! 🙂
Since Friday, I was traveling non-stop from Novi Sad, the northern city of Serbia to its capital, Belgrade, down to the south – Nis. I changed bus for my route to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. From Sofia, I took the evening bus to Istanbul, Turkey. I spent two days in the heart of Turkey before I headed to the place known for its “Hot Air Ballon” – Cappadocia. Continue reading “*Live Update: Maf is in Cappadocia, Turkey :)”

Non Schengen European Countries Filipinos Can Travel Visa Free

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Hello September! Wake me up when September ends… 😉 For my fellow folks who are a wanderlust like yours truly, this post is especially made for you 🙂

Some days I am most productive even when traveling. Before I go for my night shift work, I walked-in to four embassies to do a sort of action-research. I always end up feeling extra satisfied every time I meet with a Consul who provide more than enough/ sufficient information than what I actually need. Continue reading “Non Schengen European Countries Filipinos Can Travel Visa Free”

Zagreb, Croatia: My Home. For Now :)

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I once read somewhere that doing your best at this moment puts you in the best place at the next moment. I take refuge in it. It ringed true to me all these years.

I realized that when you truly look for opportunity, door opens. Widely. Continue reading “Zagreb, Croatia: My Home. For Now :)”