2015 EU Backpacking, 35 Days Traveling: Fear Is Stronger Than Love?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller

TRAVEL NOTES 101. 2211 hours, Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes my heart speaks of a language that my mind doesn’t fully understand. Nor capture. Whatever it is, I feel like sharing it here πŸ™‚

In some ways, we are all wounded. At some part of ourselves, we carry a scar of past heartaches, pains, hurts, suppressed anger or bitterness. We try not to let it interfere with our “present life” but sometimes it’s just powerful. That it makes us not to expect so much about what’s in store in the future. What lies ahead. There is a force that makes us want to give up, that wants us to rob off the most beautiful dreams we carry in our heart. It pushes us to run away from the most precious aspirations, longings, desires we held close at the core of our being.

AND when Love knocks at your door. Fear is right there. Right in front. Stopping you. Not to. Because you might get hurt again. “That someone” might inflict pain again in your heart. So much that it hurts. You have had enough. In the past. Enough is enough. You have no idea where those thoughts (or feelings?) are coming from. All those fears just began creeping in.

SO you try to play it cool. Constantly reminding yourself, guarding yourself too much. Not to fall. Not until you realized. You.have.fallen. In the abyss of eternity. XXX

Meanwhile, Happy Golden Jubilee Singapore. Thank you for the continued opportunities you are pouring. On me. I am watching from afar. Celebrating with you.


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