Personal Quotes to Live By

I wish to share my thoughts on various subject matter to give you a glimpse about myself, how I live and what am I thinking.

On Education

Bachelor’s degree, Masters or PhDs are just title; it is the character of the person that makes a difference.

On Relationship

Every relationship we come to experience is a sacred gift, it constantly teach us of who we are.

On Family

Family are the most important people in our life, they always love us even if they may not always understand us.

On Friends

Genuine friends are like umbrella on a rainy day and a UV tan lotion on a hot scorchin’ summer.

On Work

I see many people treat work as if their whole lives revolve on it, yes we work in order to live but I guess we should not live just for work’s sake!

On Spirituality

I am grateful for I have learned early on that indeed there are many ways but all is pointing to One God.

On Politics

People who run the government are not any better than showbiz personalities, too many bogus politicians keep running here and there without really having an incontestable platform.

On Environment

I am an environmentalist by heart and I show it more than I say it.

On Travelling

Travelling is a way life; I could not imagine living my life any better without unearthing the world out there.

Life’s Lesson

If I will sum up my journey in one line it is that, life has its own way of putting us always at its best regardless of the choice we make and the path we take.

mafsnorkelinginpalawan!Living Life at its Best,

Mafey! 🙂


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