90 Days On The Road? Or So It Seems :)

NEW Schengen Visa issued
NEW Schengen Visa issued

Let’s see when I get there… πŸ™‚

Friends, I just want to share a feel good stuff. This whole of week has been pretty up. As if the heavens are offsetting all the bad stuff that took place in the past weeks.

Lunch time, I collected my passport and visa at the ever helpful, ever considerate French Embassy. Considering, technically speaking, I am a tourist now in the little red dot. Met a few ex-colleagues over lunch. I was dressed well for a supposed work interview with a client (Japanese MNC) arranged by a headhunter whom an ex-colleague has recommended me. Only to postponed saying that: “…they need it urgent, you could miss the opportunity because of your leave.” From which I calmly replied: “…no problem. They can go ahead to look for other suitable candidates… Thanks for the info…

Thank God, I can plan well now. No more looking back. It’s a go πŸ™‚
Run lot’s of errands and still running :). Almost half-way. Preparing for my travel that would commence in a few hours. From now. Never ending packing of stuff as I am moving out from the flat. Met some close friends over dinner. I was deeply moved from the mind-blowing discussions we have had. Being with like-minded people who have as much as high EQ (Emotional Quotient) as IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is truly, such a blessing. It was a recent realization.

Having had a time off for this week’s extremely busy schedule. I cycled at the Changi Beach coast yesterday. After I slept over at a friend’s place in Pasir Ris. I had time to ruminate. Reflect.
God is for real. Miracles happen. Everything that happened this whole of week has been a miracle. How could I still have the heart to think of good wishes to those who have wronged me? I did not do it. God did.

Friends, here I go again! Road will be my home this time and again! Just to give you a little teaser ;). It will be:

TurkeyAustriaSloveniaCroatiaHungarySlovakiaBelgiumNetherlandsSwedenMaltaPolandCzech RepublicRomaniaBulgariaGreece (maybe) – Deutschland (maybe) – France (maybe) and so on…

It’s my dream to try a live blog. Hope it works :).
Travel insights, new culture, international cuisines, life stories, living the now as if there is no tomorrow, capturing the moments, getting lost in translations, to the ad infinitum.

Come and join me with my 2015 summer EU backpacking. Let the adventure of The Free-Spirited Explorer: Maftravelgraphy begins! :))

Stay tuned!
Mafey πŸ™‚

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” -Rumi

14 thoughts on “90 Days On The Road? Or So It Seems :)

  1. This lifelong journey is already a risk, so keep moving and explore all the possibilities. Just remember every minute– Take care of yourself out there. We are just here watching and waiting… Godspeed tita Mafey!

    1. Ate Winnie!!! Thank you po for being such a positive influence, a great listener and adviser! I will miss our chikahan po over the best pizza, the sweetest brownies and great pasta! πŸ˜€ Hugs to Kai and Paige! Regards po kay kuya Bart and thanks for visiting ate! ❀

  2. Hi Mafey! Kakakuha ko lng din ng visit visa nmin sa german embassy not ng july 1..curious lng ako, ung uk at schengen visa nmin walang middle name.ung sayo meron, any difference or any idea?,thanks

    1. Hi Raquel!
      Are you using any middle name in your pass or travel document? When I had my Schengen Visa from Germany, my middle name was included.

  3. Off on another great adventure! Do you think this will be like your last European 6 month trip? Cannot wait for Turkey pics. Have you been to Russia Mafey? Eastern Europe is close to Russia.

    1. Kate!!! I have no idea how will it be like. Let’s see how things will unfold as I’m walking the path πŸ™‚ Not yet Kate, Transiberian Railway is in the bucket list πŸ™‚

      I am yet to write you and Carms.

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