Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler

Keep Safe!

I was staring at the ceiling for as long as I remember. Staring blankly. Slightly shocked. My Invincible Guide has just saved me. From unthinkable danger. Thank you My Guardian Angel. -Maf (0248 hours. 19.11.2015)

The fundamental points I wish to share are based on my personal account as the title suggests. Although I don’t feel very comfortable detailing a few disconcerting encounters I had faced. What I will discuss however would be helpful to every solo traveler regardless of gender or preference.

I wish to highlight an important point that women are prone to be more vulnerable from sexual advances of the opposite sex. This can be contested. But I have a strong conviction and will stick to my premise as I am speaking from my experience.

Before I enumerate the lessons I learned for putting safety as my top most priority every time I travel is simply because I am a woman. [And every culture has each own perception of how I am being viewed from the outset].

When a person is traveling alone, possible dangers could come from (1) Stealing your valuable stuff, like electronic gadgets or money; (2) Events that can be man-made or of natural occurrence, for instance, the recent multiple attacks that took place in Paris or the earthquake in Japan; AND last but nonetheless the least (3) Harassment, sexual abuse or more than that. I categorize possible sources of danger are either from situation, circumstances, places or people. I take the latter to be the most perilous.

Here are the points.

1) Trust your instinct all the time. Other call it guts. Or intuition. When you meet someone and when you feel uncomfortable and not safe within the initial meet up. Never give a benefit of the doubt a chance. Trust your instinct. Always.

2) Learning any form of physical defense is an advantage. Could be karate, judo, taekwondo etc. When you learn basic self-defense moves you can almost always defeat any physical advances of the aggressor.

3) Keep a sharp mind when unexpectedly caught in an incomprehensible situation or circumstance. There is power in the mind. I just learn to grasp what it means. When use it fully, you can emerge triumphantly from all forms of beasts and devilish acts.

4) Don’t let yourself fall into pitfalls. Avoid at all times to be in a situation that could lead to unfavorable circumstances. When someone appeared to be too good to be true and you feel otherwise. Believe in what you feel. Don’t go against it.

5) Use Your Common Sense. All the time. I have read that the pituitary gland works best when there is possible danger. It’s as if directing you what to do. Fast, sound and reasonable. Let your common sense ruled you.

6) Keep all your valuable belongings with you and don’t get paranoid leaving your luggage at bay. To veer away from stealing your stuff and pick pocketing.

Any form of danger could occur anywhere we go but we should not feel disheartened and let it put us down. You are in my thoughts dear readers and friends. Let us pray for each other.  Feel free to share helpful tips to stay safe when traveling. Thank you!

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