A Note on Safety of Personal Belongings  

_Stolen Pouch_ But why? I need to know why.

A (Lost) Stolen Pouch

As I write this I can feel my head going to explode anytime. I am extremely  frustrated since last night up until I lodge a Police Report this morning – reporting about my lost valuable documents (stolen is such a harsh word). In this post, I refer “personal belongings” to important documents that you  usually carry with you on  a daily basis, a legal document/ stuff that gives you the right to live in a particular country while concomitantly allows you to make a living.

A brown color coach pouch that contains my company’s ID, medical card, UOB debt card and working pass (work visa) along with few hundreds Singapore dollars, some Euros and Malaysian ringgits currencies. Plus name cards and a thin tiny prayer booklet from The Feast.

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Of Mishaps and Adventures: Bogor, Indonesia on the 26th :)


“With no expectations, come no disappointments.” -Buddha

TRAVEL NOTES 101.  0123 hours Jakarta, Indonesia

SINGAPORE 0545hours. I woke up feeling grumpy as I barely got sleep due to late dinner’s meet up with friends before our flight. My sister and I were rushing to the airport. I told her, sorry if we miss our flight, we’re late. We reached Changi airport 45 minutes prior to our scheduled flight, we’ve cut a very long queue while I apologize to the passengers, we might miss our flight. The attendant was kind enough to let us still check in.

CHANGI AIRPORT 0820hours. Flight 3K 201. Delayed for 4 hours. We’re about to take off. When I fall asleep. Then wake up. Saw the Pilot walked into the middle platform and announced the passengers to leave the aircraft due to engine problem. There was a foul smell of gas. Continue reading

Electronic Visa to Turkey in 10 Minutes

Turkey Electronic Visa!Sounds like an ad!? ;) One of my best experience in obtaining a visa online. Fast. Efficient. Direct. Simple. In 10 minutes or less (depending on how fast your typing skills in filling out information) you have it.

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Local Scene: East Coast Community Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew (1923 – 2015)

23 March 2015, Monday at 3.18 am, Singapore's founding father and first Prime Minister passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital.

23 March 2015, Monday at 3.18 am, Singapore’s founding father and first Prime Minister passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital.

Adios Mr Lee Kuan Yew (1923 – 2015)

Last night, I was at one of the community sites set up for public to pay last respect to the founding father of Singapore. As I watched the documentary film how Singapore became a nation and transformed from a Third World to First, the speech that has taken my attention the most was when Mr Lee Kuan Yew in a public rhetoric asked for a pause, cried hard and wiped his weary teary face. In unison, I find myself weeping frenziedly. That was fifty (50) years ago when LKY cried for Singapore’s separation from Malaysia. And fifty (50) years later, Singapore and the whole world cried for the passing of such a great man. It happened on 09 August 1965 when the Malaysian Federation ousted Singapore. Amid political upheavals, Singapore as Mr Lee Kuan Yew puts, has only one chance, and there’s no other way but to go up. He promised that Singapore will not belong to one group but it will be for everyone. As a small fishing port it will rise, transform and become a multicultural city where everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, vernacular will live in harmony. Each oratory flashed in the screen at a different point in time from the 50s to the 90s and beyond  left a mark that made me appreciate deeply what Singapore is today. Continue reading

Maf-Featured: Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen

Willing Hearts Soup KitchenAnother weekend was well spent. Giving back to society. Gathered one of my circle of friends, we devote our weekend at the Soup Kitchen helping in the preparation of food to feed about 3,000 + people on a daily basis. We’re happy to be part of the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen. Founded by an amiable person – Mr Tony Tay. We were warmly welcome and during lunch we were given a red wine :). It was an amazing weekend. We thought of spending a day to give back in our own little ways, in return we have received much. Aside from lunch s a post celebration of Chinese New Year, a red wine and a tapao!!! ;)

In another organization where I volunteer my free time, I was asked about my thoughts on volunteerism. I shared my belief that we are mere stewards here on Earth and that everyone has a duty to serve humanity in anyway we can. Thus, when an opportunity is presented to us regardless of where we are in this part of the world, go for it. Continue reading