It’s a great 2015. It’s gonna be greater 2016! Happy New Year! :)

Happy 2016!!Happy 2016!This trip has given me so much strength I never knew I had. It made me resilient to various challenges I have come across the journey. Each life experiences in every place I have inhabited, only sculpted me to be a better person.

Before this year – 2015, comes to an end. And welcome the coming of the New Year – 2016. Let me thank all the people I met on this journey, strangers turned to be a life-long friends, strangers I have met only once in this life, friends turned to be strangers… My loving family, thoughtful relatives and supportive friends back home (Philippines and Singapore) who had been a constant source of inspiration. This is the longest time I am away — 6 months and counting. I would have not done it if not for the people who opened their homes for me, for groups and organizations who willingly allowed me to work to sustain my planned long-term travel and for random strangers who’d just showed up out nowhere every time I needed help the most. THANK YOU. Please know that I love each and every one of you.

It truly is a great 2015. Have a blessed and peaceful 2016!

Much love from Macedonia, Mafey xx


6 thoughts on “It’s a great 2015. It’s gonna be greater 2016! Happy New Year! :)

    1. I am so happy Kate! Who would have know that knowing each other from blogs would lead us to actually meeting in person!! The best years are ahead of us. Best wishes for 2016! 🙂

    1. Carms!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!! 🙂 Salamat ng marami! Am a little distracted din at minsan hindi ko alam kung pano ulit mag umpisa mag blog 😉 If you’ll notice kinopy and paste ko nga lang yung message ko sa facebook para kahit papano magmukhang in-update ko naman blog ko haha. I have numerous entries though but for some reason that I don’t know of it wasn’t published!

      Hope we will get back to blogging regularly :). Cheers for our 2016 endeavors! MISS YOU!

      Hindi ko rin alam kung kelan ako babalik Carms 🙂

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