Mafey at Plitsvice Lake!jpg
“All Is Not Lost”

Coming HOME Soon ❤

A little introduction about a NEW blog that is bound to be born. SOON 🙂

Mafey has travelled to 50 plus countries for the past 8 years.
Probably, the first Filipino who had backpacked and traversed the European continent for 1 year.
She had set foot to 5 continents and is dreaming of navigating Antarctica one day.

While traveling around Europe, she had worked in several hostels in Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia and Albania in exchange of free accommodation and meal. She participated in an English immersion program in Hungary. Unsound decision had almost ruined her life. Unfavorable circumstances had led her to work for 3 families while in Sweden.
Currently, she is involve in renovation works of building built in the 1800s in Germany.

The NEW blog that is about to be conceived is a documentation of Mafey’s theatrical adventure, including all the terror she faced while crossing borders of several EU countries, how she overcome a handful of sexual advances from the opposite sex and many more.

At the moment, she is considering of living again in Singapore or leaving forever.

As of this writing, as soon as Mafey gets home she is thinking of traveling again to Palawan and revisit Davao with her mother. The former, she considers to be the most beautiful islands in the Philippines or perhaps in the whole world. Palawan – where she intends to build a sustainable, socio-environmental hostel that would create local employment for her fellow folks.

In Europe from July 2015 to June 2016.
Mafey Palencia Merto
22 June 2016. Berlin, Germany

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