Tirana (Albania) For One Day


The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Alan Kay

I get numerous messages from friends and acquaintances asking me how I am able to travel for this long. I am on the road for 8 months now. But I don’t sleep on the road ;). I feel truly fortunate to find places I can call home. I keep receiving questions like – where do you get your money? How can you travel for that long and quit your job? How much are you earning if you don’t mind? Et cetera. These are valid questions. And I fully understand why they are asking. I came from a third world country. And perhaps not many of us are pursuing this kind of path. I will try to answer these in my succeeding posts.

Apparently, it is my second post about Tirana, Albania. Yet the focus is not at all about Tirana. I have not really talk about my impressions of the city, it’s people, the culture. I keep reading bits and pieces of Albanian history. And like my friends and even family would say: “Amiga, I have to google again where is Albania!” I don’t feel surprise. Because I have to admit that before visiting Albania, I know nothing about the country, its past and how they are in the present, I receive mix opinions. So every time the locals would ask me why are you in Tirana? Why are you traveling to Albania? I give them ‘my sweetest smile’  ;). That is more than sufficient answer because I have no words to say :). For sure, I will write a post about this too.

Today, I want to share to our dear readers and friends a glimpse of how my day looks like. Through this you will have an idea that I am not just traveling, I am living like how I would be back home. Continue reading “Tirana (Albania) For One Day”