Travel Diaries: On Decision Making, Future Plans, What’s Next?

Maf at Plitvice Lakes_CroatiaTravel Diaries: On Decision Making, Future Plans, What’s Next?
Maf-Travel-Insights: To Choose A Familiar Lifestyle Or To Take The Unknown Risky Path

I have done numerous decisions in my life that I couldn’t explain rationally.
I pick this entry from my offline journal. I wrote it 5 months ago but was not published. When I re-read it again, I learned more about my attitude and behavior towards work. It was an honest look how I was as an employee – my strengths and weaknesses… I did not edit nor delete anything. It was a free-flow writing.

Apparently, from the subtitle, I chose the latter.

1228pm@ Student Agency Bus en route to Prague from Cesky Krumlov
Czech Republic. 19 August 2015, Wednesday
I am writing this at a very cozy Student Agency bus en route to Prague from Cesky Krumlov. I am a little weary because I know I will need to make an important decision in a few days time. And the decision that I will have to do might have a huge impact in my life. My future plans. Or wherever I am heading. Right now.

I knew then though, deep inside me the decision I have to make. I am just trying to convince myself to do otherwise. My mind, is giving reasons in a logical way. It is acceptable and very rational. How I feel though, says the contrary. Not to take it. And who I am not to take when an opportunity is knocking on your door. When you are not looking for it. In the first place. My God Mafey — “you are ‘out’ of your mind!” My mind says. Yes, I am out of my mind. Maybe. I thought I hear another voice – “I am ‘in’ of my heart!”. Sounds grammatically wrong. Whatever that means.

I had an exchange a couple of messages with a Recruitment Consultant I met thru an ex-colleague. He sent me messages thru Whatsapp, Viber, email and I didn’t respond for several days. I was in Budapest (Hungary) at that time and I don’t have or don’t know the right words to say to my Recruitment Consultant. He was asking when will I come back to Singapore. I said, mid of August. He wants to know the exact date. I said without thinking, 22 August 2015. The Client wants to meet me in person. My Consultant even sounded a little pissed off when he didn’t hear from me for some days from Whatsapp and Viber. He told me if I am not interested with the job anymore, he will not push me that hard. Please don’t get me wrong. In all honesty, I feel honored for the job opportunities I keep receiving along the way. I have no idea what did I do to make me feel so bless with all the job opportunities I have had in the past. Until now. In all of them. I didn’t look for it. Either I will receive a recommendation, or an ex-colleague will ask me to join for a new project or someone (several) from LinkedIn will contact me. Though, I don’t have any impressive profile at LinkedIn. I don’t even have photo at the time when I am receiving several messages from people who would like to discuss few job opportunities at hand. Maybe, I am just lucky that the job I am doing is “in” in the market. The demand never runs out. I am really grateful for it. I take it as a blessing from heaven above. God is really good. All the time. I have to admit I am not a very ideal employee as you may call it. I’m pretty rebellious. I have problem with time. Punctuality as I define it, is a state I am getting there. I don’t just follow rules. I have difficulty doing things in a conventional way. But when I do something I always give my best. I don’t just give my mind (bright ideas, brilliant suggestions, rational thoughts etc.) I put my heart in anything that I do. That’s why it’s difficult for me to stay in a work when I couldn’t give my whole self. Because everything will be affected. I’m a result oriented person. And to me the end product is equally important that of the process that took place to achieve a particular milestones, organization goals and objectives. I believe it is my nature as a naturally oriented person who puts high emphasis on human relations. I treat everyone like how I wanted to treat myself. I give my full attention to each and every people I meet. I may not be the smartest staff nor I may lack skills and knowledge about something. But anything can be learned. Everything, actually. But the character or the building of an individual ….. is crucial. It doesn’t happen overnight. I always like to approach things using common sense. If there is some complicated stuff that requires complex action. I like to approach it with simplicity. Or at least how things can be simplified.
I take whatever it is that made me for who I am now. I owe it to my family. How my parents ……have brought me up – my upbringing. I owe it to them. To my family, my relatives, close friends. And to my Alma Mater who inculcated in my heart and in my mind to (always) Serve The People.

I will live like everyone else. While at the same time, I will live like not everyone else.

[I can’t believe I’m on my six weeks traveling now. Thank God for keeping me safe and for providing everything that I need].

8 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: On Decision Making, Future Plans, What’s Next?

    1. 🙂 Kate thank you for asking. I catch myself off guard on this. Looks like I’m moving around the same circle. Hoping for the best too!

  1. Congratz Mafs, there were good opportunities knocking on you. However, it’s so complicated in decision making which path where you’re going through . In my personal point of view, just vision yourself 5 to 10 yrs from now, what do you want to be…? Remember, time flew fast and we’re not getting any younger. Your future lies in your hands (whatever it is) and of course with the help of our Almighty God! Cheers 🙂

    1. 🙂 Well said and well received advice. For sure it is very useful once I start doing mind mapping. Thanks po ulit ta Cors, Cheers! 🙂

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