Travel Diaries: On Decision Making, Future Plans, What’s Next?

Maf at Plitvice Lakes_CroatiaTravel Diaries: On Decision Making, Future Plans, What’s Next?
Maf-Travel-Insights: To Choose A Familiar Lifestyle Or To Take The Unknown Risky Path

I have done numerous decisions in my life that I couldn’t explain rationally.
I pick this entry from my offline journal. I wrote it 5 months ago but was not published. When I re-read it again, I learned more about my attitude and behavior towards work. It was an honest look how I was as an employee – my strengths and weaknesses… I did not edit nor delete anything. It was a free-flow writing. Continue reading “Travel Diaries: On Decision Making, Future Plans, What’s Next?”

Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler

Keep Safe!

I was staring at the ceiling for as long as I remember. Staring blankly. Slightly shocked. My Invincible Guide has just saved me. From unthinkable danger. Thank you My Guardian Angel. -Maf (0248 hours. 19.11.2015)

The fundamental points I wish to share are based on my personal account as the title suggests. Although I don’t feel very comfortable detailing a few disconcerting encounters I had faced. What I will discuss however would be helpful to every solo traveler regardless of gender or preference. Continue reading “Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler”


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Maybe it was today.
Maybe yesterday.
Or maybe last week.

LIFE HAS BEEN fiendish. Unpleasant is an understatement. It is beyond cruelty. All the anger and hatred harbored somewhere in the past has flashed back. I wanted to get numb. Not to feel the associated feelings that goes with helplessness, hurtful prejudices, unnecessary sufferings that was pricked in me.

WHEN THE EGO power tripping is at work, you can’t expect to live in a just society based on fairness. A community that genuinely cares for the welfare of its people remain a byword. A cocktail talk, full of mockery, pretensions here and there, wearing thick masks to hide its diabolical nature. Everybody is consumed with their matters of consequence.  A lackluster existence characterized by money. Oh God help me if you are for real! I need a MIRACLE!!!

I DON’T WANT things to end this way. I don’t want to leave with bitterness. I don’t want to carry any repugnance in my heart. I wanted to be in the Light. But right now, it’s all D A R K N E S S .

*Sorry for the spam friends. I need to clear the air. So I can breathe. Thank you WordPress. For the SPACE.

Recycle Bin

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL? :))
Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL? :))

Staring at the dashboard.

 For a long time.

No words seem to come out.

Looking for inspiration.

Nada .

That creative juice.

I’m convinced writing cannot be forced.

It has to come naturally.

Natural is but normal?

What is normal is dictated by norms.

Should there be norms about writing?

Writing is an art.

Art is an expression.

Expression is action.

Action can be edited.

Or deleted.

When something is edited

Does it change reality?

Reality can be deleted.

When everything is deleted

There’s one last option –

Restore it from the Recycle Bin.


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US Embassy: I Was Disappointed But Thanks Anyway

US Embassy SingaporeDear US Embassy,

It took me a month before I was able to compose a letter. For this context, come up with a post. I couldn’t reconcile what title I would be making of: “I was rejected by the US Embassy“, “An Open Letter to the US Embassy“, “For the very first time, I got my visa application rejected“, “I Hate You US Embassy“… The latter seemed most fitting for the disappointment I was feeling that time. I knew I was not being rationale. What hate would do? It won’t change the situation. Moreover, it’s a plain waste of time and energy. It’s past. It belongs to the past. Move on.

Once I accepted it, I felt relieved. What’s left are learnings. Continue reading “US Embassy: I Was Disappointed But Thanks Anyway”