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Maybe it was today.
Maybe yesterday.
Or maybe last week.

LIFE HAS BEEN fiendish. Unpleasant is an understatement. It is beyond cruelty. All the anger and hatred harbored somewhere in the past has flashed back. I wanted to get numb. Not to feel the associated feelings that goes with helplessness, hurtful prejudices, unnecessary sufferings that was pricked in me.

WHEN THE EGO power tripping is at work, you can’t expect to live in a just society based on fairness. A community that genuinely cares for the welfare of its people remain a byword. A cocktail talk, full of mockery, pretensions here and there, wearing thick masks to hide its diabolical nature. Everybody is consumed with their matters of consequence.  A lackluster existence characterized by money. Oh God help me if you are for real! I need a MIRACLE!!!

I DON’T WANT things to end this way. I don’t want to leave with bitterness. I don’t want to carry any repugnance in my heart. I wanted to be in the Light. But right now, it’s all D A R K N E S S .

*Sorry for the spam friends. I need to clear the air. So I can breathe. Thank you WordPress. For the SPACE.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING POINT*

  1. Hey Mafey! What’s going on? Hope you’re doing okay. You know I’m just a viber away. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers~~

      1. Promise, I will sit down one of these days, pour in myself and respond to all your messages. Thanks for your patience Kate!

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