Updates From The Free-Spirited Explorer ;)

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

Hi there friends! This was an update a week and a half ago. At the moment, I am at Bugibba, Malta 🙂

Hello dear friends and readers. I know you’ve been wanting to hear (a lot! 😉 from this journey. I’m on my third week now. I am writing (typing) this while waiting for my flight from Brussels (Belgium) to Stockholm (Sweden). I hope I could publish it once I get to my hostel. Well, I have to make a goal to finish this post. I did mention in my previous post I’d like to give a try: live blogging. What I was saying was, to publish a post while updating you where I am currently at. I realized, it was quite next to impossibility. It’s not really impossible at all, I mean.

Now I understand those travel bloggers who make this kind of platform as what they do for a living. That it requires them a lot of work and they have to work a lot of time! I guess, it’s true. The only difference is for someone like me who does this as a hobby and as a way to document my travel adventures, I don’t need another party to demand from me and dictate what to write. While equally we spend time to squeeze our creative juices. I have to let my creativity ruled, for instance, what catchy title should I write, how I would share my experiences. I write what I feel like writing and what I feel like worthy of sharing which can be viewed in a subjective way. Some may like what I write or what I share, some may not like it maybe or some may have a neutral, or some may not even bother at all. That’s okay, I write not to please people. I write from my experience and to learn from my experience and if others may find something useful from what I share or they may be entertained from my experiences then that’s nice. We are human beings after all. AND looking for something we would be able to relate to is I guess being human after all.

I have written notes and have journal in every place I have visited and what strikes me, or the highlights of my trip like what made me stayed longer in a particular place or what made me cut short my trip. It’s all here in my off-line dashboard. I have been wanting and planning to post something even when I was in Croatia. I thought I will have time in Hungary. Oh maybe I will do it in Slovakia coz I might not be busy. Those were all attempts. Although, I don’t like routine. And it’s one of the reasons that burned me out from the last job I had. But even in travels I needed to make routine. If I set a goal for something I have to discipline myself when to say NO, or not go with other travelers so I can have the me time and make this personal project happen. But when you have 7, 5 or 3 days in a place and you’ve been there for the very first time, you just know that the time is not enough to do everything you want including updating a blog, because updating a blog is not that easy. It’s really a REAL WORK! haha Yes! That’s true! I don’t get paid doing it. But it makes me happy and I have this feeling of a sense of accomplishment every time I would finish a post and publish it even if it’s just a captured scene! 😀

So allow me to give you another picturesque scene from Slovenia.

A castle. A mountain. A lake. A boat. A tree. Clouds and the sky. A perfect spot to watch the sun fading at the distant horizon. And how do I explain? I don't intend on arriving...
A castle. A mountain. A lake. A boat. A tree. Clouds and the sky.
A perfect spot to watch the sun fading at the distant horizon.
And how do I explain? I don’t intend on arriving…

4 thoughts on “Updates From The Free-Spirited Explorer ;)

    1. Indeed Sky! For someone like you is it both a hobby and a source of living while maintaining your full time job? 🙂
      Greetings from lovely Lithunia!

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