About Maftravelgraphy

Dear Reader,

Thanks for the visit! This is a personal blog. And it is a blog “in progress”.

Three (3) things:

i) This blog is meant to serve as my digital travel journal. Of my wonderful adventures. My fondness of immersing myself to varied cultures. And my love for photography. From time to time, there would be personal musings about life in general. Poetry would be incorporated too. Or just anything that would channel my creativity ;).

ii) While blogging requires writing; I am thinking it could be a nearly perfect platform to hone my writing skills as I dream of becoming a writer (someday :)).

iii) Blog, travels, photography, writing, people, while they are intertwined… blogging is a great opportunity to connect with like minded-individuals who share the same passion, who is always thirsty to discover new place even if that new place is simply a travel to the neighbourhood.

About Maf

My work in a construction and engineering industry is always in progress and so, I am. And thus, my travels :). My name is Mafey. I hailed from the Philippines and currently based in Singapore.

Traveling is something I could not live without. While I am not a big fan of package tour; I like the “free and easy” way. Although not really easy at times ;). I love the element of surprise, unpredictability and certain discovery. And oh, I am traveling alone! So if ever I would come your way it would be great to meet up!

Where have I been so far?

Whilst keeping my full time job, I juggle with my travel schedules. I am happy enough for taking small steps to achieve my dream of traveling the world. Though it may sound a grandeur dream, I believe in one word: POSSIBILITY. I am grateful for being able to experience around fourteen (14) countries in the last three (3) years. Allow me to share some amazing places I am indebted to inhabit at the time of travel. These are:

1) Australia (Darwin, Northern Territory and Sydney, New South Wales)

2) Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap)

3) France (Paris and Versailles)

4) Germany (Cologne, Dortmund and Frankfurt)

5) Indonesia (Bali and Batam)

6) Italy (Ponte Tresa, Varese)

7) Malaysia (Genting Highlands, Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Mersing, Pulau Tioman)

8) Myanmar (Yangon and Kyite Htee Yoe)

9 ) Philippines (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao :))

10) Singapore (North, South, East and West :))

11) Spain (Barcelona and Girona)

12) Switzerland (Einsiedeln, Gossau, Greifensee, Lugano, Ruschlikon and Zurich)

13) Thailand (Bangkok, Hatyai, Krabi and Phuket)

14) Vietnam (Ho Chi Min/ Saigon)

Where will I be in 2012?

1) Philippines (Manila, Palawan, Quezon)

2) New Zealand (Auckland, Bay of Islands, Great Barrier Island – if possible within my very limited time, and Mission Bay, Waiheke Island and anything spontaneous I could think of :).

3 ) Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan)

4) Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur)

5) Greece (Athens and Santorini – keeping my fingers crossed!)

6) Israel (Jerusalem – or is it a country itself?)

Hope you would find something useful and enjoy your time being here. Thank you! 🙂

50 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Ayla,

      Thanks for the visit! and for your kind comments :-). If you don’t mind, i-add kita? kung ok lang sa’yo para hindi na nag-iisa si Drew dun oh hihihi


  1. hi..saw your blog whie bloghopping…and noticed your based in SG (where I;m also based)..you might need a travel buddy and I might get the vacation day off..maybe I can tag along 😉 btw, I’m a girl 😀

      1. hiyee mafey…around june/jul..if you have any travel plans and let me check my funds too because planning to visit EU within the year around oct. kaya tipid mode din muna. Just in case, mangati ang paa ko at kaya ng budget baka pwede makisabit 😀 btw, my email addy: outonvacay@gmail.com. Happy travels!

  2. Hey mafey! stumbled upon your blog from a series of blogs. Love all the traveling you’ve done. I’m based in China din and usually backpack around the world solo as well. I’ve been to most of Asia -China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia, India, Nepal to name a few and outside Asia- only US and Australia. Suerte kami that we get 2 months off in school. I don’t know how you could cram visiting all those places with only 2 weeks leave time. Share your secrets. lol. Anyway, hit me up ksirine.yu (at) gmail (com)- if you’re ever in HK, swap travel stories or need a travel buddy.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Wow, you are lucky for getting a 2 months vacation! I really don’t have secrets, except that I try to squeeze my 2 weeks leave fall during public holidays and weekends. And if you will call it a secret, I even took unpaid leave only so that I can travel :-). Thanks for your email, I will contact you if ever I would be in HK or visiting Nepal, India or Mongolia.

      Thanks for dropping by and safe travels!


  3. Hi Girl! (outonvacation),

    Sensya na di ko alam name mo :-). I take note of your email ad, thanks. After May, August na yung sunod na plano. Kailangan ko lang ayusin schedule ko dahil me exam ako ng August at saka ubos na ang leave ko hehe. Super save na rin ako kasi mahal ang Europe hihihi. Safe and happy travels too!

    1. hello girl..haha oo medyo mysterious ako kaya may screenname..you have my email naman feel free to send me a mail pag may travel plans… I’ll try to join if the budget and leaves allow me to 🙂

      1. Hello mysterious girl! 🙂 Just sent you email. Will be traveling again next week. Hope you could join! We’ve got 2 public holidays in May, Labour day and Vesak day 🙂

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  5. HI Mafey, Thank you for liking my post. I will pray that you are always safe in your travels. 🙂 Renee

  6. Thanks for stopping by our blog and liking our post. Like you, we love travelling and between my husband and I, we’ve covered more than 50 countries but still can’t shake off the travel addiction! 😉 Keep travelling, keep exploring! 🙂

  7. Hey Mafey! Just wanted to stop by to say thanks so much for liking our latest post about bungy jumping in Japan. Much appreciated! Looking forward to following your adventures! 🙂

    1. Hi Ms Renee, thank you so much! I’m honoured to be nominated for this, I find the title rather funny and somehow fitting – Creative Chaos Award :-D. I’ll check this out in a short while 🙂 Thanks again.

      1. YOU are most welcome Mafey. I find the title kind of funny as well. The questions are different and I just feel we don’t have to answer what we don’t feel comfortable answering. Enjoy! 🙂

  8. Hi ate Mafz ^_^ It’s me Irish.
    … for how long we haven’t met and WOW, I’m so amaze with you. Your blog and your dreams for what you have achieve now. I hope someday I will be like you too. 🙂
    I MISS YOU. Kelan ka uwi sa’tin? GODBLESS.

    1. Hi Irish! I’m surprised 😀 Cuz thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a heartfelt message. Just believe in your dreams and have the courage to follow them :-D.

      Miss you more! Di ko pa alam kung kelan pero sana magkita tayo pag uwi ko. God bless you too and all the best in your future endeavours! Ingat lagi.

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  11. Hi Mafey! Great blog – I love to see people travelling around the world. I’m sort of settled in now and write mostly health related info but I’m a traveler from waaaaay back. Back when the information was word of mouth from those you met along the way and libraries and we still used big old fold out maps – I still have most of them.! I don’t have as many fotos as I would like – but the memories are still there. Happy Globe Hopping. If you ever make it to Toronto Canada give me a shout –


    1. Hi Doug,

      Thanks for the compliment and for the inspiration. Despite the availability of information online, I always find the word of mouth more effective and I still use folding maps until now. I find it easier to use than GPS :-).

      Ohwow hope I can make it to Canada one day! Thank you for your visit!

  12. Hi Maf

    My name is KC Owens; I’m a college student who loves to travel! While cruising the Internet, I found your site and really enjoyed reading your posts. Personally, I think traveling is a necessary part of life as you’re exposed to all sorts of new cultures and experiences. While enjoying time abroad, I’ve found it’s crucial to fully understand the dangers that you might encounter along the way. These mishaps are part of life and certainly part of travel but it’s always a great idea to take preventive measures to help ensure your safety while abroad.

    I was hoping that you would allow me to write a post for your site to share my travel safety tips with your readers? I put a lot of time and passion into my traveling and I would love to help others by offering safety advice as a result of the mistakes and triumphs I’ve had. I look forward to hearing from you!


    KC Owens

    1. Hi KC!

      Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts. Happy to know you enjoy reading and visiting my little space :-). Truth is, am afraid to share some of those travel mishaps I have had because it might escalate negative effects without intention. Or by sharing it online, I often asked myself – am I making myself less of who I am. I am particularly concern for the prospects of potential employer who might discover the other side of my life apart from the corporate world. But then I realized, they are my personal experience where I learned lessons often in a painful way. I share with hope that my readers will learn from it so they won’t have to undergo unnecessary excruciating experience. So I leave it as it is. I am not perfect and I won’t project an image to be someone who I am not.

      Of course, you may share a post about travel safety tips and I’d be happy for that! Maybe you can have it as soon as you can as I will be away for almost 2 weeks and am not sure if I can write post while on the road again.

      You can email me and we can discuss more.


    1. Thanks for dropping by 1queenofspades and leaving a hearty comments! I see you are from Greece 🙂 It’s of the loveliest place I’ve seen. Wishing you more adventures too!

  13. Hi Mafey! I was looking around your blog’s wow! such of beautiful picture’s and first of all I salute you! you’re very young but you are very adventures and looking for something value in life’s.. that’s wonderful!

  14. Hey Mafey!
    I was looking at your Schengen visa. I am travelling to France and a few countries. I applied through the French Consulate here in India.
    I have received a similar visa which says Type C and has ETATS SCHENGEN followed by the words FRA just like on your schengen visa.

    Does that mean that it is for travel across Schengen countries or is it for France ONLY?

    Could you confirm that. I am going crazy over this!

  15. hi Mafey, is ok to get your personal email..just want to ask for Santorini travel.. Ive follow your blog and thanks for the info. I am from Sinagpore too…cheers

  16. im going to santorini on nov and i need to booked a hotel to stay :)… would love to stay on the place where theres a windwill as per your photo :). which place was that

    1. Hi Gladys. How was Santorini in November? Hubby and I thinking of going but not sure of the weather, will there be a ferry from Athens etc. sorry Maf for hijacking the comments section. 😀

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