Thoughts while waiting for my flight…

Happy Mickey and Minnie greeting each passenger "Gong Xi Fa Cai!" at Changi airport :)
Happy Mickey and Minnie greeting each passenger “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” at Changi airport 🙂

At some point I know I will settle down. While I am torn whether I will go for round the world travel now and  quit job, I think what I am really looking is a new home-base.

While I feel that my dream Bed&Breakfast in one of the most beautiful islands in my country will one day happen. It is a matter of time I guess. Perhaps it will take place after having myself lived in different places.

While inhabiting and immersing myself in another culture. It will widen my horizon.

I may sound naive. Or maybe ambitious? I have a strong conviction that if only the 7.3 billion people on Earth are able to travel, we will live in a more peaceful world. Traveling opens our minds to the realities of the world outside our own. We learn to practice tolerance when we are outside our comfort zone. We learn to appreciate and respect the differences of beliefs, traditions, cultural practices of other people. We can live with others and co-exists harmoniously. When we learn to value that life is sacred, (by all means) no individual in his normal rational logical mind would kill at the expense of advancing one’s political, socio-cultural or whatever religious agenda they may have.

Maybe I am too romanticist. With the unequal access to the distribution of the country’s natural resources, the continuing widened gap of poor and rich people, not to mention the ubiquitous rampant corruption everywhere.

Nonetheless, I think when we steadfastly focus on improving ourselves to become a better individual, doing our part in our own little way, we are contributing to the mitigation of entropy. A system disorder that increases with time.

I did feel I’ve crossed a period from being a care-free 😉 20 something to a care-ful(l) 😛 30 something and then suddenly things change. Or maybe it is me. My perception and priorities toward things had change. I’ve become more cautious and less tactless, more mindful than careless. I still commit stupid mistakes every now and then. BUT I do hope I learn from those experiences which humbled me. I hope it made me wiser, more compassionate, more tolerant, more understanding, more forgiving, more loving.

I see a big world ahead of me. A huge adventure. While I am not yet old, neither I am not getting any younger. I feel I am in the middle of somewhere where I have to make a move from this point to another. Whether it is linear or not, every decision or step I take from where I am will affect and shape my future. Well, it has all been like this. All along. Even when I am not yet aware of the word “awareness”. Self awareness. The one most significant attributes we could learn to cultivate for our own benefits. What we are in the present, we are merely a byproduct of who we were in the past.

And yet sometimes, I feel like I am running out of time for the things I would like to pursue and the person I would like to become along with multitude of dreams: to enroll in a formal writing class, to write a book, to become a published author (an international bestseller of a novel based on real life translated in different languages).


An important inclusion of the Bed&Breakfast is the social and environmental component – organizing a community-based People’s Organization that would… Giving free tours and lectures about environmental conservation and protection where… Because it is in the isle – a postcard (landscape) photographer is… And a little acoustic band by the Bay Cafe at night.


We are in the 21st century. While living in a post modern era have demystified and deconstruct pop culture, the rise of feminism roars. Still, I think it is every woman’s dream to settle down and have a family. Unless one prefers to stay single and chose not to be married. We are free to choose whatever it is that would serve our highest potential. As for me. Ahh this one IS part of my dream: to be an all around (house)wife and a full time/ hands on mother to my future children. When my time comes :).

Am I hallucinating, or did I hear Albert Einstein whispered to me? : “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


4 thoughts on “Thoughts while waiting for my flight…

  1. Ang interesting nito – Giving free tours and lectures about environmental conservation and protection — baka you can follow Sandeman’s’s a tour na donation ang fee so technically free siya 😀

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