Thoughts while walking to that familiar place…

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Although I find the (current) work extremely unchallenging, it isn’t the worst alternative to fill in some empty days. After all, it somehow gives structure to the routinary desk-bound (boring) job I have. But why am I staying? Am I afraid of taking uncalculated risks now? Did I grow too complacent to the point I so get used to the convenience that room for “career progression” has been an obsolete thing in my vocabulary? Or, in the first place, did I grow at all?

Perhaps there is nothing to prove to now. I have nothing to prove to myself anymore. PR was just a dream before. I thought of it as a glamorous job. I thought the title fits my personality. Nothing major nor crucial reasons for dreaming it. Nor did I expect I will be given a chance to weave my own sweet little spot in the little red dot. What could be the likelihood  that an Environmental professional (not by choice) be accepted in a rather unlikable but most popular industry in the island? Construction. Everywhere.

What’s alarming I noticed is that when I am at work, I constantly worry about my future. But when I am traveling, I don’t even think of the future. Is there something wrong with me? Had I grown detachment with life realities? How long will I be able to endure the sentiments of my inner self?

Nevertheless, I remain.


#isthisallthecorporatelife? #timetochangejoborchangecareer? #whentheworkthatyoudoisnotfulfillinganymore #whyitalwaysfeelsbettertotravelthantowork

2 thoughts on “Thoughts while walking to that familiar place…

  1. Well Andy,

    When I travel, I am not thinking about life and future.
    When I travel, I am living life that I am dreaming.
    Occasionally, I think about the future.
    But in most cases I live in those moments –
    the Present moment.
    What bothers me is why can’t I do this at work?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts by the way!

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