Thoughts while walking to that familiar place…

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Although I find the (current) work extremely unchallenging, it isn’t the worst alternative to fill in some empty days. After all, it somehow gives structure to the routinary desk-bound (boring) job I have. But why am I staying? Am I afraid of taking uncalculated risks now? Did I grow too complacent to the point I so get used to the convenience that room for “career progression” has been an obsolete thing in my vocabulary? Or, in the first place, did I grow at all?

Perhaps there is nothing to prove to now. I have nothing to prove to myself anymore. PR was just a dream before. I thought of it as a glamorous job. I thought the title fits my personality. Nothing major nor crucial reasons for dreaming it. Nor did I expect I will be given a chance to weave my own sweet little spot in the little red dot. What could be the likelihood  that an Environmental professional (not by choice) be accepted in a rather unlikable but most popular industry in the island? Construction. Everywhere.

What’s alarming I noticed is that when I am at work, I constantly worry about my future. But when I am traveling, I don’t even think of the future. Is there something wrong with me? Had I grown detachment with life realities? How long will I be able to endure the sentiments of my inner self?

Nevertheless, I remain.


#isthisallthecorporatelife? #timetochangejoborchangecareer? #whentheworkthatyoudoisnotfulfillinganymore #whyitalwaysfeelsbettertotravelthantowork

2 thoughts on “Thoughts while walking to that familiar place…

  1. When we travel, we are supposed to not be thinking about life and future aren’t we? that’s the idea of getting away from it all no?

  2. Well Andy,

    When I travel, I am not thinking about life and future.
    When I travel, I am living life that I am dreaming.
    Occasionally, I think about the future.
    But in most cases I live in those moments –
    the Present moment.
    What bothers me is why can’t I do this at work?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts by the way!

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