Captured Scene: Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!

A Singapore flag from air carried by helicopter
A Singapore flag from air carried by helicopter with a backdrop of Gardens By The Bay

First time in six years, I am not anywhere but in Singapore on its National Day. It’s like a miracle ;). Through this unassuming little blog, I wish to express my gratitude to the pioneers of Singapore. It wouldn’t be where it is right now if not for the Aunties & Uncles who founded Singapore.

Aunties crossing to Parkway Parade
Aunties “jalan jalan” :)) to Parkway Parade
Uncle playing violin at Marine Parade
Uncle playing violin at Marine Parade sidewalk

Do you know that Singapore is among the 3 nations in the world that is both considered a city and a state? Along with 2 others are Monaco and Vatican city.

Although Singapore has a land area of only about 710 square kilometers, it has 63 islands! Yes, Singapore has 63 islands. Among those popular are Pulau Ubin, St John Island and (of course) Sentosa :). (You’ll notice that the land area keeps changing, perhaps those reclaimed ones are being added).

Maybe some of you know the fact that Singapore was previously part of Malaysia. How it became an independent country was not because it was self-sought. Back then, Singapore was already a very busy trading centre and has attracted migrants coming from different places. During that time, Malaysia had face difficulties over control of Singapore. To cut it short, Malaysia, let go Singapore. So on 09 August 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia and had become a new country.

The  name Singapore was derived from a Sanskrit word – “Singapura”, which means  “lion”. It was discovered by Prince Utama from Sri Vijaya Empire on 11ith century AD. Since, this little island used to be a fishing port, the icon of Singapore which is “Merlion” is half lion and half fish. But time changes so fast – most of us young folks can identify Singapore’s icon today as The Marina Bay Sands and/ or Gardens By The Bay ;).

Interestingly while browsing TODAY’s newspaper, the (contentious) project where I am currently involved is featured in TODAY National Day Special. I would like to think that while development takes place, preservation of the nation’s heritage can go together, not necessarily against each other. But then this premise can be contested. Somehow, it would depend on which lens one is looking at.

National Day Special. TODAY's edition. 09 August 2014
National Day Special. TODAY’s edition. 09 August 2014

In the same article, are those blogs featured which are part of the Singapore Memory Project (SMP). This little blog is part of SMP too. As I pledge it. I got an email from the officer of the National Library Board (NLB) who sent me  a badge to put into my blog. (Apologies Sir, until now I haven’t put the badge, I will work on it. This little blog really needs some make over).

Meanwhile, Happy 49th Birthday Singapore! Cheers! 😀

My favorite place to cycle :)
My favorite place for cycling 🙂
East Coast :)
East Coast! 🙂

NOTE:  To My dear readers, apologies I have just noticed lots of typo error and some lines/ paragraphs were missed out. I was almost half-asleep while working on this post. I wanted it to be published on the exact birthday of Singapore but it got 1 day later. I adjusted the date anyway :P. Errors has been corrected while those missed out lines were added. By the way, source of those bits and pieces of information I shared, I learned from chit chat with some old folks at the hawker center. Or when I got the chance to pretend like a tourist and join some local tours ;). And yes, I read a bit Singapore’s history – Lonely Planet books collection :).

Thanks for your kind understanding! Mafey XX


6 thoughts on “Captured Scene: Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!

  1. Oh you’ve been here before. Buzz me up when you visit again Andy. I’d be happy to show you around 🙂

    (just noticed lots of typo…will quickly change)

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