A Different Kind Of (Travel) Reflection

Driving from Kota Tinggi Water Falls_TRAVEL NOTES 101. Taman Melodies Malaysia. 0058 hours

To My Creator,
I just want to utter a sense of GRATITUDE. Thank you for surrounding me with good people. Thank you for the ANGELS constantly guiding me. Thank you for the help of the Holy Spirit to keep me stay on the right track. When the evil/ ego keeps tempting me – when it is EASY to take the wrong path, You bring me back to the CENTRE.

I realized how I am wasting my time for some petty feelings of the “unfairness” of the world.
When I have a CHOICE. To always choose the right thing – the better way.

I realized that my “own self” is the biggest hindrance, to achieving the very goal of my life, in this season of my life.

THANK YOU for giving me good friends…

I guess, now, I understand men better.
Surprisingly, they also talk and dream about SOUL MATE, they are akin to be COMMITTED, they dream of settling down too. – But,
DISCERNMENT is very IMPORTANT – these are the people – the men – who ARE HONEST – who do not fool around – who are not scared of expressing truly what’s inside themselves.

I guess, we ALL DREAM of living out our DREAMED LIFE, to be with the “Right One”. We all strive to be better (human being). ONLY sometimes, the problem arise from the EXECUTION. But we (ALL) aspire to be better – I think it’s BEST to think that way…



6 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of (Travel) Reflection

    1. Hahaha Andy one of those sentimental moment… I am a sentimental person (blush). Truth is, I still am really shy to publish posts that are too personal… but since I dream of writing books someday, I take this little blog of mine – the dashboard as my training ground ;).

      Thanks for your thoughful comments and for dropping by!

  1. #profound #ume-emo….super missing our lonnnnggg talks mars…still struggling to find myself here in middle earth ..ang weird but I”m still like a fish out of water

    1. #personal #sobrangpersonal #paranggustokoi-deleteangpost #nahihiyatalagakoperosigelang
      Ganyan ba ang hash tag Carms 🙂 super miss na din kita… nakakamiss yung me kausap ka magka wavelength kayo… na hindi mo kelangan i-explain ang sarili mo dahil nagkakaintidihan kayo
      Hope maka settle ka eventually sa middle earth OR you have lots of options naman 🙂

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