PEACE amid chaos

PEACE Inspite of ChaosNatural calamities. A strong typhoon (Glenda) occurred in the Philippines killing several casualties and leaving the affected areas in chaos. Glenda has just headed to China. Another tropical depression (Henry) is approaching over the southeastern Philippine sea.

Man-made disaster. Another Malaysian passenger jet (MH17) en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed down at the eastern Ukraine, region of Donetsk, the infested war zone of Ukraine and Russia. Imagine, 298 innocent lives suffered again UNNECESSARILY. I am not only saddens by the untimely death of these people, part of me is in rage. The crashed-down which was believed to be missile-shot would have not happen if there is NO war. This should NOT happen. Pushing through certain political ideologies at the expense of killing another is by any means NOT acceptable. Any form of war only achieves a lose-lose situation. Nobody wins in this cruel game. Whoever have done this barbaric act must be punished!

Ukraine – Russia. Perhaps a Peace Treaty Agreement has to be made. The global leaders must step in.

My heart goes to those whose lives lost… I lighted a dozen candles and uttered a prayer of peace. In the hearts of those families and friends grieving, I mourned with you.


2 thoughts on “PEACE amid chaos

  1. I was watching the news, About how the pro – Russian separatists didn’t even know how to operate the launcher, fired it without even verifying the plane. It’s just incredible how senseless all this violence is. 😦

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