Iguazu Falls: One Of The New 7 Natural Wonders Of The World

Maf at Iguazu!“Love is like a waterfall

it pours out of you forever!” –QuotesDonkeyMaf at Iguazu1“Will you be the rock

that redirect the course of the river?” –Claire Nuer

Maf at Iguazu2“Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold;

happiness dwells in the soul”. –Democritus 

Somebody captured me ;)
Somebody captured me 😉

Among the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Glad I’ve made it :D. Thank GOD!

While everyone is talking about World Cup, a friend asked me, are you in Brazil for World Cup??! I said, I am in Brazil for a Cup of Tea! 😀 Truth be told, I am not even bothered about WC. Oppss, I hope I didn’t disappoint any cup fans :). I am already happy for what Brazil has to offer. W/ or w/o WC.

After a smooth hike of about 60 minutes, we reach the end of Iguazu Falls, which is the start of the river. (The end of the river is the start of Iguazu Falls). Legend had it, that god got angry with a woman who happens to be dating someone and as a punishment god cut the river and it becomes water falling eternally.

I literally soak myself in the feel-like-rain effect of the falls. I was running from end to end to touch the rainbow! But I can’t! I can see it BUT I can’t touch it!Happy face. Iguazu Falls Paradoxically, there are things in our life that we can feel but cannot see. But through action it manifest. Like Faith. Hope. Love.

We are indeed living in such a BEAUTIFUL WORLD!!! 😀Iguazu Falls, Brazil_

Abraços e beijos, Mafey 🙂

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