Singapore Off The Beaten Path: Bukit Brown

DSC_0073In view of celebrating a Chinese tradition called “Qingming Festival” or “Tomb-Sweeping Day”, I wish to share part of Singapore that I consider a hidden gem: Bukit Brown. Bukit Brown is the largest Chinese cemetery outside China and is home to the forefathers and founders of Singapore back in the early days. If Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris is housed to famous people in history. In parallel, Bukit Brown is. Those who have buried here are where most of the names of the road in Singapore has taken. Bukit Brown is also home to a number of endemic species of flora and fauna.

If you wish to unwind, is looking for a quiet place and just wanting to commune with  nature while learning something from the humble beginnings of Singapore, visit Bukit Brown. Visit Bukit Brown before its physical landscape change drastically. Visit Bukit Brown as it is included in the list of 2014 World Monuments Watch which showcases its cultural heritage.


Few months back, I wrote a subject about – Bukit Brown Cemetery: Preservation or Conservation? It was written coming from a viewpoint of being an Environmental Science professional. But up until now, it is in my draft files. I decided not to publish it as this might create a conflict of interest to where I am currently connected.

I can only concur following the concept of “Four Laws of Ecology” popularized by Milton Friedman, the fourth law of ecology states that: “There is no such thing as free lunch.” In pursuit of any economic development, there is always a price to pay.

The battle and debates may continue and might not end but I would end this piece quoting what John Stuart Mill had said: “In the battle of intellectual debates, both sides tend to be correct in what they affirm and wrong in what they deny.”

Meanwhile, Enjoy the snaps! 🙂
DSC_0096DSC_0097DSC_0055DSC_0076DSC_0093DSC_0053DSC_0092DSC_0091DSC_0088DSC_0082DSC_0081DSC_0070DSC_0069DSC_0065DSC_0095DSC_0050DSC_0085DSC_0073DSC_0061DSC_0060DSC_0066 How to go to Bukit Brown?

1) If you are coming from the East, take MRT circle line, alight at Marymount station. Take bus 52, 165 or 855 and get off opposite the SICC (Singapore Island Country Club). Walk (back) through Lornie Rd, turn (right) to Sime Rd, walk ahead and turn left to Lorong Halwa. Welcome to Bukit Brown! 🙂

2) If you are coming from the opposite direction, take MRT circle line, alight at Botanic Gardens station. Cross the footbridge, walk towards Adam Rd, cross the road towards the bus stop near the Baptist Church then take any bus, alight at 2nd bus stop, SICC (Singapore Island Country Club). Cross the footbridge and you will see Sime Rd, walk ahead and turn left to Lorong Halwa. Welcome to Bukit Brown! 🙂


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