Transit Visa to UAE for 96 hours/ 4 days/ @70 USD

Maf - UAE Transit VisaFor my next/ soonest/ upcoming, I call “ambitious” trip ;). I will have a 4-day lay over at the United Arab Emirates. For Filipino citizen, a visa is needed to visit this opulent country in the Middle East.

The requirements are as follows:


1)     Passport with 6 months validity (the page with personal particulars, the last page, & the first observation page)

2)     Proof of residence in the country where you currently reside (ie, work permit, working pass, dependant pass etc.)

3)     Passport size photo with white back ground

4)  Additional documents (optional) ie. visa for the last 5 years if you fly to or visit UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia or any Schengen countries.

5)   Other documents (optional but NOT necessary) ie. bank statement, pay slips or proof that you are earning at least $8000 USD annually; and

6) Completed form for visa application done at the emirates website, just click the link, “Manage Existing Booking”:


The documents should be in jpeg format  not exceeding 200 KB in size.


By the way, the processing is done online using VFS Global Services through Emirates Airlines. The case I believe will be slightly different if you fly with a different carrier. I was told at the Emirates office in Singapore that if you apply directly to the UAE Embassy – they require sponsor, am NOT sure why if you have sufficient financial means to support your stay. Well, different countries have different rules and we have to abide by their rules.


The procedure I went through:


1)       Despite some glitch, I tried to complete my application before Wednesday, 12 March 2014 is over then settled the payment online.


2)      Got a reply on Thursday, 13 March 2014, with the subject: Dubai Visas – Pending (I thought, wow, for the very first time I’ve got a visa application on hold, has it something to do with my complaints at the Emirates, I hope not. They asked me to resend all the documents I’ve sent from the Emirates website through this email address: Asking me to provide a CLEAR SCANNED PASSPORT BIO AND LAST PAGE COPY. (Yes, it was caps lock).


3)      Afterwards, I got a response on Friday, 14 March 2014, with the subject: Online Visas – Application Successful. Informing that my application has been checked, assessed and passed to the Dubai Naturalization Department for final processing. I have to wait for the next four working days for the final result of my application.


4)      Comes Saturday, 15 March 2014 quite a surprise. Received another email, with the subject: Online Visas – eVisa Mailing Facility. Saying they are happy to inform me that my visa application has been granted. I received a copy in pdf file. Well, I am satisfied to say the least, considering, Saturday is NOT a working day. I applaud them for that. However, my feedback with the Emirates airlines is another story and I will definitely write about it for the benefits of other passengers choosing this carrier. Though, my case is not closed yet.


The breakdown of the fee is here:


Name of Applicant

Visa Fees

Deposit Amount

Service Fee


Total Fee Payable






USD 69.82


Meanwhile, to spill a li’l bit: I can’t wait for my South American trip!!! 😀



6 thoughts on “Transit Visa to UAE for 96 hours/ 4 days/ @70 USD

  1. Good luck mafs! viber me when you have time para guide kita for your SA trip. by the way, where do you get your physical dubai visa? also, is the process different if you’re applying for a tourist visa?

    1. Muchas gracias Kate!!! 😀
      Couldn’t upkeep with the messages lately… promise I will viber you as soon as I get day off from work! That above^ is the UAE visa Kate! I was expecting it like a sticker sort of like Schengen, NZ, Oz or Myanmar but yun na sya. For Tourist Visa, if you apply via Emirates airline the requirements are the same. However, when you apply through the embassy – they require sponsor.

  2. The UAE transit visas allow a tourist to stay in this country for 96 hours. These visas usually reserved for people who have connecting flight to another county from UAE, with a stopover of minimum 8 hours.

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