Special Segment: Love month :))

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You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. –Henry Drummond

I am experimenting with my blog :). Still, it will remain as –  Maf travel blog with beautiful photography ;). While, I am ruminating on the art of diversification :).

It makes me happy seeing those supportive friends and readers who continuously visiting my little space even when I hardly have time to update. With utmost gratitude, and as my way of rewarding you dear readers (hihihi), and let say, because it’s a love month I thought of getting a little bit more personal… 🙂 (as if what I am writing here all along aren’t personal ones! Hehe).

Let’s get cheezzzy, it’s valentines month anyway! I am publishing here an excerpt from my journal. I have read thru several stuff of what I wrote in the past, and I’m picking this one, it’s keeping me smile with  giddiness 😛

My belief though is that even if we don’t see any impact, when everything that we do in our daily life is done in the spirit of love – be it doing a monotonous desk bound job, or trying to ignore a super to the max annoying colleague, or just helping a total stranger who asked for direction (and asking for your number simultaneously, hey! that’s too much, am not a hotline! Haha), I can only guarantee that we are contributing in making our world a better place to live.

Here it goes. A very brief one. Hope you like it! 😉

“…you know that defining moment when suddenly the world stops and all that matters is YOU and the PERSON at the receiving end of the phone… I couldn’t capture it in any way with words. But that scene. Despite the crowd of people and the noise of vehicles passing by… they’re nothing. You are there. Standing in glory. Trying to hold your breath. Composing yourself. Because the person you’ve been wishing and looking forward to talk to – the person whom you give a cold shoulder and silent treatment; after not speaking for months – has just called you.

Your world becomes beautiful all of a sudden… there’s something you can’t explain. The butterflies in your stomach. You are smiling alone. The sweetest in years you have had so far. The people looking at you; staring as if; and maybe thinking – something’s wrong with this charming woman ;)). She must be crazy!

Deep down you, you just know that moment. You were speechless. And just contented sitting in the bench at the uber crowded bus stop. Staring blankly. Uttering nothing. Just acknowledging the wonderful feeling emanating from all of your being.

Excited. Nervous. Silent. Trying to grasp for the right words to say…

Hello? Hello? Mafey are you still there?

Yes… I am listening…

Voice: I miss y0u… 🙂

M: I think, I miss you too 🙂

Voice: Hope to see you soon 😀

M: Yeah, hope to see you soon 😀

… … … then how are you going to tell her? … … …

… I will tell her, we met in Singapore… … …

… yeah, that’s right… …coz I never talk to anyone and share our love story… … …

What??? Did I hear it right?! We have a “love story”!!!

I got extremely nervous. Or excited? 😛 I want to laugh and interrupt him. But he sounds serious and seems, he means what he say. Or just my interpretation? :P. I just let him go on and continue with his rhythm… … … 

…that voice that would pass for a newscaster or a broadcaster 😛 – such a music to my ear! 😀


10 thoughts on “Special Segment: Love month :))

    1. Carms!! Haha Good morning!
      Grabe napanaginipan lang kita! Wait, (save ko lang, am composing a post about Transit Visa hehe).
      I don’t know where’s the place, but I was waiting for my mother and my sister. I am with another friend from Spain. Tapos, ikaw yung una kong nakita dumating halos kasabay mo sila Madir, then I introduce you to them, sabi ko Madir eto yung friend nag wo work sa New Zealand ayan sobrang seryoso sa work kaya sobra namayat, grabe Carms mas payat ka pa sa kin, sabi mo pa, you lost 25kg haha

      Tapos nagising na ko hindi ko na alam kung ano nangyari at san natapos ang panaginip hahaha

      Miss you Carms! Hope you’re doing well in NZ!

    1. 😀
      Hindi mo ba gusto ang mga pagkain dyan? Wala atang MRT sa Auckland ano? I think you will be driving soon 🙂
      kaka touch naman 🙂 na miss ko rin lalo na panlilibre mo heheehe

      Excited na nga Carms but Kate had warned me a lot about solo traveling in S.A. kaya scared din at the same time…

      Miss you Carms! Share your work exp and what it’s like to live in NZ! 🙂

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