Philippine Embassy in Singapore: How Effective is the “OEC” Online Appointment System?

POEA_An anticipated long weekend coupled with public holidays is just around the corner. During this time of Chinese New Year season, a lot of fellow kababayan are returning home for longer vacation. (Friends, this particular post is intended for Filipinos living in Singapore).


OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate is a document required by the POEA or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration as a means to document OFWs working overseas. I used to think it’s just a mere document to obtain to be exempted from paying Terminal Fee and Travel Tax in any Philippine airport’s Departure area. It’s more.

General Requirements

1)  Completed OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) Form

2) Original Passport with 6 months validity

3)  Valid Working Pass (E Pass, S Pass, Work Permit)

4)  Round Trip ticket

5)  Proof of OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) Membership

6)  Latest Receipt of PAG-IBIG Membership Contribution

For more detailed info, here’s the link:

My (Recent) Experience

You can see how it is by just returning home – a set of nitty-gritty documents has to be accomplished! More often, I would think, I’d rather go to visit another country where I only need a ticket and accommodation. You can imagine – it’s a breeze.

My recent experience at the POEA – I was appalled to be thrown from the Trinoma satellite office to Ortigas main office just because I could not show any of these: Contract of Employment, Pay Slip, or Company’s ID. Actually, every time I go home, I only carry my working pass and passport. That is sufficient enough. I don’t understand why even pay slips has to be required. How “kepo” they can get. But just to share what took place at POEA. I was extremely exasperated at the POEA main office when they claimed – I have no record from their office! It led to a heated argument because I always go home at least 2 times a year. And I always had this OEC issued by POEA. I couldn’t reconcile why I would have no record! I added to the Officer In Charge, I’ve been working and living overseas for the last 5 years! [Friends, I have no intention to put POEA in a bad light, what I am sharing here is just based on my personal account and experience with them]. What I thought would be a maximum of an hour processing of OEC was stretched to be a whole day affair! Thank goodness, I got it before 5.30pm! (There were a lot, and I mean, really a  lot of unnecessary stuff that happened because they keep insisting me to produce those documents: payslip, company’s ID and contract of employment – when these are all left sleeping in Singapore! Isn’t a working pass – valid enough and proof that a person is working overseas. A truly pain in the ass.

Unsolicited Suggestion to the Philippine Embassy in Singapore

Actually, if not for the scheme – OEC Online Appointment, I would not obtain OEC at the POEA. Since, I decided to spontaneously go home, (and because I had 6 months work gap) I was NOT aware that walk-ins are NO longer entertained.

And to quote:

Please note that “walk-in application” of OEC (coming to the Embassy to apply for OEC without an appointment) has been discontinued by POLO.

The Embassy encourages OFWs in Singapore to apply ahead of one’s travel, especially long before the onset of a holiday in Singapore…

Is it possible for the Philippine Embassy in Singapore, to come up with a system or perhaps an option where getting an OEC can be done online? Processing online, paying online and obtaining online where paying by nets, Visa or Master Card are accepted? Am just thinking that if you can obtain an electronic air ticket or do the web check in – then obtaining an OEC – electronic OEC is possible. And very much doable? Or am I suggesting an impossible?

The rationale is to give OFW the flexibility and make it easier for us, so that we need not have to apply for a half-day, or worse, whole day leave (if work place is far from Nassim Rd) just to get the bloody OEC! That 1 day leave is precious enough that it can be used to add to weekends and travel somewhere nearby!

Not to mention, that working hours of the embassy has changed and ceased operating on weekend. So the more it caused a disadvantage on our part. Ma’am Minda Calaguian-Cruz, with due respect, I hope the Embassy will reconsider the effectivity of this OEC online scheme or at least offer an alternative option.

Maraming Salamat po at Mabuhay kayo!


107 thoughts on “Philippine Embassy in Singapore: How Effective is the “OEC” Online Appointment System?

  1. I totally understand how you feel. When I first applied in 2009 in Cebu they did not ask for my company ID and payslip only my work permit, contract and passport. Also, I wonder maf if you have to go through a different process if you changed countries because of employment. Lastly, the reason according to my friend who works in the govt is that the reason Govt online payment system isn’t in effect yet is because the govt doesn’t want to pay bank fees every time someone pays via credit card online. They do not get the whole amount but a % so they might have to increase prices if they get visa, and MasterCard involved. We are very behind but I had heard they are working on it but of course since we are bureaucratic it might take years

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for sharing your experience. What drove me mad was their claim that I have no records. And they persistently insisting for those copy of pay slips, company’s ID or contract – asking me to ask someone from Singapore to send it by fax or email — Kate, how would you react on this kind of idiocy? Idiocy to the highest level!They’re not even giving feasible option! I keep insisting that in Singapore, I can have an OEC by just presenting my passport and working pass. And they keep pushing me here and there, go up and down to different floors and counter. It was crazy!
      I wish the Philippine Embassy in Singapore at least maintain the walk-ins to give us, OFW some flexiblity considering we could not make any appointment at the embassy on weekend since they changed their schedule to normal working days.

      Thanks for your visit Kate and Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🙂

  2. Bakit sa SG ang daming Reqs? Dba dapat pareho lang ng reqs sa lahat ng Bansa kung kukuha ka ng OEC. Here in Malaysia, Passport, Visa and OEC Form and 10RM Tapos! Walang contract, payslip at pag ibig. etc. Kaya I prefer going in SEA mas cheaper pa nga kaysa umuwi sa Pinas, kundi hindi lang nakaka homesick eh.

    1. Hi Sky. Yung requirements senyo sa Malaysia ganun din dito sa Singapore. Sa Pilipinas (POEA) ang naghahanap ng payslips, contract at kung anu ano pa.
      Dati kasi sa SG pede mag walk-in pagkuha ng OEC. Dati rin open ang embassy pag Sunday. Pero lahat nagbago. Ngayon weekdays na lang open ang embassy. At by on-line appointment na lang pagkuha ng OEC. So kung biglaan kang uuwi ng Pinas no choice kundi kumuha sa POEA. Me satellite office naman sila. Since sa QC ako sa Trinoma ako pumunta. At dun sila naghahanap ng: Payslip, Contract of Employment o Company’s ID. Kaya kung wala maipakita alinman dito tapon ka nila sa POEA Ortigas. Naubos na ang maghapon mo dahil lang sa OEC! Tapos pagdating mo pa sa main office. Sasabihin nila na wala kang record! Hello POEA ORTIGAS MAGSIGISING KAYO!

      But I heard in Cebu, madali lang naman pagkuha at siguro sa iba ring branch sa Pinas. Mahirap kasi sa Manila nandyan ang pugad ng mga buwaya.

      1. Opps di pa ko tapos… sorry Sky ha di pa kasi ko maka move on sa POEA ;). Actually pera pera lang yan. Before ka nila issue-han. Kelangan magbayad ka muna (kahit kakabayad mo lang) sa Phil Health, Pag ibig at OWWA. At matapos kang pagpasapasahan kung kaninong Santo at Santa bago magsara ang opisina saka ka lang nila i-issuahan ng OEC. Ganun ata ang karaniwang tanawin sa POEA Ortigas kasi ba naman of all the places dun pa kami nagkabangga ng 1 ko ring friend na dun din itinaboy. Sa totoo lang nakakahiya ang mga opisyal sa POEA. Sana ayusin nila ang trabaho nila. Nakakaawa yung ilang mga kasambahay na nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa kapag hindi makapag articulate ng maayos kinakaya kayanan lang nila. Grabe lang sobra nakaka frustrate ang burukrasya sa bansa natin. Haiii

  3. Sana naman, kahit na may percentage charge ang credit card, di nila tataasan ang bayad kasi naka menos naman sila sa bayad nila sa tao at oras para mag-handle ng transaction. So hindi kailangan taasan ang bayad para sa OEC.

    1. Salamat po sa inyong komento. Subalit, ang mga napag usapan po dito ay pawang suhestyon pa lamang. Sana nga po ay magkatotoo sa darating na panahon. Mas makakatipid nga po kung ganun at mababawasan pa ang pila sa embassy na para bagang laging may box office hit na panoorin at hindi maubos ubos ang tao.

  4. hay im new here in SG but im planning to have a vacation sa holy week sana… kaso wala ng sched na pede ako kumuha ng oec… meron ba na pede mag process neto para hindi ako mag half day

  5. actually, you are barking up the wrong tree, my friend. hindi ito call ng kahit anong embassy. if you want changes in the OEC, you have to direct your guns to POEA itself, not to any embassy. you want it online? tell POEA. wrong tree, my friend. wrong tree.

    1. I stand corrected Ms Janette. Thanks for pointing that out. The title may seem misleading but you see the photo of POEA. And if you’ll notice POEA main office and POEA Trinoma are in the “tagged”. I don’t mean to bark at the wrong tree. If you are from the embassy then maybe you can help us cascade this feedback to help us serve better

      1. It is 2-way. We cooperate and respect the rules. We only ask the Philippine government servants to do their duty diligently with honesty and treat us with respect. Thank you.

  6. Hi,good evening po pwde ba akong mgtanong kung makasingit ako ng appointments this April ng home leave po kc urgent ang pg uwi ko pls….thanks

    1. Hi Josephine,
      I am not from Philippine Embassy. This is a post about my experience when I obtained OEC at the POEA.
      Maari mong tanungin at kontakin ng direkta ang Philippine Embassy Singapore. Sana ay maliwanag ito sa’yo.

  7. hellooo. my wife came home july 9 from singapore. it takes only 3 days so she comeback to singapore on july 12, then she called me to find how or where to get oec. she told me in trinoma q.c, so mam how to get oec and do you have a nos, so that i called at trinoma

  8. Hi Freddie, you mean, your wife WILL be home on July 9 and will be back to Singapore on the 12?

    Just walk-in. The POEA satellite office is in Trinoma ground floor. If it’s your first time to obtain OEC there, please photocopy all your documents because they will ask you to do so. Strange as it seems, the satellite office has no photocopier machine. (as of 01 June 2014 – my recent visit there).

  9. Ito ang nasaksihan ko nung unang beses akong kumuha ng OEC sa SM Manila satellite nila.. Buti na lang naisipan kong bayaran ang Philihealth kasi expected ko na ang daming red tape at kung ano anong dokumento ang hihingin…. Hindi ko lubos maisip kung bakit hindi standard ang requirements nila, kasi dito sa sg minsan ang philhealth hindi hinahanap tapos passport at IC pwede, pero sa pinas Contract, pay slips, COE, slips ng contribution ng SSS, pag-ibig at philhealth. then yung IC (working pass) parang hindi nila tanggap as proof that you’re legally working in SG.

    So ito na ang siste, nagkasched ako for appointment ng 2PM, dumating ako sa pinas ng 9:00AM then pahinga ng konti baka kasi malate sa appointment. Ay lintek pagdating dun, kahit wala kang appointment pwede pala at ang dami pang nauna sa akin, so ano ang sense ng appointment at meron pang number na nakalagay sa form na pinirint mo.. so wala ring silbi ang generated number for queue. Buti na lang, may mga photo copy ako ng lahat at ayun hinanapan ako at ako pa pala magpapaphoto-copy kasi sira daw machine nila. Ang proceso pala nila, verification tapos iba pa ang titingin ng SSS, tapos iba ang titingin ng Philhealth. ay Pambihira.. So natapos ako sa awa ng dyos.

    Pero ang masaklap e yung kasunod ko, hinahanapan sya ng contract, so tumwag pa sya sa officemate nya dito sa sg para isend via email, after nung initial verification, dun na sya sa ss at pag-ibig. Aba, ang sabi daw hindi makita ang record ng Philhealth at need magbayad ng 1yr, kahit bayad na ng 1yr dito sa singapore, yun nga lang hindi nya nadala ang resibo nya.

    dahil dala ng pangangailangan sa OEC na yan, nagbayad sya. na imbes na 100 pesos lang para sa OEC ayun halos 1.5K yata tapos dalawa pa isla..

    Kung ang gobyerno natin e niyayakap ang teknolohiya, at icentralized lahat ng government agencies para electronic lahat at ng mabawasan ang under the table. e kaso parang 80% yata ganun ang kalakaran… OFW na ang bumubuhay sa pinas , OFW pa rin ang kawawa… ang alam nila gatasan ng pera pag-apak mo palang ng airport…. Hindi mo masisisi na kung bkit maraming nais tumira sa ibang bansa kahit mahirap.

    1. It’s funny, (sorry na-caught lang yung attention ko sa photocopier machine), sinabi nila sayo na sira ang machine – ang sabi naman nila sakin, wala daw photocopier machine sa satellite office, sa POEA Ortigas lang. Kung anuman ang totoo, nagsisinungaling man o hindi – they are merely showing their inconsistencies. It’s really frustrating how good they are for being consistently inconsistent!

  10. nung sumunod na uwi ko, yung nag-assist sa akin sa SM manila e sya rin nag-assist sa akin sa Main branch, nung sinabi ko na sya ang agprocess sa akin sa sm manila dati, ang sagot sa akin.. “Sir, bakit kayo andito e merogn satellite sa trinoma”. sabi ko, walang available na schedule kasi sa online…”sir, hindi naman nasusunod yun, next time dun na kayo kumuha kahit walang appointment”..

    ay grabe, tatambling na ako.. pano magiging disiplinado ang pinoy kung sila mismo e nagtuturo ng short-cut na hindi nasusunod ang sariling process….

    isipin mo, sa dami ng kumukuha ng working pass sa MOM, bakit maluwag at malinis tingnan ang office nila, kasi mismo ang mga empleyado at nagpapatupad dun e marunong sumunod sa sarinili nilang patakaran..

    1. Hi Chok, I hear you. You’re welcome to vent your frustrations at the rotten system of our government. It is not meant to shame them. Pero sana mahiya naman sila kung may natitira pang hiya…

      We are relentlessly hoping for improvement.
      I heard some good news, it is possible to get OEC online now. I have not tried it though.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  11. Hi mafey..bago lang ako dito sa sg..balak ko umuwi this march 2015.ngtry ako dun sa bm online ng poea.pero bkit ganon nung mgfifill up n ko ng profile ko may mga portion n blangko..hindi ko tuloy mtapos ung pg lolog in ko..pwede b ako mgpakuha na lng sa pinas..pwede b n ibang tao ang mgprocess like asawa ko or kapatid?

    1. Hi po ate Arlene,
      Since uwi po kayo ng Pinas ok lang naman mo na dito na kayo kumuha ng OEC at kayo na mismo ang mag asikaso. May mga satellite office po sila sa Manila. Actually, papunta po ako POEA para kumuha ng OEC.
      Pasensy na po hindi ko pa po na try yung online. Magandang balita po na pede na tayo kumuha ng OEC online though marami po ako naririnig na maraming hindi nakaka access.

      1. Share ko lang yung experience ng housemate ko dito sa sg sa pagkuha ng OEC…

        – Set ka ng appointment to get an OEC through Philippine Embassy in Singapore website
        – Pupunta ka sa Philippinine Embassy on your schedule, submit mo ang mga requirements (OWWA receipt, IC, passport, receipt ng SSS/Pag-Ibig/Philhealth(if hanapin lang)), then bayad ka ng fee
        – they will printout yung OEC and the expiration date is based on your IC or passport expiration (better check the dates)
        – done

        NGAYON DAW
        – Set ka ng appointment either through Philippine Embassy website or sa POEA website (
        – Pupunta ka sa Philippinine Embassy on your schedule, submit mo ang mga requirements (OWWA receipt, IC, passport, receipt ng SSS/Pag-Ibig/Philhealth(if hanapin lang)), then bayad ka ng fee
        – Ang sabi ng housemate ko, you can printout na daw ang OEC online once they approved/released after your appointment.
        – If you check sa POEA website ( merong dung section dun ng OEC history mo. I think dun mo mapiprint.

        I haven’t yet experienced this… siguro by next month kapag kumuha ako

        By the way, regarding sa satellite office… walk-in pwede daw kahit walang appointment.. Mismong taga POEA nagsabi sa akin….but better have one and no harm naman kung magpasched ka.

      2. Hi Chock,

        Happy New Year! 🙂
        Napabakasyon din ang blog hehe.
        Tama lahat ng ibinahagi mo dito. I was at the POEA Trinoma office last 06 January 2015. I walk-in to get my OEC since I was flying within that week. And I was shock to see a very long queue! The queue was extended until outside the vicinity of the satellite office that they have to put chairs for the waiting applicants. I have to say I underestimated it. I didn’t expect a long queue since Christmas and New Year are already over. It was my 3rd time to get OEC at Trinoma and usually the applicants can just fit in inside the office. When I arrived there, at first the security guards have tried to stop me to go inside the office when they learned I have no appointment. They gave me the form where I was told to return next week. I still insist to go inside to fill out the form and told them I am flying within the week. The 2 security guards have alternately approached me for about 6 times telling me that I have to return next week as they only accommodate those who have schedule since December 2014 or I have to go to POEA main office. Imagine, that day I was due to travel to my parents hometown to pay a short visit to my father’s grave before I fly again. If I go to POEA main office for sure I won’t be accommodated on that day since it’s already 3pm. So I was there sitting for a long time, just observing how the POEA officers work, have read all the notices posted in the wall (like those you shared here), have overheard the gossips of our fellows OFW from my left and right side where I simply pretended I didn’t bother though I can reiterate, chismis e hehe.

        So nakaaupo lang ako dun for a long time until my Angel :)) has showed up. I am very thankful for the kind assistance extended by my ex-dormmate and a schoolmate whom at first I thought: OFW din na kukuha ng OEC until I notice the POEA ID. I was even surprised and asked her what is she doing at POEA (she’s an Agri-business by profession). Though she’s in the Finance Department. POEA have to pull out some staff to help out in the OEC processing as it is considered peak season. I was told too that POEA is the only government agency that works until 1am to serve our fellow kababayans because we are treated as their high-end costumers. I smiled and told her because we complain a lot right and we both laugh. I returned after office hours and thankfully have accommodated within that day. That saved me a lot of time and effort and so I was very happy I was able to attend to my other schedules. And I wish to take note that the POEA staff (from the security guards up to those who are in the front line have improved and appeared to be much more friendlier this time. Maybe it’s in their list of New Year’s Resolution 🙂

        Thanks for visiting again and for sharing!

  12. Just like to share my experience using this BM Online. I have used BM online twice na and no hassle naman. You just need to register for an account and enter your last OEC no. (previously used OEC) to obtain a new one. They will send you Payment instructions depende kung san mo pinili magbayad. Here in Singapore, pwede magbayad sa iREMIT sa Lucky Plaza. May additional processing fee lang. I paid around S$6.50 for the OEC. Once nareceived nila ung payment mo, around 2 days after settling the payment, POEA will send you an email for the link where you can print your OEC. Alternatively, you can also access your BM online account then makikita mo sya sa ‘My Transactions’ tab, then just print 3 copies of it. Sa Pinas naman maraming payment options and locations depende kung san convenient sayo. Php119.00 naman yun payment kung sa Pinas 🙂
    No need na rin paverify sa OFW counter sa airport ung BM online na OEC. Just present it upon check in sa airline counter then sa Immigration na.
    I find this easier rather than going to the embassy or POEA for the OEC. 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience via BM Online! That really sounds easy and hassle free! Plus you’ve mentioned no need to verify once at the airport – great! That could save tons of time! 😉
      I guess, I will try it after I consume my multiple OEC. Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your experience. Since it’s love month – Happy Valentines! 😀

      1. Hi Mafey,

        not sure kung pano ang multiple OEC online, kasi once na nag-apply ka ng new OEC, ang validity is from the date na nagprocess ka up to 2 mos only.

      2. Hindi ko pa na try ang online Chok e. Yung multiple OEC ko was from Trinoma last month. Actually in-ask lang ako nung dormmate ko na tumulong sa kin. Since umuuwi daw ako lagi e pede naman pala. I think they issue up to 3 OEC. For the 2nd and next I only paid additional P100 pesos per OEC.

      3. Yup, pwede ang multiple OEC (yung parang resibo na kulay green then puti).. siguro sa mga hindi pa nagoonline ganun ang binibigay nila, pero dun sa online parang wala akong makita na option to get multiple OEC.. siguro dahil madali na lang kumuha kaya no need to get multiple. hehehe

        dati kasi 4 na OEC na agad kinukuha ko sa Phil Embassy dito sa SG, para less hassle at hindi na ako magmMC para lang kumuha pa ng OEC. 🙂

    2. hi. i just wanna ask where can i can pay my oec which i applied online. thru bm online. and how? coz it their satelite they just show where but not how. thank u. hoping for some answer/s.

      1. Hi Lyka,

        There are several ways to settle your fees:
        1. Over-the-counter through Banks
        2. Over-the-counter through Bayad Centers
        3. Online Banking
        4. Globe G-cash
        5. POEA office/processing site/POLO for those with appointment

        The System will send instructions through your email on how to complete the payment process. Follow the instructions carefully. Once payment is confirmed, your OEC will be forwarded thru your email and BM Online account.

        For complete details, please refer to

        For my case, I prefer BDO Online Banking kasi mas convenient sa akin yun kasi I’m working abroad, though I need my raoming number kasi may OTP syang kailangan. Also takenote, may additional service fee sya pero minimal lang.

  13. Share ko rin experience ko using the BMOnline ng POEA after my last reply dito last 6-Jan.

    1. Nagcreate ako ng account sa BMOnline (, all your personal details, company details plus your picture should be encoded to their website.

    2. So wala pang OEC number na naka-assign sa akin dun sa OEC section at sa Transactions > OEC tab. Since wala ng schedule sa Philippine Embassy dito sa Singapore, nagset ako ng appointment sa POEA main office kasi yun lang may available slot kapag umuwi ako. Yung time ng appointmant ko ay 9:00AM, so worried ako kasi alam kong tambak ang tao dun every morning. Pero sa maniwala ka o sa hindi, 10 mins lang akong tumagal sa loob. After verification, sabi sa akin after bayaran sa counter pwede ko na daw i-print online. napasabi na lang ako ng..”Astig, mabilis ngayon ah”

    3. When I checked online, meron ng OEC sa Transaction > OEC section. Print then ready to go.

    4. Sabi Ms. Cia, no need to verify for OFW. Pero nung flight ko last week sa Terminal 1, same process pa rin. Ipapaverify mo sa POEA, then before ka pumasok ng immigration iveverify ulit. So kaya tatlong kopya ang kailangan which is same as before. Bali iprint mo twice then gupitin mo sya, kasi sa isang page 2 OEC ang namapiprint mo.

    5. Then tonight uuwi ako, less hassle na ang pagkuha ng OEC, just go to POEA website then dun sa Home page, click mo ang Next Step and may magpoprompt sayo if you’re returning to the same employer or not. If same employer pwede kang kumuha ng OEC online if not, you need to set an appointment siguro for verification ng papers mo kasi new employer na.

    6. With regards to payment, marami silang options, pero nagbayad ako through BDO online banking if ang OEC is 100 pesos, may 19 pesos na service fee (bayad sa Dragon Pay hehehe). Magbibigay naman sila ng instructions on how to settle the payment.

    7. After the payment, I can print my new OEC online. Take note, ang OEC ay once mo lang magagamit. Meaning everytime na mag-exit ka once mo lang magagamit even though ang validity nya ay 3 mos.(just read the note sa baba ng OEC)

    FYI din –
    1. NBI clearance appointment na rin ang payment online din through online banking (Dragon Pay), over the counter, G-Cash.
    2. PAG-IBIG – online na rin. just go to and you can pay using your DBS, POSB,, UOB etc banks in Singapore.

    3 SSS – not sure pa. hehehe hindi ko maaccess ang website nila kahit tama ang login credentials ko… hehehe

    1. Wow, salamat sa pag share mo ulit ng experience mo Chok. At sa additional information about NBI at PAG-IBIG. Buwan talaga ng mga puso hihi. It will be useful for our readers. Mukhang madalas ang pag uwi ng Pinas ah :). Ingat sa byahe kabayan!

      1. Hi Cia/Mafey,

        Since kababalik ko lang galing pinas, I just want to share with you regarding the verfication/validation of OEC sa Terminal 3 kasi CebuPac ang airline ko.

        1. Pumila ako sa POEA counter for verfication/validation ng OEC pero nakalagay dun, no need na daw pumila pwede ng dumiretso sa Check-in Counter if you’re holding an OEC transacted via POEA website. Yung mga OEC na kulay green at puti na mukhang resibo need pang ivalidate nila sa POEA counter.
        2. CebuPac staff took 1 copy of the OEC.
        3. OFW counter (prior entering the immigration) will validate and take another copy of the OEC
        4. Immigration office will check the validated OEC
        5.. Done.

      2. Hi Chok, salamat sa pag share ulit ng latest experience mo. Kakabalik ko lang din at sa Terminal 1 naman ako. Nakapila na ako sa check in counter nung sinabihan ako ng guard na kelangan daw i-validate yung OEC. Green at white color yung OEC ko. Saglit lang naman yung sa validation dahil walang pila at the same time na-retain ko yung queue ko sa check in (na sobrang haba ng pila) pinabantayan ko kasi sa kasunod ko hehe para di na ko umulit. And one more IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE for our fellow kababayan (if they are not yet informed kaya kinapslock ko hehe), those who have purchased the air ticket starting 01 February 2015 onwards are entitled for a refund of P550 pesos I guess. If am not mistaken it’s for the terminal fee. At first I told them I will just donate the money since it’ll be a little hassle to go back and queue again. But since delayed yung flight ko ng 1 hour kasi overbooked daw so nagkaron ako ng time na makapag refund. You can refund the money at Landbank and you just show the paper issued by the airline officer and, the landbank officer will stamp it and that’s it, they will issue you the money after. Ayun me pambili pa ng pasalubong 😀

  14. hmmm No Assigned OEC number din ang nakalagay sakin.. when i clicked on Next Step, select departure date ang lumabas for appointment sa embassy. Is it because kailangan ko magbayad ulit ng owwa at pagibig since my old pass expired at time of next departure date?

    1. Hi Jun,

      Kung first time mong magcreate ng profile sa POEA web site (, wala ngang OEC Number na nakalagay sa profile mo (Contract Particulars) at sa My Transactions > OEC Requests.

      Magkakaroon yan once nagrequest ka ng OEC online.

      Kagaya nga ng sabi ko sa taas,

      First Timers na kukuha ng OEC gamit ang online:
      a. Need to create profile sa POEA web site ( Make sure all info are correct.
      b. Once created na ang profile, pwede ka ng mag-set appointment. Click Next Step > enter Flight Schedule > Set Appointment (choose your preferred office and date/time)
      c. Proceed to the POEA office or Phil Embassy on your appointment date. They will validate your documents. Once everything is ok, they will ask you to pay the fee and instruct you to print your OEC in POEA website. You will also receive an email or you can check it at My Transactions > OEC Requests.
      d. Print your OEC. You needed 3 OEC to print out. In one page, there’s 2 OEC so you have to print 2 pages then cut it.

      For 2nd or nth timer:
      a. Just login to POEA web site (
      b. In My Profile page, click Next Step
      c. Enter the Flight Schedule then Submit.
      d. In Confirmation window, Click “Yes” if you’re returning to the same EMPLOYER. If you have a new employer, click Set Appointment and you need to go to POEA office or Phil Embassy for document verification.
      e. If you’re returning to same employer, no need to set an appointment. Your OEC request will be craeted (check the status). Just select which mode of payment you prefer. I Usually use BDO Internet Banking, (they will send instruction how to do the payment). Once payment is done your OEC request will have status “SUCCESS”.
      f. Print your OEC. You needed 3 OEC to print out. In one page, there’s 2 OEC so you have to print 2 pages then cut it.

      Hope this can help you.. Sa umpisa lang medyo hassle at kung ibang employer. Pero kung same employer you can have your OEC in less than 10 mins. 🙂

      1. Salamat sa pag reply kay Jun, Chok. I’ve never tried OEC online application yet. Kaya next time, I will follow the steps you have mentioned here :). I-add ko lang if you have changed your employer, then you need to pay for a new OWWA again. Before kasi I was not aware about this rule. Basta alam ko lang 2 years ang validity ng OWWA and I have to pay only after 2 years. It happened na there was a year where I changed job 3 times within a year. Umuwi ako nun at wala yung pass ko I only have In Principle Approval. Ayun pinagbayad pa rin ako sa POEA main office kasi ganun daw yun. Every time you will change an employer, every time you will have a new job, you have to pay for new OWWA membership fee. Medyo parang disadvantage s’ya sa papalit palit ng trabaho (aray ko haha)

      2. Hi Chok, bukod po sa pagbabayad ng new OWWA membership fee pag nagchange ng employer, need pa rin po ba na magbayad ulit for authentication ng bagong contract?

  15. Tanong ko lang po kung kailangain ko pa bang mag-apply nang OEC kung ung employer ko isasama ako sa Pinas for holiday?

    1. Ate kelangan po. Kasi kahit kasama n’yo po employer n’yo pag-uwi sa Pinas, hindi po nagbabago ang estado n’yo, OFW pa rin po kayo.

      Ang OEC ay isang requirement alinsunod sa batas at polisiya na nakasaad sa POEA upang masiguro na ang OFW ay legal at dokumentadong manggagawa sa labas ng bansa. Sana ito po ay maliwanag sa inyo.

      Sa kabilang banda, ako ay umaasa na mabuwag na ang OEC dahil hindi lang naman ito ang basehan para masiguro na ang isang manggagawa ay legal na naghahanapbuhay sa ibang bansa.

  16. Magandang araw po..s ikinauukulan ng embehada ng pilipinas ng singapore..nag file n po ng apointment dated on june 22 2015..akin pong hinihiling na pwde po bang mapaaga ang aking apointment .. kaylangn ko pong umuwi s dahilanang ang ama ng aking mga anak ay matagal nrin po aq d umuuwi s aking pamlya..sana akoy inyong mapabigyan s aking munting kahilingan.. tauspuso pong umaasa n mapagbigyan s aking munting kahilingan at ako poy taus pusong nag papasalamat …….Monica mabini campos

    1. Ate Monica,
      Eto po ang numero ng Embahada dito sa Singapore: +65 6733 2991
      Maari n’yo pong tawagan ang numerong ito for OEC related matters.
      Ate, idagdag ko lang po HINDI po ako taga embassy. Salamat po.

  17. hi everyone, meron na po bang naka experience dito na hindi ma recognize yung last OEC used? I got my OEC last may 15 sa Trinoma satellite office. First time ko din gumamit ng BM online kaya nag create ako ng account, setup ng appointment then submitted all the requirements tapos was issued an OEC. everything went well. Ngayon balak ko umuwi sa August and pag nag lo-login ako sa BM online, hindi ma recognize yung OEC number na na issue sakin. Im starting to think that my records have not been updated.

    1. Hi Al,
      Naku paging Chok. Hello Chok, knock knock hihi. Natutulog na ata si Chok. S’ya kasi yung masipag mag-share dito ng OEC via BM online experience nya palibhasa mahilig din umuwi.

      Kakapag create ko lang din ng account sa BM online kahapon at meron akong iskedyul sa Trinoma sa 02 June. Uwi kasi ako ngayon at halos wala ako kahit anong dokumento na ipapakita sa POEA maliban sa Police Report. Balitaan kita Al kung ano kahihinatnan ha.

      1. Hi Mafey – hahaha nasubscribe ako sa blog mo.. kaya nakakareceive ako ng email if may comments na bago or reply.. Busy lang masyados sa work hehehe

        Hi Al,

        Binigyan ka ng satellite office ng OEC (white/green paper)?

        If yes, yung OEC number na nasa papel e hindi recognized ng BMOnline. (yan yung napansin ko).

        Based on my experience:
        1. Nag-create ako ng account sa BM Online and set for appointment to present yung documents (kasi first time ko).
        2. At POEA HQ sa ortigas, after the validation of my docs (in 10mins) pinagbayad ako sa cashier ng 100 then sabi sa akin iprint ko na lang daw sa BM Online site and OEC. Meaning wala silang ibinigay sa akin na OEC na mukhang resibo.
        3. Umuwi ako, then when I checked online nakita ko na ang OEC then naprint ko na sya. Punta ka sa BM Online > Transactions > OEC Requests tab at andun ang OEC na pwede mong iprint.

        if kukuha ka ulit ng OEC:
        1. Just go to BM Online then click mo Next Step
        2. Provide mo ang date kung kelan uwi mo or kelan mo gagamitin ang OEC
        3. May magpoprompt sayo if reporting ka pa rin sa same employer or hindi na. If same employer, just click yes then proceed to payments. If ibang employer kana from the last time na kumuha ka, need mo magpaappointment ulit at pumunta sa office ng POEA para sa validation ng docs.

        Sana makatulong… 🙂

      2. Hala wordpress account ko pala ang nakalogin hahaha… Chok at Jerry the Explorer same lang hahaha

        Take note po pala Al, once you got your first OEC vai BM Online automatic pong magkakaroon ng OEC number yung asa My Profile > Contract Particulars section.

      3. ok, thanks a lot. Feeling ko di nila ini-encode agad yung details mo, baka ifo-forward pa nila sa POEA main office. Ang di ko din lang mainitndihan sa kanila eh bakit sabi dun wala daw ako record, nag register naman na ako sa Singapore embassy matagal na. ibig sabihin pala nun hindi centralized records nila, walang alam ang POEA manila about sa mga details natin kasi wala naman tayo sa record nila.

      4. Sad to say, kahit sobrang bilis na ng technology ngayon ang government agencies natin e hindi makasabay.
        They prefer old school way na maraming red tape.

        Based on my experience, May 2014 umuwi ako at sa POEA SM Manila ako kumuha ng OEC, ang sabi down ang system so manual manual manual… then the following month umuwi ulit ako pero ang slot e sa POEA main sa Ortigas…. pagkakataon nga naman same person ang nag-assist sa akin then nung nagveverify sya ng info ko ang sabi wala daw akong record… sabi ko “Ma’am, 3yrs na po akong OFW at twice na po akong kumuha ng OWWA at andun ang details ko, bakit until now wala akong record sa POEA”. Sagot lang sa akin, “wala e, hindi ko makita records mo”..

        So kung nagkataon pala at may nangyari sa akin, wla akong makukuhang benefits kasi hindi ako registered sa POEA or unless pakita ko proof ng OWWA yung resibo na makikita mo binibenta lang din sa kalye…

        Bakit kaya hindi na lang gumawa ng ID na andun ang biometrics at record ng isang OFW, so i-scan na lang nila sa pagrerenew ng OWWA, pagkuha ng OEC etc…

        Imagine, nagbabayad sila ng sobrang mahal para sa system pero kung titingnan mo e napakasimple lang….

      5. green nga pala yung oec na binigay sakin and pag nag lolog-in ako sa BM online walang nakalagy na oec issued sa details ko unlike sa officemate ko. Napansin ko lang is kung sa main office ka sa ortigas kumuha then everything turns out ok, pero pag sa satellite office like trinoma useless. Ayoko nman sayangin uwi ko sa pag process lang ng ganito. its really sad 😦

  18. Hi Al,

    Hindi ko pa nasubukan sa Trinoma, if green oec binigay sayo hindi sya magrereflect sa BM Online. Nung nagpunta ako sa POEA main sa ortigas hindi ako tumagal ng 15mins.. basta listuhan mo lang kung saan ang susunod at magtanong ka na para sigurado kasi sa bawat upuan dun e may pila.. Better check sa mga mama na nakabarong na nag-aayos ng pila.

    Para less hassle, dalhin mo na ang OWWA, Pag-ibig, SSS at Philhealth contributions or yung latest receipt mo na nagbayad ka. Photo copy ng passport mo, at kung madadala mo contract mo much better.. Mas maganda ng dala mo lahat para kung hanapin man maipipresent mo sa kanila agad at hindi mo kailangan bumalik….

    By the way, after mong mabayaran ang 100 sa cashier at sinabi sayo na pwede mo na iprint online, makikita mo na ang OEC mo sa BM Online.

    Moving forward, no need for you to go POEA offices if kukuha ka ulit ng OEC provided that you’re returning to the same employer.

    Kumuha ako ng OEC kahapon at less than 5 mins meron nko 🙂

    Sa umpisa lang hassle or if nagchange employer ka lang.

    1. Hi Nokee, naku pasensya na at hindi ko na pala na-update dito. Masyadong mabilis kasi tumakbo ang araw.
      Nasa Trinoma ako mga 6.30am. Ang aga noh, me hinatid kasi kami sa aiport kaya maaga rin ako naidaan sa Trinoma. Naghintay ako halos 1 oras. Alas-9 am sila nagbubukas dun. Pero maaga yung security guard. In-advisan ako na pumunta ulit sa main office ng POEA dahil wala daw akong appointment sa Trinoma. Walk-in lang kasi ako. Hindi na raw sila tumtanggap ng walk-in.

      Nakakahiya mang sabihin nauwi na naman sa madugong argumento ang senaryo sa POEA. Nag request kasi ako ng multiple OEC. Tapos pinagpabalik balik ako sa ibat ibang window. Hindi daw kasi madaling baguhin pag nag request ka at naipasok na nila sa system. Tinanong ko kung gano katagal baguhin. Aabutin daw ng 1 araw, uhmaygad!!! Alam mo sa harap ko mismo kinagalitan nung senior na babae yung medyo batang empleyado sa payment section. Sinabi nya kasi sa kin na pede namang baguhin pag nag request ka ng multiple OEC pero yung si ate senior hindi daw. I think, napahiya na lang sya kaya sa harap ko mismo kinagalitan nya yung batang babaeng empleyado. Pagkatapos, nag sorry sa kin yung batang empleyado. Sabi ko sa kanya, hindi nya kailangang mag sorry. Alam ko ginagawa nya yung trabaho nya ng tama. Naawa talaga ko dun sa babae. Sinabi ko na lang dun sa senior na empleyado kung may iba lang akong option hinding hindi na ako pupunta sa POEA. Dahil pinapa komplikado nila ang mga bagay na dapat simple lang naman. Imagine, sa Singapore makakakuha ka ng OEC na 1 tao lang ang mag-i-issue. Sa POEA, kailangan mong pumunta sa at least 6 na window!!! So pinanindigan talaga ni ate senior na it will take whole day to adjust the request from single to multiple OEC. Papunta kami ng Mindoro nun at alas-12pm kami aalis kaya ayun, no choice iniwan ko sa kanila yung form ko at bumalik ako after a few days. In the end, hindi ko na rin naman magagamit yung multiple OEC dahil nag-resign na ko sa trabaho ko. Pag bagong employer bagong OEC ulit at bagong bayad sa OWWA at kung anu ano pang bayarin. Nokee, kung hindi mo natanong hindi ko na sana ibabahagi. Kasi nakakadismaya talaga. Bagama’t pinipilit ko pa ring kumbinsihin ang sarili ko na magkakaron ng pagbabago, susulong, uunlad at magiging mabuti ang sistema ng burukrasya sa bansa natin. Let’s see.

  19. sir/madam,

    itatanong ko lang kung kailangan pa ng invitation letter yong mga anak ko, age 16 at 13

    1. Sir, kuya invitation po para saan? Kung papasyal po yung mga anak nyo sa Singapore para bisitahin kayo sa pagkakaalam ko po hindi naman kailangan ng invitation letter. Kasi po nung bumisita yung nanay ko at mga kapatid ko sa Singapore, hindi po sila hinanapan sa immigration ng invitation letter. Paki double check nyo na lang din po, kasi yung kapatid ko po was 18 that time. Sa menor de edad, hindi po ako sigurado.

  20. Sir/Madm;
    Nag apply po online kaso Yong payment naman eh globe,or AM or metrobank, bdo etc.bakit walang master card, credit card, sa pinas naman po yong mga nakalagay na pwedeng pagbayaran,paano po ako makapagbayad dito sa Singapore?Pwede po ba sa embassy nalang ako magbayad cash?
    Thanks for the time to reply..

    1. Hello po ate Erna,
      Ang maipapayo ko lamang po ay makabubuting siguro magsadya kayo sa Embahada ng Pilipinas sa Singapore upang mabigyan po ng karampatang kasagutan ang inyong katanungan. Salamat po.

  21. Ask ko LNG po Sa lahat dto at pati na rin Sa mga taga (POEA) ksi naka kuha na ako ng oec pero SBI HND NLA nabigay ang oec ko noong pomunta ako Sa embassy dto Sa Singapore SBI NLA send na LNG daw Sa email ko.kyo nakalimutan ko ang password ask ako forget password pero til now wlng link na send Sa email ko..anu po dpat gawin

    1. Yes nagsesend ang system nila ng link ng oec sa email mo. Pero before ka kumuha ng OEC, may profile kana bang ginawa sa BMOnline website?

      If meron, login ka tapos punta ka sa transaction at makikita mo ang oec mo dun na may validity na 60days from the date na kumuha ka.

      1. Wow, salamat ng marami sa pagbibigay ng kaliwanagan sa ating kababayan Jerry. Medyo napabayaan ko mag blog. But I am back hihi. Greetings from Cappadocia 🙂

  22. hi…paano po ba to…nong tuesday kumuha aq ng oec…at nasend nga po nila thru mail nong naprint ko na ang position na nakalagay is manager…..( eh helper lang naman po aq d2….bakit naman po ganon nangyare..lahat naman ng details ko andon sa knila

  23. hi here…I applied oec then got ut po nong tuesday…en then send nga nila thru mail…en print ko kagabi nakita ko nong naprint na ang nakalagay sa position ko is manager…(eh im working naman po here sa sg bilang helper…..paano naman po un

    1. Try nyo pong mag-login sa BMOnline website ( tapos click mo ang “Profile” na menu sa kanan, tapos makikita mo ang “2. Contract Particulars” section at sa kanan nun may “Edit” na menu. Click mo yun, tapos magiging editable ang mga fields at pwede mong baguhin ang “Position” mo kapag na-edit mo na, click mo ang “Save Changes”

      Tapos punta ka sa “Transaction” menu sa baba nung “Profile” menu sa left side ng web site.
      Hanapin mo ang OEC na gusto mong iprint at i-check mo kung nagbago ang Position mo from Manager to your particular work.

      Ang alam ko, yung employer ang hindi mo mababago kasi validated at controlled nila yan

      Sana makatulong

      1. valid pa po ba un kahit na print out ko na…kc po sabi nila once na print na nakikita na nila na nakuha mo na ung oec d na xa pwdng iedit?

      2. Hi Verlyn,

        For the record, tiningnan ko muna ang Position ko sa profile ko tapos nagpunta ako ng Transaction > OEC, so same din ang nakalagay.

        Tapos, inedit ko ang “Position” ko to “Magtataho” tapos sinave ko. Nagpunta ulit ako ng Transaction > OEC (yung pinaka-last sa huli yung latest). Click ko ang “PRINT OEC” at ayun asa OEC ko “Magtataho” ang position ko hehehehe

        So, pwedeng ma-update natin ang position. kaya no worries at still valid sya. Yung validity ng OEC e hindi natin mababago still 60 days from the date nung inapply mo sya sa embassy or POEA.

      3. walang kaso kung ilang beses mo syang dinownload.

        kahit marami kang kopya, pero isang beses mo lang sya magagamit. pero yung download walang restriction

      4. cge po..tinanong ko na rin ung frend ko na working sa agency..un din ung sinabi ko tulad ng sayo…pero badly iba din sagot nya sabi nya d pwd dahil naprint na at one time lang daw pwd….thats ngdecide aq pumasok here….

    2. Pwedeng i-print ng maraming beses kung ilan gusto mo, Pero ONE TIME USAGE Lang at hindi mo na ulit pwedeng gamitin for the second time kahit within 60 days pa ang sunod na gamit mo.

      Kahit sampung kopya ang dala mo 2-3pcs lang kailangan sa airport kapag paalis kana ng pinas.

      By the way, dati 3pcs pinapiprint nila kasi isa sa POEA validation, isa sa Bayaran ng Terminal Fee tapos yung isa tatatakan sa Immigration. Pero nung last time na umuwi ako, isang kopya lang hinahanap sa akin. Pero better to have 3 copies, alam mo naman sa pinas walang proseso.

      Paki-check na lang sa friend mo kung sino nagsabi na hindi na ulit pwedeng iprint, parang misleading info yun

      1. Hi Jerry, thank you for acting as a moderator. I’m happy to see this has been an active platform to exchange ideas and help our fellow folks somehow. Hope they will continue to find useful information here 🙂

      2. Hi Mafey,

        It so happen na nakasubscribe ako dito, kaya everytime na may new comment narereceive ko sa email.

        Tsaka, mahirap din naman kasi yung hindi mo alam ang gagawin mo lalo na malayo ka sa pinas at government agency ang ka-deal mo. hahaha

        I saw the news yung isang OFW na gumastos ng 26K para sa return ticket kasi on the spot sila kukuha ng OEC sa Kalibo airport yata, it so happen na walang nag-iissue ng OEC sa airport.

        Lesson learned na lang din sa lahat na, dito pa lang kumuha na kayo or prior to your flight going home. Mahirap magbaka sakali sa pinas kumuha. kasi mas malaking abala pa, may nakakasabay din akong kababayan nating DH na kalokohan ng POEA sa NAIA Terminal 3, pinapupunta pa sya sa POEA Ortigas para iverify ang docs, e that night yung flight nya.

    1. Hi Mariou, if you’re referring sa lumang OEC (yung mukhang resibo na may puti at green slip) no need sa pic..

      Pero yung bagong OEC via bmonline, i think needed ang picture. Madali lang naman yun, upload ka ng picture sa bmonline profile mo then re-print mo lang ulit ang OEC mo.

      Same din if meron kang correction sa name, position, etc (pwera Company Name, kasi hindi sya pwedeng i-edit)

  24. Hi, ask ko lang po everytime po ba na kukuha ng bagong oec sa bmonline kailangan po ba mag upload uli ng bagong picture? Thank you in advance

    1. Paging “Chok!” – Jerry The Explorer :), appreciate if you can help respond to the queries of the 3 ladies related to OEC. Thanks kabayan!

      Pasensya na po nga ate, hindi po ako updated sa OEC sa ngayon since I am currently not working, there might have been some changes that I may not be aware of. Chok, could be of help.

      1. Mafey, umuwi kana ng pinas? I’ll answer their questions hanggat alam kong sagutin hehehehe

      2. Hi Jerry, umuwi ako sa Pinas last week ng May and stayed until first week of June. At hindi pa ulit ako nakakauwi hangga ngayon hehe kaya hindi ako sigurado if there were changes pertaining to obtaining and processing of OEC

        Paki-accommodate na lang ang katanungan ng ating kababayang si Ross – about OEC pending status – kung iyong nababatid ang kasagutan 🙂

        May tanong din ako eh hihi. Wala bang official blog ang Philippine Embassy Singapore, let say – All You Need To Know About OEC or OEC Frequently Asked Questions, where our fellow folks could write in/ ask directly their queries and clarifications so that they can get response timely and rightly? I mean, we are here to help and share about our experience but then we are not the authority. Perhaps this is one thing our embassy could look into to improve the flow and exchange of information AND the dissemination of information.

      3. Mafey, wag ka ng umaasa na gagawa ng very impormative steps para dito. Mas ok pa ang blogs ng individual mas reliable kesa sa steps nila na magulo. lol

        Kahit tawagan mo ang Embassy dito sa SG, parang 1% chance na sagutin nila ang tawag mo.

        Yan din problema ko sa SSS ko, until now hindi ko ma-aaccess ang website, pero nareretrieve ko naman ang password ko kapag nag-forgot password ako. hindi ko alam baka may nagki-claim na . tsk tsk tsk

    2. Hi Yessy, once you uploaded a picture in your bmonline profile ok na yun, no need to re-upload again.. Pero take note mas ok if yung picture mo dun e yung most recent (atleast 3-5months ago) para naman kasing itsura mo yung picture once nagvalidate sila ng OEC…

  25. hello po,ask ko Lang Kung gaano katagal maprocess un oec pag nagbayad ka sa iremit by dragon pay sa lucky plaza?kc po nag bayad ako nun dec 5 nakareive ako ng email confirmation ng dec 7 nag check ako online pending p din status ng oec ko till today bakit kaya ganun? Matagal b talaga?

    1. Hi Ross,

      Hindi ko pa natatry magbayad thru i-remit, usually sa BDO Internet Banking ako nagbabayad na diretso sa DragonPay kasi in 15 minutes or less nakukuha ko na ang OEC ko at pwede ko ng i-print.

      If bayad kana at “PENDING” pa rin ang status, need mong i-verify yung transaction number sa DragonPay. Usually nagsesend ng email na andun ang link for verification. Check mo and step#6 sa BDO. I guess same steps if sa remittance center ka nagbayad, kuhanin mo ang last 6 digits ng Transaction Number nung nagbayad ka sa i-remit tapos yun ang ilagay mo sa verification, then click mo ang “Verify” button. Kapag successful, punta ka sa BMOnline at icheck mo ang status.. dapat ok na sya.

      For BDO Internet Banking, ito yung steps:

      So far, walang blog akong alam na related sa OEC na pwedeng maging reference ng OFW. Ito lang meron sila sa Phil Embassy web site:

  26. magtatanong lang, mageedit sana ako ng oec number kasi nakalagay sa contracting particulars sa OEC number nakalagay na “no assigned OEC number” click ko yung edit sa right side pag click ko walang nakalagay ng oec number hindi ko tuloy maiedit yung form, tapos narin akong magappointment saka magbayad sa poea sa ortigas ano po gagawin ko. sana matulungan nyo ko. salamat

    1. Hi Beth,
      Sa pagkakaalam ko, yung OEC number sa profile mo ay automatically na magkakaroon ng OEC Number kapag kumuha ka via BMOnline.

      Ano yung binayaran mo sa POEA ortigas? OEC or OWWA? If OEC yung binayaran mo, sinabi ba sayo na iprint mo na lang online?

      Take note, hindi lalabas ang OEC Number sa BMOnline profile mo if ang OEC e yung luma or yung mukhang resibo na may white at green slip.

      Check mo yung Transactions, kapag andun na yun OEC mo at ready for print. Same OEC number and lalabas sa Contract Particulars mo at hindi mo na kailangan i-update yun. 🙂

  27. Agree with you… we sacrifice working away from our families and this is we got from our government!!!… All the hazzle and unnecessary bulls@#!… we only have a very few precious days to spend with our families on our vacation and we end up doing all this non sense… we are very much willing to pay for whatever fu@! they want BUT please make it efficient and don’t waste our time!!!

    1. Kalma lang po kabayan. I hear you.
      Let’s hope for the best that the upcoming election in our country would enable us to choose a better leader, a competent one, someone who actually walk his/ her talk and who upholds the highest good – summum bonum. Fingers crossed.

  28. Panu ko mareappoinment ang schedule ng oec ko,kc maaga akong ng online,january 18,2016 ang uwi ko ay april 2,so sbi ng fren ko maaga so d na ako ngtuloy,now mag online ulit ako ng new appointment ang lalabas ay pending appointment panu kaya ito?sana matulungan nyo ako salamat po!!!

    1. Kung paano ka nag-appointment dati, ganun pa rin.. yung Jan 18 mong appointment expired na yun. Pero mas ok kung hindi ka makakapunta sa appointment mo, i-Cancel mo na lang muna sya kesa sa “No Show” ka..

      Nag-aappointment ka kasi first time mong kumuha ng OEC?

  29. Hello po.ask ko lang if pano kung ngprint ako ng OEC pero ndi naprint ung picture. Pwede po bang lagyan na Lang ng picture

    1. Login ka ulit sa BMOnline, then sa profile mo upload ka ng pic then re-print mo ulit yung OEC mo

  30. Uuwi po ako ngaun dec,, at valid pa ung oec paper ko lakukuha ko lng ngaun taon kc umuwi dn ako nung mayo 2016,, klangan pba kumuha ng exit pass? Kc sbi e my new rules n ngaun n wla oec kpg babalik k s same employer,, i work 10yrs in one employer,,

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