Happy New Year! :) 100-Post & What It Taught Me

Happy 2014!The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.–John Dewey

Perseverance. Since, I set the goal, I tried my best to keep determined even during those times when I feel like not posting anything. I pushed myself too hard. I persevere.

Endurance. Many times I lost patience, due to limited time I have to set aside to sit down and gather my thoughts to come up with a post written from the heart. Other times, it’s the limited internet connectivity and other outside disturbances. But, I endure.

Discipline.  I learned to do things even when there are times I lost interest in doing it. Blogging requires discipline. It is essential to find a regular time to do blogging and not only when it is convenient.

Ownership. I’ve learned to acquire a sense of ownership. I can just abandon it and left blogging forever. Am not getting any bucks from it anyway. But when I go back to the reason why I blog in the first place, a sense of responsibility returns.


 Things I should NOT have done but I did anyway, out of necessity.

Quality should NEVER be compromised with quantity. I always go for quality post (to me it is something subjective). When I pour too much of myself in a post (even if it may not come out perfectly) I am happy because I know it has a touch of myself.


There are some posts, I did because I felt pressured that I might NOT reach the 100-Post I set out. I have a list of titled posts lined up but ended up in the draft box because of very limited time I have for blogging. I apologize for it.

Publish a few posts in a day but NIL in other days or weeks. I think the readers and followers are not happy when it is like this. Even me, I want regularity. I lost some followers… either they are not interested anymore or they might have reached a point of boredom or monotony.


Things I should DO but still not doing, until now.

Blog hop. Visiting other blogs to interact, exchange ideas, share information and just to meet bloggers of similar interest. I don’t intend to be self-absorbed by being fixated in my own blog. I hope for your compassion that for me blogging at this moment – is a hobby, a part time hobby.

Read tips to improve writing, gain readers, or learn more about tweaking. Yes, I am not a techy-savvy person. Apologies that until now, I could not put the badge of the National Library Board – Singapore Memory Project. They have sent me an email a few months back. I tried it but I was unable to. I need to seek assistance from some of my blogger friends.


For my dear readers, followers and friends who never get tired supporting this blog, I wish to let you know that I appreciate every time you will like or post a comment – these are like my trophy for those sleepless night I was sitting staring at a blank wall, typing whatever words that would give meaning, life and light to any post that would come up without planning what it is going to be in the first place.

 For those readers who are writing me and/ or posting their questions or giving compliments, thank you. It is my pleasure to be of help even in little ways. For the confidence that you put in those posts I have published related to visa, passport and the likes, I am learning too and get new information from you. Thank you.

I wish everyone a great year ahead of 2014! Long live my fellow free-spirited explorers! 🙂Happy New Year!!! 2014!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! :) 100-Post & What It Taught Me

  1. happy new year! I’m just as guilty not posting as regularly in my blog. Hopefully we’ll have a great blogging rich 2014 ahead of us!

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