The Unwavering Message of the Season is… L O V E

Love and kindness are never wasted

That at the core of humanity is goodness. For the time being, I thought of sharing about snippets of daily living and suspend temporarily about what had happened in the past. Travels.

Just a few minutes back, am almost half my way back home from the East Coast. Cycling on the last midnight of 2013. Since I started with a new job I had not cycle for quite sometime.

I decided to drop by quickly at the 24 hours shop to check some stuff my friends and I would be needing for our upcoming charity activity in the next weekend. My bicycle metal pedal all of a sudden broke and I could not fix it. It’s close to 2am and obviously no bicycle shops are open at this very unholy hour. I was approached by 2 gentlemen and without saying a word help out, they took their mechanic tools and in a matter of minutes they were able to fix my bike. I cannot underestimate their kind gesture – they can just ignore me and go on with their usual business. But they stop, walk towards my direction and help. I’ve known them as Sha and Reuben whom I’ve seen their ID’s from the Singapore’s national carrier. I shyly thank them and greet them a Happy New Year! Long live good samaritans!


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