Local Scene: Little India – After the Riot at the Racecourse Road

2013-12-10 18.48.23_ A colorful house at the Little India.

11.12.13 – Everything seems back to normal after the riot that took place on Sunday, 08.12.13. Except the  selling of liquors and alcohol were banned in the area.2013-12-10 18.41.28_I can’t believe what I am reading, seeing the photos and watching the videos at the riot’s that happened at Little India. Considering how strict laws in Singapore are. I couldn’t reconcile such thing to happen.2013-12-10 18.39.25_I was at our client’s office the whole day yesterday, as soon as I leave the vicinity, I’ve seen people stopping by at this place. A photo of an Indian construction worker who was hit by the bus and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. One of the note says:

“RIP to Sakthivel, Thank you for sacrificing your time away from home to be part of Singapore’s development. We appreciate you and we are sorry to lose you in the most tragic way.” -Singaporeans Against RACISM

I was stunned and couldn’t move. I tried to control my emotion but I can’t help broke into tears. I offered a prayer of peace for his soul… and a prayer to all the accused workers who were involved in the riot.

It is understandable to express dismay and anger to the so called “foreign workers” who caused disruption of peace and harmony in this quiet little red dot. On the contrary, if one will look at the not so obvious – and tried to cull out the underlying cause or causes for such violent act – then maybe, just maybe, it would stop the ranting of the people.


I stayed for a little longer, stopped at an Indian Resto – ordered Nasi Goreng (spicy yellow rice with mix veggies, egg & meat) and Teh (milk tea). I wanted to pulse the place. Then walked around and saw those colorful houses. I’ve seen for the first time. This little red dot never cease to amuse me. As if I am tourist :-).

I stayed longer than I expected as there was a big television screen (near the narrow alley street of shop houses, restaurants and hotels) covering the Memorial Service of late Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013). As I listened from the family representative General Thanduxolo Mandela, the only line that I remember was that – “Harmony prevails…” And that is my wish for this little red dot.

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