Maf-Featured: A Singaporean Act of Kindness

Samsung Galaxy S2This is a story of integrity at its best. I lost my phone last weekend. The funny thing was I have no idea I lost it until I got home. I have to call a colleague for our company’s event that day and I couldn’t find my phone! I just realized I lost it somewhere! Things flashed back in my memory as fast as it can as if scanning where I could have possibly lost it. I hurried back to few places I’ve been – mall, shops, super market…yes, I know I am more or less certain I left it in a mall at the toilet! As expected it wasn’t there. I am very nervous – if ever I would not have it back, I just want to get my sim, my contacts – for all I care I could get a new phone. I found myself asking strangers to dial my number, thank heaven it was ringing! I was surprised to hear a reassuring voice from the other side giving me direction to go up to level 3 and approach the Customer Service. I felt instantly relieved! The friendly Malay Officers asked me to dial my number, am so happy to hear my phone under their care :-D. I asked them if they know the person and the contact of the person who have found my phone. I quickly dial the number and at the other line, I’ve heard a soft voice of a young woman I’ve known as –

Ms Johanna Lee from 45 Cheviot Hill.

I briefly introduced myself and told her I sincerely appreciate that she found and handed my phone to the Customer Service. At the very least, I didn’t have the slightest idea I would have it back. I sincerely thanked her from the bottom of my heart!

I sent her home a personalized Thank You card, a little gesture, I know I would never have repaid her act of kindness. It would have been a different story if I lost it somewhere else.

You know, what is amazing is I have almost lost my phone a few times this year:

1) January 2013. Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines. After spelunking at Sumaging cave, we had a stop at one of the place where you can have a very scenic view of Bontoc Rice Terraces to take post card perfect photo. I had no idea my phone has slide from my pocket. I learned I lost it when I get back to the hostel. When we return to the jungle, thank goodness it’s still there!

2) August 2013, New Road GuestHouse, Bangkok, Thailand. I was already at the Hua Lamphong Station going to take the sleeper train for Vientiane when I realized I left it charging at the lobby of the guesthouse where I stayed. I asked the cab driver that we hurried back as fast as we can because I might not see my phone anymore, at the same time I might miss my train to Laos!

3) November 2013. Singapore. You just read a feel good story :-D. Isn’t it my lucky phone?? Or am I just lucky!? 😛 You decide!


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