Local Scene: RUN TO BUILD

GK Fun Run 2013 1There are soO many things I have to be thankful for. One of this is what I am doing at this very moment – to finally find the time to write down my thoughts and share what is happening lately. Happy I can visit my blog again 😉 given my busy schedule and new routine – Am still on the look eyeing for a 100-post before this year ends :-). So thank you for your patience and continued support for the times I had not been visible.

Joining a fun run has been quite part of my lifestyle. Doing it for a cause may seem a little more noble. But these are small things shall I count the blessing that keeps pouring in of late: my miraculous (Lost&Found) phone; a congratulatory card from the Headhunter who recruited me to where I am currently at (plus 1-year free movie pass – I have to get used to watching movies :)); an MOM letter sending my new working pass; a wedding invitation at Sentosa Cove from a new colleague; postcards from traveling friends….Yes, I love receiving post cards as much as I love sending and writing postcards for my family and friends every time am on the road. And for being able to go for a 3-week vacation visiting Hong Kong & Macau and going back home seeing my family and friends before returning to work again!!

On a serious note, I unreservedly felt the need to rest my heart. Full stop.

So last Sunday, I tried to ignore my sleepiness and put my alarm to 5.45am to run for the 5km and 10km Fun Run organized by the Gawad Kalinga or GK Singapore – where proceeds will go for typhoon Haiyan victims. Followed by about 3 km walk from East Coast Lagoon to Parkway Parade after feasting ourselves with heavy brunch. Then I cycled in the evening! I managed to get to work the next day. Early 🙂 despite the pains of my thighs that caused me to walk like a handicap. I should go for a massage this weekend! 😛

Friends, should you wish to receive a post card from me – you may send your message privately and I will send you soon!  This is my little way of saying thanks 🙂

Here are some of the photos of the Fun Run Marathon I’ve participated for the last 3 years. The snaps are from Vincent Martin, Ms Fatima Soriano and Mr Or Ah Seng – thank you.

GK Fun Run 2013
GK Fun Run for Typhoon Haiyan Victims 2013
RACE Against Cancer 2012
RACE Against Cancer 2012
SAFRA Fun Run Marathon 2011
SAFRA Fun Run Marathon 2011

I hope to run for 1 more post today! Please stay tune! 😀

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