The Aftermath of Yolanda: A Small Tribute To My Fellows – A Moment of Silence

Quiapo Church, ManilaA photo that depicts a typical day for Filipinos… a daughter helping her mother in the groceries… a father taking care of his child while manning the fruit stand.

Faces of nameless people seemed to be gathered together within the church vicinity and at the wet market. They were there for different reasons but for one purpose: to live.

Quiapo Church, Manila. I took this photo the day before I left Philippines from my recent visit. I never thought in a matter of days a super typhoon Yolanda would come and leave an unimaginable havoc to my fellow folks from the Visayas region.

In times like these, aside from in cash and in kind donations – prayers and words of encouragement are what we can extend best to them. While some remote areas are still impassable to bring in relief goods and medicines; while they will be needing the basics – food, shelter and clothing; in the long run I hope there will be groups or organizations who will give counseling, sort of spiritual guidance and support to help build the lives of my fellows get back together again.



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