Hong Kong: For The First Time

Hong Kong

Do you continue the journey when the reason for doing so is no longer there?

It was a simple question that I asked myself a few times but I have had a hard time answering. Because I find it complicated. Because there was something going on inside myself that made it complicated. For some personal reason, I almost cancelled my trip. In the end, it was good (enough) that I pushed through.

I tried to be extremely cautious so I would be more finesse in expressing my thoughts and giving my opinion. I was happy though that I had chance to experience the local’s hospitality in spite of some nuances and annoying experiences I had.

Several friends were asking me: how are you liking Hong Kong? How did you find it? My answer is almost standard. “Am not sure if I like it. The city is beautiful in a chaotic way. I prefer and much enjoyed its suburbs.”

Mongkok. Ladies Market
Mongkok. Ladies Market
Hong Kong Island from Dragon's Back Ridge
Hong Kong Island from Dragon’s Back Ridge
All time busy street of Nathan Road
All time busy street of Nathan Road
A private residence away from the hustle and bustle of city
A private residence away from the hustle and bustle of city life

The beauty of a place to me does not merely involve its impressive building architecture and structural design nor the local food that I would devour to satisfy my cravings . I always include its people, how they behave in public, how they treat foreigners and tourists visiting their city. Giving an overall vibes is something innate to us human  I think. I have to applaud Hong Kong has an excellent transport system and the Customer Service at the Tourist Information Centre at the airport is simply superb. Imagine traveling without doing any research to your place of destination nor had booked any accommodation and you are arriving at night. It can be a disaster. But no. The day I arrive everything was a breeze and it was really easy for me to find a place and where to stay. Thanks for the excellent service of the lady at the Tourist Information Centre! I had everything I need that made things easy for me.

Despite feeling the lowliness of my spirit as I mentioned I come close to canceling my trip as the viewed necessity becomes unnecessary. However, If I did that I wouldn’t be able to break the invisible wall and find out what caused rifts between Filipinos and Hong Kong people… I am not saying that I am making a difference but a little effort to reach out to them I think does make sense.

Meeting a few amazing locals whom I made friends with whom volunteered themselves to show me HK Off-the-beaten-path and kept my company while in HK; a great conversation with someone who does not share the same views as I am but I could give my utmost respect for some disturbing and intriguing way of life.

From this travel, I would like to draw two (2) posts from which a rough title in my head goes like this:

1) A Singaporean in Hong Kong. As my blog now is part of the national initiative for Singapore Memory Project, I wish to contribute a story about my encounter with a humble expat Singaporean who lives in Hong Kong; and

2) Hong Kong Off-The-Beaten-Path: An easy trek to Dragon’s Back Ridge. It was a beautiful experience of HK suburbs and a great time with a local who offer a different kind of living and  who taught me and gave a spontaneous training about photography using DSLR 🙂 its aperture, shatter, lighting, focus etc.

I wish to outline it here so it won’t slip in my memory. I have a target to reach 100-post before this year ends :). Might as well a good thing to write it here so I would be constantly reminded. Though, I find that keeping a blog while on the road is rather a more tedious task. I will be semi-settled again soon anyway.

Artwork installed adjacent from the Avenue of Stars
Artwork installed adjacent from the Avenue of Stars

Thanks for reading and for following! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong: For The First Time

  1. I agree, sometimes it’s local people that you meet on the course of your travel makes it more memorable.

    When we travel to BKK two weeks ago, I recalled about your post in doing spontaneous trip contrary to a tiring-boring detail trip. We’re so glad that we did it even though we haven’t covered much of Bangkok, but there’s enough more reason to come back.

    100th post challenge would be easy breezy for you Maf!

    1. Sharing from my experience, the case has always been meeting the locals and travelers-alike makes the journey more memorable. I have mentioned in some previous post that seeing the most beautiful landmark of a country or city would mean nothing to me if not for the people I meet along the way.

      There’s always more reason to come back to BKK 🙂

      Haha, keeping my fingers crossed for 100-post Sky! I really appreciate your encouragement! Thank you!

  2. Ate Mafey! I’m an avid follower now :-). I hope you will blog about our recent adventure in Palawan :-). Thanks for the birthday treat! 😀 Be safe always sissy!

    1. Haha! Thank you sister! I take note of your request :-). You’re welcome it’s a little way of catching up and bonding time as we didn’t get to see each other that often. Take care always sissy!

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