Captured Scene: Dusk, Palawan, Philippines

a trek on the way up to Mt Tapyas...
A trek on the way up to Mt Tapyas…the view is indeed rewarding 🙂

I was having dinner with a friend when our conversation suddenly shifted about my post in Bangkok, Thailand.

Friend:  Interesting post. Aren’t you putting your country in a bad light?

Me: What do you mean? Ahhh… that post.

Friend:  You know how much I am fond of your country. Been there a few times… and the experience is always awesome!

Me: Yeah, thanks for that. (Deep sigh). I have no intention. They are facts. Realities are neither good nor bad you know. There isn’t a perfect country. And I am most troubled about the killing and injustices proliferating around. It shouldn’t happen by any means. It angered me.

(Short pause) I added, for us Filipinos, it takes an ounce of humility to change our crook ways…

We suddenly both fell in silence and immediately shifted the topic to the recently concluded F1 Race from which I have the slightest interest.



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