Travel Mishaps 101: NZ Immigration on Alleged Violation of Biosecurity Act 1993

New Zealand ImmigrationInception of my travel mishaps series ;-). Let’s start the ball rolling.

I admit, from time to time, I am still guilty of adopting Machiavellian ethics: The end justifies the means.

Pagdating kasi sa usapin ng trabaho ayaw kong nagpapanggap pero hindi naman tatanggapin ang rason kung sasabihin ang totoo. Kaya nung nakaraang Sabado sa kalagitnaang ng pagpupulong kinailangan kong tumakas sa tulong ng isang kasabwat na kaibigan. Hindi ko na elaborate kung ano ginawa ko ;-). Pero kailangan kong umalis para dumalo sa ilang personal na obligasyon. Ito nga ay ang libreng seminar tungkol sa migrasyon sa New Zealand. Bagama’t hapon na ko nakabalik at wala akong ma-irason sa pagsita sa akin ng aking pinuno, sabay tikom bibig na parang napipi, malakas ang kabog ng dibdib, nandun ang takot, eto yung mga pagkakataon kailangan talaga kapalan ng mukha. By sharing this, I am not encouraging to influence in any negative way nor am I trying to prove anything or saying that my ways are right and the other is wrong.

Yes, in spite of my unpleasant experience at the immigration. I still find New Zealand an ideal place to live and to settle down. I attended the free seminar to seek first and foremost if my unresolved case could affect if I push through with the plans.

In this specific post, I wish to share with you dear readers about my unfortunate experience at the NZ immigration. I don’t mean to incite any anger or rage or whatever. It is my hope that others would learn something from what had happen to me so that, you, my fellow travelers would not have to encounter unnecessary travel mishaps. Especially, for women explorers who are traveling alone. To minimize mishaps (if not totally prevented) for a more enjoyable travel.

Biosecurity Act 1993

The Ministry for Primary Industries administers the Biosecurity Act. It provides a legal basis for excluding, eradicating and effectively managing pests and unwanted organisms, and its powers can be variously used by MPI, other government agencies, regional councils and pest management agencies. It is an enabling tool that provides a range of functions, powers and options for the management of risk organisms.

Excerpted from: If you wish to learn more about it, just click the link.

My Unfortunate Experience

Apologies if I couldn’t go with the details as it was still sort of like a mental torture to me every time I look back at that incident. I will however share the exchange of letters below from the Ministry for Primary Industries/ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and my formal response.


I was able to get out from the immigration after more than an hour. My host had patiently waited for me outside the arrival area. I was still crying like a child, my host then offered to talk to the Immigration Officers, but I gently turned down and tried to down play that things weren’t really that serious, that everything was manageable. Truth was my fears were eating me inside. I was still in shock. I just want to go back home and forget about everything exploring NZ. The excitement turned into total horror! I don’t intentionally wish to share with my host the burden I have had at the immigration but I couldn’t hide my dismay. It’s more than enough for me through them to have experience what it’s like to live like a local – the Kiwi way of life.

The Letters

Here’s the letter from the Ministry for Primary Industries. My case was scrutinized in a very objective way that whatever motion for reconsideration I would have requested would be of no use.Ministry for Primary Industries (1of2)Ministry for Primary Industries (2of2)

And here was my response. Re-reading about it again after a year. It was very emotional, full of anger, frustration and angst. It was written in a very subjective way. Although, admittedly, I am in a losing position and in a lose-lose situation. My intention was to bring the message across that not all Asians that they try to profile would give in to their ridiculous demands and uncalled-for treatment just because of color, race or country they are from.Response to Ministry for Primary Industries

Up next to Travel Mishaps 101: “Overstay” in Schengen Country 😦

2 thoughts on “Travel Mishaps 101: NZ Immigration on Alleged Violation of Biosecurity Act 1993

  1. Shock!, I didn’t know you had this terrible experience in Kiwi Country Maf! I’m pretty sure trauma is an understatement. Geez the IO didn’t do his job properly, tsk tsk.

    1. Hindi ako nauubusan ng travel mishaps Sky hihi. My fault din ako sa part ko…lessons learned in a painful way. Thanks for visiting again! 🙂

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