At Home In Tioman :)

Maf is in Tioman!Smile!

It’s amazing how traveling allows us to see the world externally. But the most subtle it does is how it keeps changing me internally as a person. For the better always, I hope 😛 –Mafsoulechoes 101

Sometimes, perhaps, all we need is an abrupt change of environment to feel better. At the further east is my quiet sanctuary. Where I can slow down and let time pass on its own. Thanks to Vesak Day that falls on Friday! 🙂

2013-05-25 18.38.46I left my flat with a heavy heart and arrived at my extended home (Pulau Tioman) with a warmhearted welcome. I really thought no one knows me at this village. But I was surprise when I was walking at the narrow side road of Air Batang and the locals started to ask me why I didn’t return for so long. I just smile and nod at them.

I did nothing except to sleep at the hammock near the beach, read a bit, sleep, read again and sleep. It can’t get better than this when you have a friend who sponsors you for free snorkeling gears. So although, I plan to take my diving lesson in Palawan, I wish to plug B&J Diving Centre ( because a good friend of mine who grows to love living in an island in exchange of the luxurious life in Finland is on the third season now thriving wonderfully in Tioman.

And while plunging myself in the world of marine organisms, I can’t help but wonder whether fishes sleep at night or don’t they ever get tired of swimming all their life? Why don’t they fly or live in the land? Do they ever get stress? I know these seem stupid questions. I thought as humans we all have roles to play. Sometimes we get tired of it but the only way is to go on. Because that is what is most logical and what is expected from us by the society.

I take credit for this moment of quietude as it t enables me to see my current condition sensibly. I hear myself complaining a lot lately to the point that I missed out the fact that I contributed a lot to be in this open-ended situation.2013-05-25 19.06.48When my life is in chaos and I am too pre-occupied with worries and difficulties, I have the tendency to look right through the goodness of life and how grateful I should be where I am right now. It’s amazing how traveling allows us to see the world externally. But the most subtle it does is how it keeps changing me internally as a person. For the better always, I hope 😛

Terima kasih Pulau Tioman. Kiitos Sip for the gears and sumptuous dinner treat at Restoran Hijau. It’s always a pleasure having you tackle life details. I shall return :-).2013-05-25 19.09.09


Going to Tioman (The most affordable way, with comfortable couch but slightly longer journey).

Take bus (Transnational, S&S, Causeway link) at Larkin Bus Terminal in JB to Mersing. 12 ringgits. 2.5 – 3 hours travel time.

Take ferry (Blue Water Express Speed Ferry) at the Jetty to Tioman. 70 ringgits for 2-way. 2 – 2.5 hours travel time. The ferry stops from time to time, the backpackers place is at Air Batang, popularly known as ABC. I usually stay at Johan’s resort but there’s a lot of affordable chalet and cottages in the neighborhood.

Note: The ferry get a surcharge of 20 ringgits if you will take the early schedule at 6.30am. They collect a marine fee of 5 ringgits at the Jetty for conservation purposes. Sometimes when luck is on your side and you look like them they will not ask you to pay hihi.2013-05-25 18.49.46Last hurrah for summer! -Maf 😉

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