Sleepless Night Cycling: A Must Try :D

156513_10200898512845561_620127527_nI finished work half past six on a Saturday. Quickly went to my flat. Changed clothes, grabbed my bicycle and left. I just had a 35-minute warm up ;-).  Cycling from my place to a fast food resto to meet my friends over dinner before we head to the CS big event – ‘night cycling’ in this fancy little red dot of Singapura. I was extremely excited when I learned the route was from East Coast to Sentosa. It’s going to be 36 km! I never cycled that far. The farthest I had was a 21 km from East Coast to Changi Beach Coast last time.

I was surprised to see myself full of energy despite the tiredness I had from working whole day on a weekend! I think when you are into what you really love doing you can get tired yet you’re always high and full of enthusiasm.

My ass and legs were terribly aching after the event :-P. Among all cyclists, I believe I’ve pedaled the most as the circumference of my tire was rather small as I’m the only one who used a folding bike while the rest, of 102 participants took a mountain bike. But the surprising thing is that although am using a very ordinary bike I can cycle very fast and overtake most cyclists and make it to the first line ;-). I have to admit I quite enjoyed the obsequiousness I am getting (hihi). People I don’t know who approached me, teased me, congratulated me, saying they were amazed! ^^

It was certainly a fun sleepless night. You meet more like minded fellow adventurers. We had stops at Kallang Stadium, Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Vivo City, on the way back to the CBD – Merlion Statue and Kallang Leisure Park. We have left East Coast at 9.30pm and have reached back at 6.30am! Literally sleepless!! I think the most challenging part is when we have to carry our bicycles when passing by escalators at the Gardens By The Bay and at the Universal Studios. The Security Officer tried to stop us invading the USS as bicycles are not allowed but due to the huge influx of cyclists, he could not do anything. We’ve rested for a while near the shore of Palawan beach with the cold blowing wind accompanied with slow drizzles of rain.

Definitely a successful event. With some minor mishaps, like the girl who fell off suffered from leg cramps while going up from Palawan Beach on the way back passing by the Universal Studios. Made me really nervous, being an Occupational First Aider I have to be of help in times of emergencies like that. But unfortunately my training has left at the four corners of the room. I never had the chance to put into action in real life with exemption from those very light volunteer experience at the Red Cross. Sigh! Thanks for the bunch of these Malay guys who have first aid kit that made the situation alright. There were few who got problems with the chain and all, but all in all it was all-right! ALL IS GOOD! 😛

Everybody despite the physical tiredness were obviously happy and have had wide smiles 😀 😀 :-D.  It’s like as if you have conquered something. And you’ve made it to the finish line. There’s a feeling of a sense of accomplishment in a way. As for me, it brought clarity to my mind. I was able to come up with an important decision that I had to push through very soon.

Here are some of the photos I grabbed from friends. Thanks to Ces, Wani and Haoqi. Enjoy!!  2993_10200898518805710_515319660_nfrom haoqi485259_244491502363899_1824478875_n66894_10200898542806310_1497823488_n5482_10200898516925663_1348313405_n547922_10200898512325548_1224160382_nI will definitely join again for the next round! 🙂

Until next time!

Maf 😀


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