Sagada: Reservoir of Tranquility

Trek to HC!Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose, a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. –Mary Shelley

I cannot overemphasize the importance of stillness in our daily existence. Especially living in a fast paced environment where time slips swiftly.  When life is so much consumed with work, there is an enormous tendency to live out of balance. Therefore, living consciously on a day to day basis knowing and reminding the purpose why sometimes you have to take and accept immense responsibility is because you can do it. Knowing me as a life-aholic rather than work-aholic is quite surprising to find myself being able to work 8 days straight in my first week at work! Yes 8 days and still has a lot of stamina. My current job is incredibly demanding. It is very engaging and yet challenging at the same time. That if you miss one day, you miss a lot of work. While work is very doable as there is so much room for improvement and learning, re-learning and un-learning, it constantly poses mental and physical tiredness. Ergo, while I cannot do traveling at the moment, I will be traveling through photographs. This will be my source of reservoir of tranquility when the going gets tough. And the first thing that comes into my mind is Sagada :-).

May you feel the quiescence that these snapshots bring!Welcome to Sagada!Sagada - Resevoir of TranquilityPeace Sagada!Entrance to SagadaInside Sagada!

 About Sagada

It is a small town in the province of Mountain Province north of the Philippines, 275 km from Manila. The place garnered to be the cleanest town in the province. Known for its touristic scenery, you can do mountain climbing, walk through the “pilapil” of rice terraces, capture the early sunrise, visit the waterfalls and explore the Sumaguing cave. Sagada is astoundingly known for hanging coffins! The belief of the locals is that their early ancestors, when someone passed away they have to buried them in the cave or hang in the mountain so that the spirit will remain free. Unlike when you buried them in the soil, they won’t be able to breathe and the spirit is not free to move. I find it worth to contemplate that perhaps the spirit indeed lives forever.The hanging coffins!But the catch is, one can be qualified to be buried this traditional way if a person is married and have grandchildren.


Where I stay

I recommend Tita Mary’s Residential Lodge :-). Located at Dagdag, Sagada. Only P250/ pax per room. If you are traveling in 2, she offers the private room for only P400/ day. There is no dormitory in the residential lodge. Contact number +63 929 6257 419. Email


How to get there

From Manila to Sagada via Bontoc

Cable Tours at E. Rodriguez QC near Trinity College. Fare is P650. The bus leaves at 8pm daily. (12-hour journey)

Bontoc to Sagada. Fare is P40. Via jeepney from 7am – 5pm. (45 minutes journey)

From Sagada to Manila via Banaue and Baguio City

Sagada to Baguio City. The bus leaves from 8am to 3pm daily. Fare is P250. (5 hours journey)

Baguio City to Manila. Via Victory Liner. The bus leaves every hour. Regular fare is P450. (7 hours journey)locals + tourists

Until then!

Maftravelthrough-photography 😀

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