2013 UPDATES :)

Swimming with the whale sharks. Oslob, Cebu
Swimming with the whale sharks. Oslob, Cebu

Let me quote Ala’s Dos to whom I attribute my current state: “Everything is fleeting. Things change so much. I barely have time to capture life in words…

Of late, I’ve been receiving numerous messages… did I stop blogging? What happen after my EU backpacking? Where am I now? What I’ve been up into? And a few messages of encouragement to keep blogging… to continue what I have started.

With the Barbie girl from Penang, Malaysia
With the Barbie girl from Penang, Malaysia

I suspect, either they’re entertained by my snapshots 😉 or perhaps find valuable information from any of my posts :-).

Rice terraces. Ifugao, Philippines
Rice terraces. Ifugao, Philippines

Did I stop blogging?

I did not. I just rest :-).

To my dear readers, friends and to anyone who accidentally find my blog through yahoo, bing or google search engine – welcome! 😀

Inside Sumaguing cave. Sagada, Philippines
Inside Sumaguing cave. Sagada, Philippines

I am here. Sometimes silent. No reaction. Other times totally shy away from the virtual reality. Rest assure though that I will continue to share my tales as a free-spirited explorer :).

Despite the fact that I am not a techy savvy, do you know that I am always happy to see the “Stats” of my site having a daily visitors ranging from 65 – 90 and views from 127 up to 155? I think for someone who’s not promoting a blog, this can be considered as more than satisfactory? I am happy to be of help. I take those quality posts I’ve written as my free contribution to the world ;-). I aspire to write more in future.

Farmer plowing with the carabao - the Philippines national animal
Farmer plowing with the carabao – the Philippines national animal

I noticed too, that although I could not regularly update my blog, Maftravelgraphy followers keep on growing. It maybe sluggish, unhurried and yet, rising. As long as you are there, I will stay. And will continue even if no one’s around 😉 Thank you all. A big hug from me 😀

My followers haha They're running! Cebu, Philippines
My followers haha! They’re running! Cebu, Philippines

So what happen after my 2012 EU Backpacking?

I thought 2013 for me will be just pure work. I thought I will slowdown traveling. I thought I will just make short trips, like over the weekend trip to Vientiane, Jakarta, Bangkok or Hong Kong. Work will be my priority. But I realized when you start something, there is no stopping.

I briefly spent a couple of days in Singapore in the New Year after returning to Asia (for work interview) and head back to Philippines shortly. Got rested at least for a week (as per Doctor’s advice).

Mountain Province, Philippines
Mountain Province, Philippines

Yes, I desire to take a vacation from traveling. Like, just staying in one place for a time being and not go anywhere, to rest my relentless spirit, to be still. But only to find myself in the succeeding weeks traversing the north part of the Philippines, taking a 12-hour bus ride from Manila to Sagada in the Mountain province. Passing by Banaue and Baguio on the way back. In the following week, I find myself flying to the Queen City of the south – Cebu.

With Madir at Oslob, Cebu
With Madir at Oslob, Cebu. Philippines

I have traveled with my mother on her birthday. And by end of January I headed back to Singapore to attend  a graduation ceremony. Despite the difficulty that I’ve encountered from my own airport, for denying me to board, thank God I still made it to the ceremony.


However, it saddened me when several work opportunities that I was looking forward including the offer from the Headhunt who called me overseas all the way to Cebu turned out to be indefinite. Another work opportunity that I thought almost forgotten eventually turned out to be okay. By the time, it was February.

With my dream car at Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia
With my dream car 😀 at Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia
KK river
KK river, Malaysia

And where am I now? What I’ve been up into?

I am back where I had started. From which most of my dreams have had happened and continuously happening. As a good friend puts it: Mafs, Welcome back to Singapore! :). And oh, for the third time returning to Singapore this year, the Immigration Officer greeted me the same: Welcome back to Singapore again ah :).

It’s a Saturday today. But it’s a Monday to me. Marks my official return to work (after almost six months of not working hihi). So help me God, to treat work as if travel! 😀

Swimming with the whale sharks. Oslob, Cebu
Swimming with the whale sharks. Oslob, Cebu. Philippines


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    1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Boo! I so appreciate the conversation we had. You have no idea how it made me feel better afterwards. And thank you for reminding me that you left a comment here :-). Am just so0 consumed with work these days that I could not check my blog more often. Thank you for facilitating to bring clarity to my concerns. And thank you for your visit! 😀

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