Portugal: A spur-of-the-moment decision

TRAVEL NOTES 101. Lisbon. 4.39pm

Dear Maftravelgraphy,

I believe it is high time to express my gratitude to you. Do you know you’re like a canvas where the dreams I’m trying to paint are one by one coming true? I’m thankful for those people I don’t even know who find you valuable. I have met several uber awesome people through you whom I have made really good friends with. We are like fabric connected to one another where each just gets better everyday.I have to let our friends keep updated.

So there, my impulse as a super spontaneous person took place once again. Where I was supposed to visit Seville in Andalucia towards the south of Spain, my eyes was quick enough when I saw Lisbon and I thought why not visit Portugal? I had visited several cities of Spain anyway so I think it’s a good try. And I’m just glad that I did.  A part of me in fact, wish I hope I am living here! Aside from a good climate. Friendly atmosphere. This is the only city in Europe I had visited so far where beaches and mountains are just train away. I’m always happy when I’m close to nature, you know :-P.So I will be back to Madrid tomorrow. Return to Paris the next day. Travel to north of France in the succeeding day to start with WWOOF. I have not figured out exactly how my life would be like once I’m there. But just as I have always wanted: to live simply. Pursuing only the things that matter over worldly goals. I think I will have a great time there. Oh, I look forward to learning new language and get myself involve in the conversational skills!By the way, I saw a note from a piece of paper inserted in the book of John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes that when you manage to be true and humble in your vulnerabilities, life always come to bless you. Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂

Useful Portuguese words/ phrases I’ve learned:

Bom dia – Good morning

Por favor – Please

Obrigado – Thank you

De nada – You’re welcome

Ola – Hello!

Adeus – Bye!

Prazer – Nice to meet you 🙂

Beautiful – Belo 😀Obrigado – Lisbon, Portugal! Until we meet again! 😛

Mafey 😀



15 thoughts on “Portugal: A spur-of-the-moment decision

  1. Hola mafs, so you’re hopping all over Europe eh? ganda! by the way, add na kita sa FB at then I can post my previous email (the one got lost in cyberspace there) sa iyo. by the way, I stumbled something here in Chile entirely by accident pagkatapos luckily, you might be the person to answer it. Have fun in Portugal! Naku, I’ll pull my hair out if my invite in FB gets lost too

  2. Wow, Portugal! Aside from my obvious fascination with Brazil, I also love Portugal because of their same language. Although I can’t speak their language fluently but I can sing them well in the bathroom. Wanna hear?

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