Thank You, Singapore

Thank you for you were not only a place where my professional growth took place. More than anything else, this is where my dreams were realized and most of them came true. All the experiences, the good and the bad only shaped me to be a better person.

*Celebrating My 5th-year Living Overseas*

Time flies really fast. I arrived here in September 2007. With the sole purpose of plunging myself for a new adventure. Little did I know that I would experience much more than I expected in my barely 2.5 weeks.

Moving forward.

Fast forward.

So many details were left in obscurity. Perhaps everything will only make sense when this (not so) ordinary day to day existence would be turned into a book.


That’s one of the enormous life projects that is yet to be conceived. Β And so marks my 5th-year, I will be living a (temporary) nomad life.

*My Bucket List Before I Leave Singapore*

Technically speaking, I am a tourist now since I surrender my working pass. So I leave to that being a traveler. I took a list of what I wanted to do and experience before I leave Singapore. I realized I wrote it on 16.09.2012 the exact date when I arrived in this fancy little red dot of South East Asia.

1) Catch a beautiful sunset along Dunman Road

2) Cycle to the city one more time… :-))

3) Participate with the Red Cross if there is any upcoming activity between the period that I am still around

4) Spend time to capture anything interesting at Gardens by the Bay

5) Hike at McRitchie Reservoir with Mars and Co. πŸ˜€

6) Trek to Bukit Timah Reserve

7) Visit the Kranji Memorial War

8) Take a day off to Sentosa and swim at Siloso, Tanjong and Palawan beaches

9) Attend Yoga by the Sea

10) Challenge myself once again to cycle from coast to coast (East Coast to Changi Coast)

*Letter To Singapore*

To be honest I had goose bumps when I read a post by a 20-year old Singaporean entitled β€œLetter to Singapore” – who left for London. This is exactly the same title of my post for you Singapore. And I wrote it days before this big news came out into web and spread like a viral. So I decided not to publish it because I see how watchful netizens are. It is not out of cowardice but I think more of finding the right timing. And I think this is not yet the right time. I am not ready for a short-lived glamorous attention or whatever.

All I wanted to say is, will you treat me gently the next time around please? I wish to challenge you, Singapore. Prove it to the world that your face is not just made up of ($) dollar signs, that you are worth more than this. Otherwise, you’re letting the cynics be triumphant over yours.

Thank You Singapore,

Mafey XXX


18 thoughts on “Thank You, Singapore

  1. Hi Mafs, hope you’re doing okay there. Wishing you lots of luck in your future endeavors and living a life of a nomad. It is scary and full of uncertainties –but a lot of room for growth- just gotta learn to get over the humps! Do you know where you’re off to? if you have time, PM me a short update πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Kate, many thanks for your wishes! You are right, in the past week I have experienced all these unpleasant emotions… I just keep going. I will write a very brief post where will I head next :-D. By the way, I wonder if you got my message last time. I sent it at the contact that you left at my About page: – is this correct? πŸ™‚

      Hope all is well with you in South America!

      1. That’s right. Hmm… I got your first email asking how I planned everything and sent a long reply back. Did you get that?

      1. Hahaha, maybe it got lost in cyberspace. I’ll send it again- twice just to make sure. Are you in Internations Expat Group by any chance?

    2. Hi Kate,
      Apologies for late response. Did you sent anything? Because, still, I didn’t receive anything (as of this writing :).

      I don’t know about this group. First time to hear from you πŸ™‚

      1. I’ll send you an invite to this group- it’s really awesome- international group of expats but first you should receive my email. hahaha! nakaka connect ako diyan with isang pinoy from dubai who wanted to move here – and it was great helping him out.
        I sent it to this email ad- luckymafs [at] is that correct? if it is, please check your SPAM folder and make sure my address gets sent to your inbox- baka my email is there o hindi talaga gusto yung inbox mo sa akin. lol. anyway, thank god sa comment page.

    3. Kate thanks. Wiil wait for your invite. That is correct. Pero wala talaga kahit sa SPAM folder. hahaha! Baka yung email ko ang may problema. The other day kasi di ko sya ma-access. And I have another friend na nag send nga din ng mga replies but wala talaga ako natanggap, ewan haha

      1. Hmm.. bakit? sayang kase lang kita ma reach. lol. may ibang way to reach you? kase problema yan if yung email address mo is failing

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