My recent EU Sojourn: Random Lessons and Random Photos

I wish to borrow the word Random from my friend whom I just learned ceased updating his travel blog – Random Trippings Ni Drew ( I was disheartened when I learned about his abrupt departure from the blogging world. Although, I already have a clue before, I’m still not clear of really why. Anyway, Carms ( and Drew are my two real friends, on and off in this world of virtual reality. They never get tired of supporting me from the basics of blogging up to giving tips and advises on how to keep going when the going gets tough. We have sessions and discussions of checking grammar endlessly. Although I must admit, I have not really achieved perfection in any of my posts. It will not deter me to stop writing. I keep learning every day. And by doing it repeatedly perhaps is the key to getting better.

From my just concluded trip, I can clearly distinguish the lessons from lessons that I simply know as real and lessons that I have to borrow because my current trip has proven these lessons to be true.

1. DREAMS do COME TRUE.In photo: Oia, Santorini, GREECE. I learned about it from a local Philippine movie I watched years back. I locate it in my atlas and learned it was a very small island and just seems so far. When you have dreams that you really want to pursue, no matter how big or far, the size and distance becomes irrelevant.

2. Whatever you can PERCEIVE can be ACHIEVED.In photo: Amphitheatrum Flavium, popularly known as Colosseum. Rome, ITALY. I see it in the travel ads everywhere, read in the travel books and a lot of travel blogs has written about it. I thought as one of the greatest works of Roman engineering and architecture, it would be interesting to see Colosseum face to face.

3. Anything is POSSIBLE.In photo: Oslo, NORWAY. I read a lot about Norway lately. Tagged as the most expensive country in the world. Where plain tea costs 37 Kroner = 5 Euros = 8 Singapore dollars = 240 Philippines peso! I want to experience what it’s like to live in the most costly place on earth where the quality of life is high. When you truly set yourself for something, there is no space for the word – IMPOSSIBLE.

4. If I CAN DO IT, so YOU CAN :-P.In photo: Statue of Leonardo da Vinci. Milan, ITALY. I have always been interested to learn about people who can make things happen. I am always inspired by the stories of ordinary people who can do extraordinary things. Preaching is not my cup of tea. I am the kind who try to demonstrate what I wish to preach. So if “I Can Do It”, “You Can Do It” :-D.

5. WILL is more important than MONEY.Money is important of course but if you don’t dare to go, what is the use of money? In photo is myself with Gunnar Garfors  – the CEO of Norwegian Mobile TV Corporation (NMTV) and President of International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG). Sometimes it pays when you don’t know much about the person. I mean, meeting with him for around 2 hours because of my work-related assignment in media relations was totally worth it. He was so down-to-earth and very friendly. The fact that he meet up and give his inputs without charging me any single cent is such a huge thing ;-). And he currently sets a world record for traveling to 5 continents in 1 day!!! He is in the wikipedia too: Tusen takk Gunnar!

6. When you have a GRATEFUL heart, anywhere you go, you experience ABUNDANCE in EVERYTHING. In photos: myself with Marija in Radhusplassen, Oslo. The St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican with new friend Neudjah. The Galleria Vittorio in Milan with Lorenzo. And in Monastiraki, Athens with Aris. I have said it before that one of the best part of traveling is meeting these souls who help make your journey easier, a lot more interesting and more fun. These people who spare their most precious time just so they could give you the best their place has to offer. I will carry the goodness they have shared to remind me that anywhere I go that selfless act of kindness and genuine hospitality they have shown shall I could not return, I will pass it to someone else so the cycle will continue and hopefully never end.

7. Traveling LIGHT is good for the HEART. Leaving BEHIND (what is not needed) is good for the MIND. In photo: my hand carry luggage which is 4.5 kg. Since I still have 15 days, I left my main luggage in Athens. This hand carry bag and my body bag are the only stuff I have for visiting 3 cities in 8 days. Life can really be pretty simple. I am happiest when I travel light :-P.

8. Be OPEN to Life SURPRISES; you’ll never know what lies ahead. Cultivate a JOYFUL HEART always :-D.In photo: at the Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport Terminal 3. Like a butterfly, it undergoes a complete metamorphosis before it becomes this beautiful creature. Every stage in our life is equally important and necessary in the cycle. And more often it is the process that’s more important, so just be open to life – welcome it as a friend.

8 thoughts on “My recent EU Sojourn: Random Lessons and Random Photos

  1. And that is why we scrimp and save just to travel 🙂 We experience things out of our comfort zone that even in its littlest way transform us. *Hugs, Mafs! kakatouched naman yan kahit lately lang tayo nag connect…I know that I found a friend in the blogosphere.Let’s continue to write and experience more life lessons through travel!!

    1. Looking forward to join you in one of your EU itinerary Carms! 🙂
      I am now free :-P. Yesterday was the last day. It was mixed emotions. But all ends well. As the cliche: “Every end is a new beginning”.

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