Oslo Airport, Gardermoen: Lost and Found

Hello. Hello. Hello :-). I miss my blog. I miss writing. I miss you dear readers 😀

With my recent sojourn: I lost some. I found more.

I lost some bucks in the supermarket in Milan when the change was short of several euros. I lost again when I missed another flight bound from Athens to Rome :-(. A friend remarked, it’s becoming a bad-expensive habit ;-). I wish not to go in details as it is loudly knocking on to wake me up. I lost my precious Canon DSLR camera lens EF 15-35mm at the Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

I found more. Shall I not missed my flight I would have not met a smart, intelligent lady from Mozambique who bumped with me out of nowhere at the St Peter Basilica. I would have not met an intuitive mysterious lady from Poland whose depth of wisdom kept me thinking. I would have not met a bubbly Ukrainian mother and son, where son asked his mother to take photo of us together. We met again accidentally after that!

And just the news I got a couple of days back. I received a call from Oslo – Lost and Found Services informing me that they have found my camera lens! I sincerely applaud them for that. Imagine after more than a week. I already lose hope for the chance of finding that little precious stuff to be returned to me.

I lost some. I found more.

Sunrise at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
The moment I checked this photo it made me remember that this is exactly where I left my primary lens. After I passed through the security control gate, near to the glass wall adjacent to the gate for boarding via Norwegian air (just before the Duty Free shop).

Like in blogging. When I started it:

I lost some of my privacy. I lost some insecurities in writing. I dropped some negativity which is good I think.

I found more freedom to express myself in ways I have not thought possible before. I learned to and became more open to share about my private life. I’m still not used to it until now to be honest. But I’m slowly going there. I found more and keep meeting interesting people in this sphere of life who share the same passion as I am.

I don’t look at blogging as an end in itself but as a means to bridge me to another point of making somemore of my dreams come true.

I lost some. I found more.

Literally and figuratively, this Lost and Found stuff taught me more.


11 thoughts on “Oslo Airport, Gardermoen: Lost and Found

    1. Good question :-). I did not go into details of my post. I prepared an Incident Report and sent to them. After a couple of exchanged emails, when they found it they immediately call me. Norwegian’s honesty and helpfulness are impressive. And it speaks a lot to them as a nation.

  1. Hi Mafey,
    you have such a positive way of looking at things – I am sure that has something to do with the way your lens found its way back to you!


    1. Hi Jerry,
      Thanks for dropping by! My lens has not returned to me yet :-P. The Tracing Department at Changi Airport Terminal 3 helps me to facilitate the transport of my lens. I was told it will take sometime as Qatar Airways has no direct route to Norway nor Norwegian Air to Singapore. But I trust I will have it soon and in good condition.

      Happy weekend! 😀

  2. Being built west of the existing terminal building, the new building will cover an area of 120,000m². The Terminal 2 will feature 36 new check-in counters, 12 new security checkpoints, food and drink outlets, duty-free and other shops, new centrally located toilets and a baby care room. An escalator will be connect the railway station to the terminal’s departure hall.

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