Schengen Visa in 5 Days: Tourist Visa to Greece

Schengen Visa > serious mode! I’m not really used to not smiling in photo but now I can have many SMILES:-))

Sounds too good to be true. Am I not dreaming?!

These were my reaction when I collected my visa. Just after five (5) working days. Usually the normal processing takes seven (7) up to ten (10) working days. Whereas, for citizen coming from the third world country (like yours truly), it could take longer than usual, like up to twenty (20) days or worse up to two (2) months! So you won’t blame me for having that reaction ;-).

And as if that surprise was not enough, there was more. The Embassy gave me six (6) months. Six months Tourist Visa! It was an overwhelming feeling that all I could do was uttered a prayer of thanks. My sacrifices are all worth it. I am about to fly in a few days and I am seriously contemplating for my next sojourn – a possible winter experience ;-). I want to maximize the use of this precious visa – without having to undergo another arduous process. You will see why as we go along.

Before I proceed to the requirements, let’s have a little background of what Schengen Visa is.

Schengen Visa – is a term used to allow holder to move freely in 26 countries member of the European Union. You can check the updated list at this link: Should you wish to know more about Schengen Visa, feel free to google search :-).

In principle, regardless of the country of your residence, the requirements to obtain Schengen Visa are the same. I have confirmed it when I checked at the embassy of Greece and France in Singapore and in Manila (Philippines).

Without further ado here are the requirements:-

1. A short stay Schengen Visa form – duly filled out and signed. You can download the form at this link:

2. One (1) recent identity photograph, 2.5cm x 3.5cm, clearly showing the face, forehead, hairline and ears on a white background.

3. Original and photocopy of your passport – showing your personal particulars or identity pages; with six (6) months validity before it’s expiration date and at least two (2) blank pages for the visa.

4. Original and photocopy of Employment Pass, S Pass, Dependant Pass, Student Pass, Work Permit or Permanent Resident card.

5. Original and photocopy of your flight reservation/ booking details with confirmed dates.

6. Original and photocopy of proof of accommodation for the whole length of your stay in all Schengen countries. Address and dates should be stated. If you are going to stay with family, relatives or friends, there is a form (Attestation d’Accueil) which must be obtained from the city hall of the Schengen country you are going to visit.

7. Original and photocopy of financial guarantee. Your last two (2) months bank statement. “If your financial means are not sufficient, you may also provide commitment letter from your sponsor stating he/ she will be responsible for all your expenses, a proof of his/ her financial means and a copy of their passport.”

8. A Certification letter from your employer stating your annual salary, your position, date of employment and dates of leave.

9. Travel Insurance covering the exact dates of your trip should be stated in the policy. Since I missed attending NATAS Fair at Changi Expo, I have to get at the travel and tours agency. I have checked all the travel agencies in Lucky Plaza :-P. The cheapest that I could get for 16 days is SGD $118 at Pentravel & Tours ( The insurance should cover the medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation costs incurred for at least SGD $60,000 during your stay in Europe.

By the way, if you intend to visit multiple countries in Europe, you can lodge your visa application at the country of your main destination or where you will have your first stop.

With all of the above requirements, I think you will understand why I am considering another trip to EU :-D. Should you need further info, please contact the consulate and the embassy at:

Consulate-General of Greece

896 Dunearn Road

#04-08 Sime Darby Centre

Singapore 589472

Telephone +65 6875 1205


Embassy of France

101-103 Cluny Road

Singapore 259595

Telephone +65 6880 7800


I wish to thank Ms Marie Vassallo of the French Embassy and Ms Anne Duthuron of the Greek Consulate. By the way, the visa fee is equivalent to the exchange value of 60 euros (@ SGD $127.65 in cash). Another important point I wish to emphasize is that application of visa is by appointment only. You can check this link: I remember I was approached by father and son when I collected my visa. They asked me why the security officer did not allow them to enter the premises. They tried to walk-in. But walk-ins are not entertained.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Should you have questions I will try to accommodate to the best of my ability 😀


270 thoughts on “Schengen Visa in 5 Days: Tourist Visa to Greece

      1. If the Schengen Visa photo have if it should have been photographed now – I guess that your smile would have filled the entire visa… ‘smiles with a twinkle in my eye’

        – but it’s a very nice photo… 😉

        Sure that you will get a really good experience… 😉

      2. Hello are you still here in sg? I would like to ask something on you bout your trip in europe 🙂

      1. May nakalimutan ka yatang ilagay dyan sa post na yan. Page break mam haha! Pero ayos lang kung wala 😀

    1. haha salamat Ser! Noted! 😀

      PS – pinagbenta ko na pala kayo hihi

      “Drew si Carms. Carms si Drew.” – babalik sya Singapore to meet you 😀 hahaha (tamang pantanggal ng stress! ;-))

      1. hahahah ang hirap naman nyan..shy type kasi ako 😀 uuyy na-e-excite ako for you ang ganda ganda siguro ng Santorini ..malapit na Aug 1 na today 😀

    1. ay mahilig si Drew sa shy type! hahaha! ma i excite ka Carms pag na meet mo sya haha

      haiii salamat nakaraos din sa exam parang di ko pa maramdam lapit na alis ko hehe. salamat sa mga comments nakakatanggal ng stress 😀

    1. Hey Annie! 😀 I enjoyed reading several posts of yours! I see we have so many similarities. And I like the way you write – an area where I need to do more improvement! 😉 Yes I will do so. Thanks again for your visit! 😀

      1. Hi Mafey! Thanks again! I’m not much of a writer, but I realized that I express myself better through writing. I love your blog, I’m a fan! We both share the same passion for travel 🙂

  1. Wow, what a nice VISA! Congrats Mafs!!! Elib na sau ang nasa Embassy, they’re amazed ‘coz they’ve seen in ur passport that u’ve been travelling a lot!. Have a nice & safe journey, hoping that a “Prince” will gonna cross ur way! heheheh… God bless! ♥

  2. Interestingly mafs..we only paid 103.80 SGD in Spain embassy 🙂 2 more wks to know if I got approved or not 😀 Though they kept our passport it doesn’t mean daw na approved na..unlike kasi sa US iiwan mo lang passport mo kung approved ang visa mo 🙂 so pag pinaiwan sa US embassy ang visa..pwede ka nang mag Hallelujah pag labas mo ng embassy 😛

    1. Hi Carms, thanks for sharing the update with your Schengen visa application. Don’t worry you will get it 🙂
      medyo ganun din yung last experience ko they kept my passport for a week and told me that’s not an assurance to get a visa. I returned to the embassy twice before they issued me the visa.

      Btw, Carms off the record and at the moment wala akong plan i-blog to na miss ko naman na naman flight ko to Rome 😦

      1. hala girl…bisyo na yan 😀 hope kahit may konting naging glitch eh maging ok pa ang iyong remaining days in Europe 🙂 kwento ka na lang pag nagkita tayo ulit pagbalik mo. Keeping my fingers crossed for our Schengen 😀 may kwento din ako sa application un pagbalik ko ng office sumakit ang bangs ko 😛

    2. Carms! o nga mahal na bisyo haha. me mga mishaps pa rin pero minor lang sya and I take it as normal part of traveling. Yun lang yung major yung missed flight from Athens to Rome hihi. Pero andami mga interesting and funny experiences happening along the way – me baking session, mga surprises, at yan mag star gazing at ghost hunting muna yan na muna update hihihi. Sa journal lang ko nakakapag update e kasi mahirap internet connection, sa airport 12euros per hour. Pag sa wifi naman you must have a local simcard to be able to connect kaya ayun unfortunately I could not update my blog :-(.

      PS- naloka ko sa sumakit ang bangs mo ha 😀

      1. Carms I am now in Santorini :-D. Grabe I have not visited my blog hehe. Couldn’t make any update as I’m mainly using this so called smart phone. But not suited for blogging when I tried it. Will do so when I return. Regards 😀

  3. Hi po..Im hoping that u can give me some advise coz i really don’t know how to deal with getting a visa..

    I have a pure Chinese national working here un Singapore and I asked him to come with me in the Philippines to stay with me and find work..I just confirmed yesterday na kailanga pa pla nya ng visa to go in the Philippines khit mgtourist mna sya

    1. Hi,
      As much as I would like to help unfortunately I am not the right authority. Please check my post about Philippine Embassy in Singapore. You can call them or better email them all your enquiries. They are quite prompt in responding. Goodluck!

  4. Hi po..I would like I seek advice to all the people who have ideas on how to get a visa and I’m really hoping to get infos pra mkapagprocess n dn po soon..

    I have a pure Chinese bf who is working here in Singapore and I asked him to come with me in the Philippines for a long period of time hopefully makhanap dn sya ng work . Next week na po aq babalik ng pinas and yesterday ko Lang nlaman na kailangan nya pa ng visa ppunta ng pinas khit tourist lng. So I became stress out on how to help him get a visa here in Singapore going to Philippines. Close ang phil embassy ng Friday and Saturday.then ndi naman cla nageentertain ng visa application ng Sunday..only Monday-Thursday LNG and half day pa..sad to say holiday ng Monday so Tuesday na kami mka2pnta..kya Lang wednesday morning na ang flight q and I’m not sure Kung maaackaso nya un ng wala aq..

    Please help naman po..I really need your advice and suggestions..

    U can email me at :
    Thanks in advance po ..

    1. Applying and obtaining a visa really takes time. You cannot rush it. Every embassy has its own set of rules and requirements that should be met by the applicant. I suggest you visit the website of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore. Every information you need is written there. Basically for Chinese nationals they need a visa as they are not part of the ASEAN countries. Hope this helps!

    1. Hello Sis. I’m also happy that you receive visa for 5 days I hope my husband can get it in 5 days too can you help us.

  5. Please , is Greece still a schengen country and is it poSsible to move from greece to france any difficulty for traveling for the first time?

  6. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog when doing research for Schengen Visa application. I am intending to to go Greece, however I can’t find much information on how to apply the visa through Greek Consulate in Singapore. May I know how did you manage to get an appointment? Should we just drop them an email?

    Thanks beforehand. Appreciate your help.

    1. Hi William,
      The Greek Consulate in Singapore is officially represented by the French Embassy in Singapore. Just go to the website of the French Embassy to set an appointment.

      You’re welcome and Good luck in your application!

  7. Mafey can i have your any means of social contacts of you what ever is convenient wth u 🙂 bec i want to ask u more bout europe travel. If its ok how will i get ur other means of social netwrk? Tnx verymuch, hope u consider my request tnx again.. 🙂

      1. Mafey ask ko lng personal ba na ikaw ng book ng hotel mo or travel agency? And can you suggest na ok ang pentatravel and compettive talaga ang

      1. Ah ok but can you suggest ok un penta travel to get an insurance? Pagkuha ng itenerary ticket you just do online no money involve ba? And hotel booking ganun din sabi kc ng iba you need to have a credit card to book a hotel pero ala naman dw kaltas un hhingin lng dw details ng crditcrd tama ba?

  8. Hi how many months bnigay mung allowance b4 appointment?kc ako nkuha ko 20days nlng pinaka maagang nkuha kung date of appointmnt till sa target date ng alis ko:( i applyng for sngle entry..italy ang entry ko 4 1wk.. Sguro embassy na mg aadjust., wat do u think?:)

    1. It depends on your planned itinerary vis a vis the available slot for appointment at the embassy. It’s the responsibility of the applicant to make necessary adjustments while the embassy adheres to the standard procedure of visa processing.

  9. I see the french consulate has hardly any appointments for the next 3 weeks. Is this normal? What do you do in that case?

    1. When you read the “No available appointment”, that means the next 3 weeks is already fully booked.

      I see the earliest you can have is on week 2 of July.

      What do you think you should do?

  10. Hi Maf! 🙂

    just want to know your thoughts. i’m scheduled for appearance at the French Embassy this coming Friday. me and my aunt who is in Cebu have an invitation from my uncle in Austria (with all the attachments already forwarded to the embassy). Thing is, i will resign from my company today. :)) do you think this will be a reason for them to reject my visa application?

    thanks much! 🙂

  11. Hi Marian,

    Have you included in your application the Certification Letter from your current employer? Usually the dates of leave and when you are returning are included in the letter (aside from your date of employment, position, compensation etc…). If so, and whether your company stated your last day in the Certification Letter then the Visa Officer might definitely question you about it. Why not, if possible, delay your resignation a bit until you get the visa, so to uncomplicate things. You can think about it. Hope it helps. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I already have the certificate of employment with all the details except the dates of leave. I just requested for the allowed number of annual leaves to be stated in the certificate. I don’t have any leave credits anymore and applying for an unpaid leave is not really practiced here in our company. So I was thinking maybe I can say to the Visa Officer that once my visa is approved, I will then apply for the unpaid leave.

      I can’t delay my resignation since we need to serve a month’s notice and our intended date of travel is on September and I need to clear all my stuff here before I leave. We also have to travel (granting our visa gets approved) by September since we need to go back to Cebu by the 2nd week of October.

      I guess I’ll just take my chances then 😀 Thank you for your inputs. Really appreciate it. Looking forward to reading your next travel adventures. 🙂

      1. Oh sorry! I think I was misconstrued – you are resigning today means just tendering your resignation but not necessary last day, yeah I got the 1 month notice. Apologies

        But please if you can veer away from not mentioning that you are resigning would probably help.

  12. You’re welcome!

    Please know (this is important), Certificate of Employment is a bit different from plain Certification Letter where the date of leave is stated. Aside from it will be the basis of granting you the dates when you can travel with the assumption that your visa gets approve. In a way, it serves as a guarantee to ensure that the applicant is returning to his/ her current residence.

    Marian, don’t beat around the bush, just be deliberately clear and avoid any misleading information.

    Thanks for reading my travel adventures and hope you and your Aunt can be granted the most coveted Schengen visa!

    1. Nagba-vary minsan ang visa fee depende sa kung saang embassy ka nag-aply ng Schengen. Bale sa Greece, France at Austria yung equivalent ng 60 euros.

      1. Tapos pakisama na lang pala yung travel insurance fee depende sa bilang ng araw na ilalagi mo sa lugar na iyong pupuntahan. At panghuli yung bayad sa photo.

    1. Sorry Rob, hindi ko na-gets ang tanong mo…but I suggest once you send your application – submit altogether all the requirements.

  13. Hi, would you know if there’s a photo booth at the french embassy and if so, how much does it cost? I booked an appointment kc on monday and im planning to be there early in order to have my photo taken somewhere near the embassy kung meron. Need your advice. 🙂

    Im actually applying for a short stay schengen visa going to greece. 🙂

    1. Hi Karla,
      There is no photo booth at the French Embassy. However, once they call your name they will take you photo for the visa.
      You can have your photo at the Orchard ie. lucky plaza or in any mall near to your place.

      Good luck in your application!

  14. Hello! Just want to ask if you applied in Singapore not in the Philippines? Aren’t you supposed to apply in the Embassy of the country where you reside for most of the year? Do you live in Singapore?
    The reason I’m asking is because I have been traveling since January this year and am currently in Kenya, Africa (as a tourist). Planning to go to Europe but I have been reading online that I am supposed to apply for a Schengen Visa from my home country. Can you give light to this? Do I really have to go back to the Philippines to apply or can I apply from Kenya or wherever in Africa?
    Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi,
      Yes, you have to apply Schengen visa from the country of your current residence. Since your status is a tourist in Africa, they will not process your application. If you are unable to go back to Philippines and really wish to travel to Europe, you might try Kosovo – the only country in Europe Filipinos can visit visa-free.

      Happy Holidays and safe travels!

      1. Hello again! Thanks for your reply. I was able to download a handbook for the processing of schengen visa applications here and it says:
        2.8. Can a consulate accept an application from an applicant not residing in the jurisdiction of the consulate?
        Legal basis: Visa Code, Article 6

        As a general rule, only applications from persons who reside legally in the jurisdiction of the competent consulate (as described in points 2.1-2.5) should be accepted.

        However, an application may be accepted from a person legally present – but not residing – in the jurisdiction of the consulate where the application is submitted, if he can justify why the application could not be lodged at a consulate in his place of residence. It is for the consulate to appreciate whether the justification presented by the applicant is acceptable.

        “Non-residing applicant” means an applicant who resides elsewhere but is legally present within the jurisdiction of the consulate where he submits the application.

        I have been traveling since January, no plans to go home for 2 more years (I am exploring) and I have no interest in just going to Kosovo. I am planning to take a Cruise (on a ship) and this cruise will go to Schengen countries.

        Sorry for making it complicated for you. I just want to find out if there is a way for me to apply without having to go back home since I am already closer to Europe from here (Africa) and going back to the Philippines is not very practical just to apply.

        Your thoughts?

  15. Hi Kat, no worries. It’s not complicated at all. You make things clearer by sharing your current situation. Thanks for sharing the info as well, it’s good that we can share other possible options for the benefits of other readers too.

    My thoughts
    Try to contact the nearest embassy in your place. But before that. Plan well. Think things through. How are you going to carry out your plan. The crucial part is the justification you would tell them that would convince the embassy to let you process the application in the country where you are currently at. If they let you everything else will follow. Usually, the concern of the embassy is having sufficient finances to support your stay. And by the way, you have to lodge your application to the first country you wi

    1. will be visiting or the country of your main destination.

      All the best and hope things go well for you. And
      Wow you’re seeing the world! Intending to travel continuously for 3 years! 🙂

      1. Thanks again for replying. 🙂 Traveling for Filipinos is not very easy because of all the visas. Too many things to worry about. Oh well, I hope to do the impossible and see if I can apply for a Schengen Visa here in Africa. And by the way, I intend to travel for as long as I can, I will go back home after 2 years just as part of my travels and will continue traveling. All the best to you Mafey!

  16. Hi mafey! Very informative post! Thanks! I am wondering about the financial proof. The salary savings bank accounts, are those accepted? Is there a specified amount that has to be in the bank account for it to be accepted as financial proof?

    1. Thanks Kat!
      Yes, that is actually what I am submittting every time I apply for visa. I am not sure though about the specific amount you should have. However, some embassies require a specific amount on a daily basis, for instance, at least 50 euros. Depends on the length of your stay more or less you can have a rough calculation of your your projected expenses. Therefore your savings should be sufficient enough or higher than your projected expenses.

  17. Very helpful post! Was it difficult to get the Visa? What do you know about getting a visa for a family (of 4 members) traveling together? Are they stricter about the financial statement from the bank? Hoping for your reply! Thank you!

    1. Hi Terri. From this experience, it was not difficult. In fact, it was the easiest/fastest among others I’ve been through.
      You may click the link/s above, and you will find the specific requirements they have for a family applying visa together. All the best!

  18. Hi Mafey, which parts of Europe did you go to? why do you need to apply visa from Greece and France? i thought the schengen visa can be used for both countries?

    1. You are absolutely correct Tracy. It’s because I have been traveling to Europe several times and you have to lodge your application to the country of your main destination.

      1. Hi Mafey, how long have you been waiting at the apointment day? becuase im thinking of going to work after the submission. My appointment is at 9.30AM. So, not sure if i have enough time to run to work 😛 Appreciate your suggestion.

    2. It depends Tracy, if there are less applicants, in 10-15 minutes, it can be done. If it’s full, it can take up to 30-45 minutes. Good luck!

      1. HI Mafey, thanks. Even 45mins is still reasonable. It took longer time in US embassy in Singapore and the worst visa application was UK visa at VFS Singapore. The process was super slow. I was so free at the counter, i filed a really lengthy complaint form, which was available there lol It took me more than 2 hours including the waiting time, documents assessment and biometric fingerprint. It took them 3 weeks for the processing and returning my passport >< just wondering if anyone here applied the US visa and had the same experience?

      2. Sorry, i meant “Im just wondering if anyone here applied the UK visa and had the same experience?” not US visa as per my previous comment.

      3. Sorry Tracy, I’ve never applied yet for UK Visa… hope yours went well despite the complaints you have 😉

  19. Hi Mafey! My husband and I are planning to visit Greece this summer. I’ve been searching on how to get a visa. Luckily your blog pop out. Can I re-confirm that I need to process the visa through French embassy? thanks a lot!

  20. Hi. I am applying a visa to Greece. I don’t understand why I have to apply it via France embassy. I have booked an appointment. Please advise. Best. Ai

    1. In Singapore, Greece Consulate is officially represented by the French Embassy – I have said it a few times.

      Appreciate if our readers can take some time to read the post and comments so it won’t be a redundant. Thank you.

    1. Yes, fees are collected once you submit your application. And whether the application is successful or not, the visa fee is non-refundable.

  21. hi mafey, what is your status in sg? employment pass/ pr?

    can we ask for long term multiple entry visa?

  22. hi mafey may interview daw pag nag apply ka ng visa ano naman tinataniong nila, planning to go in june dito rin ako sg at PR na rin, hoping for your reply thanks..

    1. I heard that the interview is when you are applying for a US Visa. For Schengen, wala naman, nagtatanong lang sila kung ano purpose ng trip mo ganun lang…

  23. hallo po ask ko lng po possible po ba pumunta ng greece from the philippines mag tourist lang wala pong invitation?

    1. Hi Avi, sobrang posible! Usually ang invitation ay ginagamit upang makasiguro na ang pinansyal na aspeto ng bumabyahe kung hindi sapat ay sasagutin ng nag imbita.

  24. Hi Mafey,

    very helpful write up. I’m planning to do mine soon. Your 6 months visa was that multiple entry or single entry?

    Also, if I’m planning to stay over a friends house in Italy does she need to do something?

    1. Hi,
      It’s a multiple entry.
      If your friend is going to sponsor you, you might need an invitation letter from your friend otherwise, not necessary.

      Thanks for dropping by. I see you’re traveling solo too 🙂 Keep safe where ever you are!

  25. Hi Mafey,
    Great info! Just wanna ask if you already booked your ticket before applying for visa (meaning you already paid for it)? I’m planning to go to Greece too this coming sept. Haven’t purchased the tickets yet because I need advice for this.

  26. Hello,

    My wife and I are planning to go to greece. However, due to work related matters, one of us can only take a time off from work and attend the appointment. Will this be possible? Or both of us need to be physically present at the appointment?

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hi, I think you need to be both present as the Visa Officer is going to take your photograph and fingerprints during your appointment. You may try to give them a call between 12pm – 12.30pm, Monday to Friday. Good luck!

  27. Hi!

    My husband and I want to apply for Schengen visa for a trip to Greece. However, my husband travels for work outside Singapore every week. The coming week Hari Raya is the only week that he will be in Singapore. The earliest appointment we could get with the French embassy was on Tuesday. Now, we are planning to attempt a walk-in on Friday morning with our application. I know that you said that they do not allow this, but is there any way that we can explain our situation at the time of walk in? Are there embassy personnel willing to listen?

    Alternatively, if we stick to our Tuesday appointment, is there any way to ensure that the visa is ready by Friday evening? Is it possible to take away the passport after submitting application citing international travel as a reason?

    Please advise. All help is appreciated.


    1. Hi,
      My suggestion – please call the embassy and tell them your situation and/ or drop them a quick email as support to your condition. They will listen to you and advise you accordingly. I was just at the embassy a couple of days back where I pick up my visa. The processing took 3 days (this time). I will write a post about my recent experience.
      Walk ins are definitely not entertained as your appointment schedule serves as your pass to be admitted at the embassy.
      All the best!

  28. Hello,
    Just some informations about your Requirement 9 concerning the Travel Insurance price
    Have a look at and you could see that the price for 3 weeks trip (21 days) is SGD $ 73 and the insurance should cover the medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation costs incurred for at least SGD $60,000 during your stay in Europe plus Private civil liability (personal injury and consequential loss) and very important refund of the insurance premium if your visa is refused. Think about us next time, we will be very happy to follow you.

    1. Hi, thanks for sharing the link. I should have known it earlier. I just had my travel insurance and I paid around 85 sgd JUST for 10 days.

      I wish I could reimburse or change the date specified in the insurance as my itinerary looks like would be moved to a later date.

      Anyway, the link will be useful for our readers. I will keep this in mind for next time.

  29. My visa just got rejected at the french embassy and im devastated 😦 im travelling in 1 week time and the appeal is taking forever. According to them i have no sufficient means to support myself in greece even though i have more than 10k sgd in my bank and air tic n hotels have all been paid for. Fyi im a student who just graduated and singapore permanent resident. Do u know how long the appeal takes? And can i ask the greece embassy for help?

    1. Hi, sorry to hear about the decision of the French Embassy to reject your visa. To answer your questions: (1) I really don’t know how long does it take when you make an appeal (as I have never experience this before); (2) Just for info, there is NO Greek Embassy in Singapore. There is a Greek Consulate though. You may try to contact them as you wish. I just have a few questions for you: When the French Embassy told you, you have no sufficient means to support yourself while in Greece when you have 10k sgd in your bank account – Didn’t you ask them, how much more should you have to cover and meet your financial needs? You have not stated how long you will be staying. If you will be there for, let say 2 weeks or a month – I think 10K is sufficient enough (more than enough actually if you are traveling on a shoestring) – especially that Greece among other EU countries is relatively cheaper compared to Paris or Oslo for example. And you have mentioned, you are a Singapore Permanent Resident. The embassy considers other factors such as what passport are you holding or whether it is your first time to planning a visit to EU etc. Hopefully, you could find a way for the embassy to reconsider their decision especially that you already have spent for your air ticket and accommodation. Good luck!

  30. hi… just confused… kelngan b na confirmed flight tickets and accommodation
    and ipakita? pde bang reservation or itineraries lang? thank you. I’m looking forward on hearing from you soon.

    1. Hi. You can show a flight reservation with confirmed dates (not necessary confirmed flight). If there is no sponsor, a booked accommodation is needed. If plans changed, maari mong icancel yungo nai-book mo, the usual fee charged is 10% of the total no. of stay. Hope it clears your confusion.

  31. Hi mafey. Caught your blog’s attention last week when i was praying for approval of my first ever schengen visa. I applied last week friday, 19 Sept & was asked to collect my passport today at the French Embassy 25 Sept and just like u i got a 6month visa approval!!! I am in the clouds!!!! I will be traveling christmas to new year solo this year and this shall be my first 18days travel alone!!!

  32. Hi Mafey, I am an exchange student in Singapore and my Student card expires on 13 December. I plan to apply for a Schengen visa and my travel duration is Nov 17 to Dec 10.. Can I get a visa?

    1. Hi,
      Go ahead. Since you currently reside in Singapore. You can apply and get a visa here. For student, they have a slightly different requirement. You can check the checklist for student. All the best! 🙂

  33. Hi Mafey, I currently reside in SIngapore, but in other embassies it is mentioned that student pass should be valid for at least 3 months after the intended visit to Schengen area. But at French embassy site, It is mentioned that they require a student card with re-entry permit. Do you have any clear idea about this? I have already booked my tickets and I am very worried.

    1. Hi,
      You’ve mentioned you intend to travel from 17 Nov to 10 Dec and that your student pass will expire on 13 Dec 2014, right? I assume, you have a multiple entry to Singapore. If that is the case, you can re-enter Singapore after 10 Dec since your student visa is valid until 13 Dec. Or if you are planning to return directly to your home country after Europe then you have to state in your application. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi KBC,
        I am very happy for you! 🙂
        Thank you for visiting again and sharing your happy story! Enjoy, be safe and have a great time!

  34. Hi Mafey, currently i’m reside in singapore.It’s been 5 years now. but i already resign last month. I still have 1 month visit pass. can i apply for shengen visa? Please advise. Thanks.


    1. Hi Kyaw,
      One of the requirements for obtaining a Schengen Visa in Singapore requires a valid residency. Since you have resigned and is currently on a visit pass, (technically speaking) you are considered a tourist now. Regardless of your 5 years living here.

      Are you from Myanmar? They might advise you to lodge your application from your home country. Otherwise, if you continue to be employed again in Singapore, then you can apply for Schengen visa.

      You might want to confirm the information I shared with you to any European Embassy in Singapore you wish to get a visa.


      1. Hi Mafey,

        Thanks for your reply. I am from Myanmar. You are right.


  35. Hi mafey,

    Want to ask for your insight on this. September we’re (me & fiance) planning to go backpacking europe (UK & schengen areas) and planning to tender resignation on aug (to give 1 month notice). Im planning to tell my employer that I’ll just go on leave for 2 wks so i can get a certification (salary, approved leave, etc) from company and apply uk visa on June and schengen visa on july perhaps. Is this feasible? Will we be questioned sa sg immigration pag palabas na km since cancelled na pass namin by that time?

    Also, if I submit an IT (hotel reservations, plane tickets, etc) to the embassy, and dont follow it or we go to other schengen countries that we didn’t put on our itinerary (since we plan to do a mini RTW and might change plan down the road),is that ok? Sncy na for the noob questions, 1st time sa visa app eh 🙂

    Tnx in advance ^.^

    1. Hi. Your plan is very much feasible. I did it in 2012. Resigned from work. Backpack in EU for 3 months and a side trip to Morocco (North of Africa) just so to avoid exceeding the 90 days allowed for me to travel in countries covered by Schengen. I did not encounter any problem at the Immigration in Singapore. If I fly in the Philippines though, it might be altogether a different story. Okay lang naman magkaron ng modification sa travel plans nýo kasi minsan may mga unforeseen events na nangyayari. Good luck to your planned RTW trip!

      1. Thanks for the fast response^.^ I’m just curious, after you resign, how did you apply for the other visas? Is it possible to apply if we’re unemployed? Coz we’re also contemplating to visit NZ, Aus, canada and my dad’s in the US. We have some friends and family on those areas but i dont know if it has any bearing and as much as possible we want to do it on our own [mejo nahihiya kc km mangistorbo 🙂 ] Is it possible to just submit proof of funds or u really must have a certificate of employment? I hope you can also write a post in regards with how you start (how you save,how you get to continue traveling, etc).

        Nwz your posts are straight to the point and easy to understand.

        Thanks a bunch! 😉

  36. Hi. I am traveling at the moment and has limited internet connectivity so it’s a slow response now ;). I think it is possible to apply for visa under the category of “self-employed”. If you are a PR in Singapore, I guess you can apply as long as you can show sufficient money to fund your travels. I suggest, try to contact the embassies you have mentioned and send them your enquiries, they will respond accordingly.

    Thanks for the compliment and all the best for your round the world tour!

    1. Hi po,

      Question lang regarding getting a schengen visa sa french embassy. We have a scheduled appearance this dec.22, 2014 and then travel dates po namin is march 19-april2, 2015. Kaso lang po may spass will be expiring this march 4, 2015 and then ung kasama ko po april 25,2015. Will it affect our visa application? kase ung company po namin can only renew us one month before expiry po. thanks po!

      1. Hi,
        The Visa Officer might question you.

        For 25 April 2015 – should not be a problem since the travel schedule is within the period before the expiration of the pass.

        However, for 04 Mach 2015 – the Visa Officer will definitely ask for a valid pass within the period of your travel schedule. If the Officer is a little lenient and ask you to send a copy of your renewed working pass before your travel, then good. But I assume you are aware about the problems facing by many with regard to pass renewal. The volume of rejection is very high these days. If your standing is good, then great.

        If I were you, I will not schedule a travel date beyond the expiration of your working pass. Unless, you are 100% certain of your pass approval. Anyway, once you get the visa, you can always modify your schedule as long as it is within the valid dates granted by the Visa Officer.

        If you can change your travel dates before your pass expires, there will be no question about it.

        Good luck!

  37. Hi Mafey,

    just wanna ask if thats the usual processing number of days for schengen visa? Are they sending ph passport back to manila? Cos my flight is om 19th Dec na to spend xmas in england, its a last minute plan to visit france. you think i could still make it in time if i get the visa this coming week? i have no idea really if i could get a slot for appointment. so probably its a small chance. just wanna know your advise thanks!

    1. Hi,

      I think that’s the standard. 5 working days.
      I don’t think so. As with my recent Schengen visa, I had it after 3 days.

      Depends on the available slot. The earliest you can get an appointment, the earliest you can have a visa.

      Enjoy the winter Christmas!

  38. Hi Mafey,

    Thanks for the info.. Do they normally give 6 months visa to all? baka kase 3 months lang maibigay nila samin and then hinde pasok sa exact travel dates namin. thanks! 😊

    1. Hi. It’s based on the prerogative of the Visa Officer. I’ve observed that for “first-timers” they give 3 months but if you have applied several times either they give 6 months or even 1 year.

      PS – Sorry, it’s a late response. I am currently traveling and has just come back to the outside world hihi. Just done with a course on Vipassana Meditation and I managed to have no internet connection for about 2 weeks.

      Hope they give you 6 months. Good luck!

  39. hi! i’m planning to visit greece as main point of entry to eu. ung Financial support commitment form ba is the same across all eu? ang na-download ko lang kasi is for france. same ba un as in greece? salamats!

    1. Hi. If you are applying in Singapore, Greece and France is both represented by the French Embassy anyway so it might be the same.

  40. another question po, ok lang ba na sa company letter ko ang approved leave dates are for february for example, pero ung actual travel ko talaga is bandang may pa, because im planning to resign after i get the coe and salary. thank you!

    1. You can always amend your travel schedule as long as it falls within the period or validity of the visa they will issue to you.

  41. Hello Mafey,

    Just want to ask, do i need to book the tickets and all the accommodations already before i should apply for visa?

    1. Yes. Because you need to supply those information. For the ticket though, you may have the reservation first if you don’t want to take risk of spending so much money when the visa application, for instance is not successful. For accommodation, you can always contact the hotel if you need some changes and for booking reservation, you only pay a minimum amount.

  42. Hi Mafey,
    I m an indian student in SG. I have already applied for schengen visa in the french embassy on Dec 24. They had told me to collect my passport the next week tuesday(Dec 30). But in the collection slip, it was indicated on Jan 30. Was it a mistake?
    Do we have to take an appoint for passport collection? Or we just walk in and produce the collection slip

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Sorry for just replying. I have not checked nor updated my blog for a long time as am away for holidays.

      Every applicant is given a designated date for passport collection. Maybe it was a mistake or typo error. I hope you’re able to get your visa now.

      Happy New Year!

  43. Hi Mafey,
    I m an indian student in SG. I have already applied for schengen visa in the french embassy on Dec 24. They had told me to collect my passport the next week tuesday(Dec 30). But in the collection slip, it was indicated on Jan 30. Was it a mistake?
    Do we have to take an appoint for passport collection? Or we just walk in and produce the collection slip

  44. Hi! Just want to ask as i am planning to visit Greece in May, does my hotel accomodation need to be a confirmed booking or just a reservation? Thanks:))

    1. Hi,

      Usually when you book a reservation for hotel accommodation you receive a confirmation afterwards. You can’t make a reservation unless it is confirmed.

      Good luck to your Greece visit!

  45. Hi Mafey,

    I’ve been reading this blog as my reference for my shengen visa application (france)… I’d like to ask lang po if needed pa ba mag submit ng cover letter with details/itinerary of your trip as this was not stated in the requirements… and if yes, do I also have to include the itinerary sa other country (Spain)? confused lang po. Thanks ahead 🙂


  46. Hi Mafey,

    I’ve been reading this blog as my reference for my shengen visa application (france)… I’d like to ask lang po if needed pa ba mag submit ng cover letter with details/itinerary of your trip as this was not stated in the requirements… and if yes, do I also have to include the itinerary sa other country (Spain)? confused lang po. Thanks ahead 🙂


    1. Hi Mary,

      Yes for details of itinerary. But cover letter not needed.I copy and paste here item #6, in case you overlook the requirements:

      “6. Original and photocopy of proof of accommodation for the whole length of your stay in all Schengen countries. Address and dates should be stated. If you are going to stay with family, relatives or friends, there is a form (Attestation d’Accueil) which must be obtained from the city hall of the Schengen country you are going to visit.”

  47. Hi may i know how would i know if i could pick up my visa already? I applied last monday theyve sent a msg stating that a decision have been made etc etc. Regarding my visa application with the rrference no. Is this a que that my visa is ready already? Thanks!

    1. At the time of application, the embassy usually informs the schedule of visa collection by issuing the applicant the collection slip. Unless, they introduce a new way. A decision made can be a “yes” or “no”. You may contact the embassy for this. Hope you get the visa!

  48. hiiii! this is a very good read! i will be visiting athens and paris this august. may i ask what will be the best month or date for me to get the schengen?
    i will be staying in greece for 4 days and 3 days in paris.

    1. Hi. The requirements for obtaining a visa does not change regardless of month or date. You have to schedule an online appointment prior to this. So I guess the question which is the best month or date IS irrelevant.

  49. Hello, im from singapore. Im going with my friend who is holding indian passport and holding student pass for 3 years in singapore. Can i check to you, do i really need to book the ticket of flight and accommodation before applying the visa? What if the visa got rejected. And we are planning to go a few country in europe, i still cant decide on accommodation still. So please advice. We are going for 1 month europe trip. To celebrate my birthday. Thanks

    1. Hi. You can opt to book a reservation ticket first if you don’t want to risk spending much in case of visa rejection. You need to book accommodation too for all the places you are intending to visit. As the embassy will ask for it.

      You are lucky for not having to go thru this tedious procedure. Good luck to your friend and have a great birthday celebration in EU!

  50. gooddey, i just wanna know if i have Greece schenegen, it;s possible for me to stop in any Schenegen state without getting to Greece first,

    1. Hi. Usually the embassy suggests to apply/ get Schengen Visa to the country of your first destination. As per my experience, when I traveled to Europe again I did not visit Greece nor I was questioned at the Immigration. But to make sure, I suggest that you contact the embassy about it.

  51. hi mafey,

    follow up question lang po. im worried if we are to submit a letter from company (stating the dates of leave approved,etc) and they approve the visa but for the approved dates of our leave only, pano kaya gagawin nmin? kc ive read somewhere that normally your 1st visa will be approved only on the dates that you stated. (from my inquiry above,we’re planning to resign from our jobs here in sg and travel for 2 months in europe and uk before going back to pinas). it might not always be the case, but what if? nwz when u did it last time (resign then travel to europe) were u given a multi-entry visa?

    thanks much! “,)

    1. Hi Chichi,
      Is this your first time to apply Schengen Visa?
      Just to share my experience. When I travel to Europe for the very first time – I was given a multiple entry but yes the date given was almost exactly falls on those dates that I am traveling. It’s tricky right, what’s the use of having a multiple entry when I won’t be able to use it anymore for my next visit. For the succeeding ones, I was given 3 months and then 6 months, then 1 year, and then another 1 year again.
      All the time I applied for Schengen Visa I was issued a multiple entry. The time I decided to go for backpacking and resign from my job when I was given 6 months valid, multiple entry and can travel for 90 days. I didn’t ask for it. I was actually surprised. So I thought, it’s time to go for my dream 🙂

      1. yup it’s actually our first time 🙂 well i guess we’ll just hope for the best. if they give us the exact dates, mapapaikli tour nmin. maybe we’ll just hop on to other countries na walang visa requirement. lol 😜

  52. Hello Mafey,

    I am a Turkish girl who is going to get married to a Filipino next year and we are planning to go to Greek islands (Santorini, Mykanos, Athens) for 4 days with a cruise for our honeymoon. He needs visa for both Turkey and Greece. I will be sponsor for him for both Turkish and Grek visa application. He is working for a company in Manila. I have some questions in my mind… First of all, how much does he need in the bank to state? (I will also send my bank statement and employment sheet — I work for government and I have UK, Italy, Lithuania visas)
    Secondly, the cruise will start from Turkey and end in Turkey. Do we need to apply for visa from Turkey? (I really don’t know how long it will take to get the visa for a foreigner in Turkey to get a visa).
    Thirdly, we will book the tour by a Turkish tour agency… Do we need to translate it into English or Just let it in Turkish?
    And lastly, can you wish us luck??? Thank you very much in advance….

    1. Hi Selcen,

      First, Congratulations and Best Wishes! 🙂

      To answer your questions:
      1) For the bank statement, to be honest, I don’t know how much should he state/ declare. He has to ensure though that it must be more than/ or sufficient enough for his stay. Since you have mentioned that you will sponsor him. When applying for Schengen Visa for example, when the applicant does not have sufficient money. Usually, the use of sponsor is to guarantee that he/ she will shoulder the expenses. That is for Europe. For visa to Turkey, I have friends who visited Turkey and was able to obtain visa thru online application. (I have some clarifications to ask you later).

      2) If your would be husband is currently living in the Philippines, then he has to apply the visas for Turkey and Schengen in Manila.

      3) Which do you think will be of greater benefit for both of you – English or Turkish? Does your Filipino boyfriend speaks Turkish?

      The clarifications I wish to ask which might be of help in your preparation/ decision for visa application:
      Your have mentioned your boyfriend is based in Manila. If you are getting married in the Philippines, the visa that you might be needing to apply for Turkey might be different. If you are going to get married in Turkey, then maybe he needs a fiance/ fiancee visa. The visa your would be husband needed at the time of application depends on the status of your relationship.

      Hope it helps!

  53. Hi! Very helpful information! Just one question, did you have to book your train tickets within Europe before applying for a visa? Thank you!

    1. Hi Princess, Thank you. I did not. I have submitted only my flight schedule. However, if you plan to book train tickets in advance (which accordingly relatively cheaper) I guess, it’s OK.

  54. Hi mafy. my schengen visa issued by french embassy sg is still valid and i would like to make use of it again. However, i would like to make use of it only after my vacation in manila which means my point of departure will already be in manila and not in sg and by that time obviously i am no longer employed in sg. My question is can i still use that visa or do u think i will have problems in the immigration both in manila and when i get to my destination? What do u think i should be prepared to answer to and what extra documents do i need to have? Appreciate your reply.

    1. Hi. Yes you can definitely use the visa again. I have done it before. BUT I flew from Singapore.

      From my experience, I find it more difficult to fly from our own country. (I was off loaded once) that was when I resigned from my job (I didn’t work for 6 months). Had backpacked in EU and I was flying back to Singapore from Clark (I chose it coz it’s cheapest) to attend my graduation ceremony on that day. And you know sh*#t happens.

      I don’t think you will have problems in your EU destination. But in Manila, most likely. Be prepared, yes. You must have a proof of your return ticket. They might ask as well about the details of your accommodation, what’s the purpose of your travel, the places you will be visiting in Europe, how much money you have, how many days you will stay etc. Try to think of all the possible questions the Immigration Officer might throw at you and think of how you will answer it. Be confident. Most of all, be truthful. If you are going for tourism purposes there is nothing to be feared of OR if otherwise, you might face the music.

      Are you currently employed in Manila? The circumstances might change.

      Hope my thoughts somehow help you. Good luck!

  55. Hi mafey,

    Question lang. Hope u can help. Im UK resident, pinoy citizenship, working in sg. My pass expires on July and dont have plan to renew my employment here in SG. Im flying back to uk in july and plans to go in paris / vienna . Though im a uk resident i still need schengen, so can i apply schengen here in SG before my workpass expires ?


    1. Hi King,
      Yes you can. Since you are still/ officially a resident of Singapore.
      But why apply for Schengen visa when you have mentioned you are a UK resident. I do understand that if a UK resident decide to travel in the countries member of the Schengen area, you don’t need to apply for visa. However, you still need a visa which should be issued within 15 days and is free of charge. Bakit hindi ito yung i-avail mo.

      1. Hi Mafey,

        I still need the Schengen Visa kasi im not UK citizen, resident lang ako , still holding PH passport. Nabasa ko kasi sa previous reply mo na ” the Visa Officer will definitely ask for a valid pass within the period of your travel schedule”, . how about my case? definitely, i wont be having a SG valid pass within my scheduled travel? will it affect my application? I could apply my schengen in UK pero gusto ko sana dto magapply para I could travel sa Austria before ako umuwi ng UK.

      2. Hi King,

        I fully understand you. We are on the same boat. A slightly different situation but the same concern. Nagbitiw na rin kasi ako sa trabaho at ang plano is mag-backpack for at least a month, 2, 3… or maybe 6 months maximum. And the constraint is, ang visa ko, although multiple entry, ay hanggang Agosto na lang ang validity. Last year ko pa kasi yun but I was unable to use it.

        I wrote an email to the French Embassy a couple of days back. Explained to them in detailed about my plan. I did not hide anything. I tried to be transparent as much as I can, what will I do there, here and there. I asked them shall I apply for a visa extension or shall I lodge a new tourist visa application. Because once I’m at any EU country I would not be allowed to apply visa there but from my country of residence. I’ve cited that this is one possible scenario I am trying to avoid not only it will incur more cost but simply it’s not practical. Adding that I don’t want to break any laws or existing rules and regulations of those countries I am going to visit. I’ve asked them about any feasible options they could possibly give me. I further asked them, shall I apply in Singapore or in the Philippines.

        Yet as of this writing I have not heard any response from them. I can only assume that they might have been overwhelmed about my plans! Let’s hope and see next week. If I will not hear from them, I will give them a call or write another follow up email. I will share with you how it goes. At the same time, I have to have other alternatives. Good thing about being spontaneous, I always leave more room for the unknown and let things unfold on its own which often led me to unexpected adventures! 🙂

  56. Hi mafey,hope u can help me on this.just got our uk visa today..this coming 25 we will submit our requirements in german embassy for schengen visa.we stay on my cousin’s place and we got the invitation letter too.question is we plan to go other schengen states and stay for how many days on my other cousins but we dont have invitation letter from will i write my itinerary to show them that we will stay all the time in germany?or do we need itinerary since we have sponsor?thanks

    1. Hi Raquel, whether you will stay at your relatives or in a hotel, you need to submit a complete itinerary for your entire stay at any Schengen country. If you want to show you are staying entirely in Germany then you have to stretch your itinerary.

      By the way, would you mind to share your experience about obtaining a UK visa. Did you apply via VFS? Thanks.

  57. hi maf,

    I’m filling up the form and wondering what to write on question no. 28 “Entry permit for the final country of destination”

    I’m working in Singapore but is currently on Spass only.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi! I just collected my passport yesterday (it was ready on the 16th but I needed to go to work😳)

      Nwz, my visa was approved! They gave me 30 days! Yey!

      Thanks Maf for all the help! 🙂

      1. Hi Chichi! Yay congratulations!!! You are most welcome! Enjoy and have a great time in your Europe escapade! 😀

  58. Hi Maf, i read all the concerns here and felt great that you take time to reply..
    My concern is i’ll be applying for a Schengen visa next year, sponsored by a friend in Europe, but my contract here in Vietnam will expire in May and my planned trip will be in June, are there any means aside from the proof of employment they require? I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

    1. Hi Joie!
      Am not sure if I understand fully your question. If you will take time to look again at the requirements stated above – proof of employment is just one of those many requirements. As long as you meet all those written requirements in the checklist, you would be OK.

      Maybe it will help if you can drop an email to the embassy (you will be applying in Vietnam right?) and state your current situation and ask them what best advice they can give you. I have done that and most of the time it works 🙂

      All the best to you!

      1. Omg, sorry I just read your replies, never get notified though 😦
        I read that link already before I clicked the comment, and the concern was #8. I am not sure if they will still consider my proof of employment if my contract has expired already prior to my trip, like contract expiration is May, and travel will be June. 😦
        Anyhow ill send an email to the embassy for inquiries, just like your advice. Thank you so much Maf, and hope this will work! Enjoy and take extra care on your trips! 😉

      2. Hello Joie! Apologies too for just responding! I constantly move and somewhat fixated to every place I am visiting. I think “fascinated” is the right word ;). You mentioned #8 was your concern. Before I left my job in Singapore and jump into this big trip, that was mainly my concern too because I already resigned from my job 2 months ago before I applied for the new Schengen Visa. I wrote an email to the embassy and explained to them in detail about my travel plans and work situation. I didn’t hide anything. You know I always believe in “transparency” and “honesty” in dealing with anything. And based from my experience, it always work. Well, almost. When you explain to them your situation, they can give you a sound and better advice so you will know the next step that you have to take and decision/s you have to make. I hope it works for you.

        You are most welcome and thank you! 🙂 Lovely greetings from Czech Republic 😀

  59. hi ,,im chery and I really want to go to Greece as tourist,,can you please give a clue on how much show money I need to show for 10 days stay,,,and also if I can have a chance to get a tourist visa if im not employes,,coz I just came from other country and finished my contract so I am worried maybe they wont grant a visa for me if I don’t have a paper to show for employment,,,thankyou so much,,please help,,,

    1. Hi. They don’t ask for show money. If you are currently unemployed, maybe you can declare as self-employed. If you have further enquiries I suggest you email them directly. Thanks

      1. hi mafey I really appreciate ur reply,by the way where did u go for the application of ur visa?did u go to the French embassy or greek consulate?coz I searched before dat in French embassy they don’t do the interview part..but my plan is just visit Greece…and they say that if ur gonna visit multiple countries in eu zone then u have to pass the visa req to the country where u will stay longer..what about u did u go to multiple counties in the eu zone?

      2. Hi Cheryl, at the French Embassy. In Singapore, the Greek Consulate does NOT process the visa. Why worry about multiple countries in the EU Schengen area when you are only intending to visit Greece? Please don¨t confuse yourself with stuff that are not complicated at all. Good luck!

  60. Hi mafel, can you advise please if i can still change my hotel bookings after getting schengen visa approved?

  61. Hi thank you for sharing if how to apply visa.
    Im filipina and married with singaporean and planning to celebrate our 11th yrs Anniversary in Europe. My question is what requirements should i submit because im not working and only housewife.
    But my husband is Electrical Engineer.
    I hope u can find time to reply my question thank you so much.

    1. Hi ate Amie,
      When you get to the website of let say, French Embassy in Singapore, you will read on the visa requirements, there is a part that stipulates what documents they require if you are a homemaker or a housewife. It is almost the same. I think there are additional documents that they might ask from the side of your husband. Once you have read it, if you have other clarifications or further questions you may contact the embassy so they can assist you accordingly. Good luck po!

  62. me and my husband are from Nepal,we like to have schengen visa and schengen card so which schengen country is easy to get visa and is cheap to travel and stay there.i had travel to Denmark for 1month before one year and my husband to uk and USA but is in old passport. can these old visa will be useful for the schengen visa? can someone write me details in my email:
    i would be thankful to you.

    1. Hi Alinka,
      Traveling to eastern European part is usually cheaper than the west. Any country in the Schengen area has almost the same requirements so I cannot say which country is easier to get a visa. The premise is as long as you meet the requirements for tourist visa chances are you will have it. As per my last Schengen visa application, inclusion of old visas are part now part of the requirements so your previous visas might be useful. Good luck to your visa application!

  63. Hi this blog is very helpful. I will be attending his year’s NATAS hope I could meet you there so I could bombard you with all my questions 🙂

    1. Hi Melai,
      They don’t ask for show money when you apply for Schengen visa.
      They ask for the last 2 months bank statement though.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      1. Thanks for the response. 🙂 Do you have a contact form in your blog? I couldn’t find it. I want to ask some other details that may not be appropriate in the comments. Hehe!

        Take care Mafey!

  64. I found your blog from Google search (Thanks), your blog has a lot of information about Schengen Visa and that helps a lot. I am a currently living in Saudi for work although I am from Spain with Filipino parents. I also have a blog called . Great blog !

  65. hi maftravelgraphy,

    Happy for you that you able to travel in Europe. With generous multi entry and 90 days. Would like to us during filling up your application form what did you on number of required visa single, double or multi entry?
    Have a good day!


      1. Hi thanks for your reply. Ohh sorry. The apllication form will ask you ” number of required entry” and there is a choice there single, double and multiply. When you apply what did you choose? Considering the consul give you multiple entry.
        Thanks and have a good day!

  66. Hi Maam I just have a question regarding me going to Greece for a short term visa with my Greek husband then while in Greece can I apply at the German Embassy in Greece for a spouse visa to live with my husband together in Germany because as if the moment we don’t have time to apply German visa together with my short term visa to Greece. Do you think it’s possible to take it from Greece . Thank you hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for asking. But my opinion may not be what you need. I suggest that you contact the proper authority (in this case, the German Embassy in Greece) so you’ll receive the necessary advice in your situation.
      Good luck!

      1. Hi Ms Mafey,

        Can you please enlighten me on my worries. I am here in Singapore holding s pass. I apply schengen visa in Italian embassy and they grant me short term visa. I am planning to travel in Italy but I need to go back to Philippines first for 2 days before I fly to Italy. Is it possible for me to travel from Philippines to Italy directly? I will book a ticket from Singapore Airlines manila to milan return milan to Singapore since I’m working in Singapore. Is that possible? Hope you can give me advise. Thank you.


      2. Hi Michelle,
        I think it is possible. Since you reside in Singapore. Although you will be departing from the Philippines to Italy but you mentioned you are returning to Singapore. So, it makes sense.
        I would suggest further if you can call the Italian Embassy in Singapore or perhaps contact the Italian Embassy in the Philippines. My worry is when you are at NAIA airport, you know how people works there – they might ask you why did you not fly from Singapore since you have got your Schengen Visa there? Why in the Philippines? How will you answer them? From their viewpoint, it might look a little suspicious. But if you are clear with your purpose or intention then you have nothing to fear.
        All the best from Stockholm!

  67. Hi Ms Mafey,

    Can you please enlighten me on my worries. I am here in Singapore holding s pass. I apply schengen visa in Italian embassy and they grant me short term visa. I am planning to travel in Italy but I need to go back to Philippines first for 2 days before I fly to Italy. Is it possible for me to travel from Philippines to Italy directly? I will book a ticket from Singapore Airlines manila to milan return milan to Singapore since I’m working in Singapore. Is that possible? Hope you can give me advise. Thank you.

  68. Hi Mafey,

    Hi, thanks for being a great help to the fellow Filipinos here in SG. I did read all the email threads and wow, thank you for being so nice and accomodation with all the questions.. And I guess,now it’s my turn.😬

    I am planning to apply for a Schengen Visa at the Embassy of Italy here in Singapore. I’m currently on Spass which will be expiring Aug2017. But here’s the thing, I just resigned and have a notice period of 3 months which will end in October. Is it feasible to intend travelling in November (got the employment cert and approved leaves before i resigned) because by that time, I’ll be holding just a visit pass? Also, are the consuls checking with the Employer? Because I’m afraid that they will be calling and they will be aware that I am already rendering.. Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your patience reading that 200plus comments! It means your questions are definitely not redundant!
      Yes, it is feasible. You may need to modify your actual itinerary
      I think the embassies do random checking.
      Just to share my last visa application experience. It was last June 2015. I resigned from my job since April 2015. I need 2 months notice. I walked-in to the embassy because I wanted to get an immediate answer to my concerns and so that I can follow up right there and then. I explained to them my detailed plan. I tried to be as transparent as I could. And yes I told them I already resigned from my job. I seek their advise. The MOST FEASIBLE AND REALISTIC one since I don’t know what to do with my situation. To cut it short, they sent me an email stating, I am “exceptionally invited” to send my visa application. It was last week of June and in the same week I got it because that same weekend (July) I flew out of Singapore, never knowing that that EU adventure will last for 1 year. I came back to SG again after 1 year.
      What I am trying to say, is when you express your personal concern in the most sincerest and transparent way – you get what you don’t expect. I had 1 year visa and the best part was I was able to stay for another 90 days for 2nd semester in the Schengen zone but I learned about it only this year when I inquired for visa extension at the French Embassy in Tirana, Albania. I had a total of 180 days in the Schengen zone and almost up to 3 months in the non Schengen

      By the way, before I end this long reply, please know that Italian Embassy in Singapore – the visa application is being handled by a 3rd party called VFS Global The French Embassy almost handed me to them last year.

      All the best to you!

      1. Hi Mafey,

        Wow thats inspiring! Thanks for the encouragement thru your story as I am going through the same thing right now. Btw, which embassy did you walk in to ask for further questions? Can i also email them about it? Especially the Italian Embassy is via VFS, i dont think they are able to advise about it.. Thanks Mafey, you’re so accomodating. 😊

  69. Hi Mafey!

    I saw your blog and it is very helpful for those fellow Filipinos who are based in Singapore. I just want to ask an advice from you, baka lang po may knowledge ka about it. 😬

    Do you have any experience applying in Italian Embassy or have you heard any stories from friends who apply for Schengen visa via Italian Embassy? Coz I’m not sure if they are more strict compare to other embassies. Kasi, im a bit hesitant whether I’ll apply visa with my mother’s invitation for accomodation, or i’ll just apply nalng as a tourist visa. She is a permanent Resident in Italy for more than 20 years na. My intention nmn is to have vacation lang, kaya lang kase diba minsan, sobrang paranoid sila akala lagi hindi na babalik hehe. Kaya mejo pinag iisipan ko, if it would help kng may invitation ako sa mother ko or it would make my chances low to have a visa.

    Hope to hear your thoughts Mafey! And thank you for sharing this blog. 😊


    1. Hi Lexi,
      Apologies for late response. I almost applied at the Italian Embassy from my last Schengen Visa. Initially, the French Embassy refused my application since the longest time that I am going to stay at the time of my application was in Malta. In Singapore, Malta is officially represented by Italian Embassy. But please know that Italian Embassy in Singapore is handled by VFS (please google should you need more info about it). Thing is if your tourist visa is processed by VFS you will pay more because they take extra charge for service fee.

      If you are invited by your mother, does it means that your mother is going to finance your entire stay in Europe? Because there is a form that you need to send to the embassy coming from the side of your mother. However, if you are going to finance your stay while your accommodation will be provided by your mother, my personal take is if you don’t want to cause more inconvenience on your mother then just book a hotel or hostel then you can do modification afterward. (ang ibig ko lang sabihin dito, pede mong ikancel ang hotel kung me libre ka talagang matitirhan. Me mga booking site na libre ang pag bo book at hindi mo kelangang magbayad so hindi ka magagastusan, halimbawa,, ang hostel world at hostelsbookers naman may charge sya. Kumbaga para lang sya sa application purposes. Tinagalog ko talaga ha para di maintidihan ng embahada 🙂

      Good luck and all the best to you!

  70. Hi Mafey,

    I’ve read through your blog before. Just wanna seek your advice. I’m planning to go Berlin Germany this October for 5 days (but to count/include the travel time, it would be 7 days). Here are my few questions:
    *How long do i have to put on item 25 “Length of Stay”? Should I write in 5 days or 7 days?
    *On item 27 “Fingerprints” : I’ve already had a multiple schengen visa for 3 months before (applied at French Embassy in Singapore), this may sound really lame but I’ve totally forgotten if I did one before! lol

    Also, I’ll be applying at the German embassy here in Singapore this time so I would love if you could share a bit of your experience from the German embassy here if you have any 🙂

    Thanks and happy travelling.



      1. One more thing 😀 I saw your current blog and you’ve just been to Berlin, would also love if you could share on cost/expenses/estimated budget for a 7 day Germany trip (perhaps 3 days Berlin, 2 days Munich or whichever works). Thanks a lot Mafey!



      2. I was in Berlin for about 2 weeks but I did some volunteer work there. Due to some mishaps I was forced to return to Berlin and stayed for another 5 days. In hostel, I paid about 16 or 18 euros per night. If you are lucky you can find, as low as 10 euros for dormitory type. You can get a meal for as low as 5 or 6 euros. Let say, you allot 10 euros per meal. For normal train ride, let say you are traveling from the city to suburbs, train ticket cost about 8 euros. When you commute by bus around the city you pay about 1.5 euros. You can have a projected cost for the number of days you will be staying in Germany. Munich is a bit expensive than Berlin. But in general, for a western standard, Germany is one of the cheapest place you can visit. Considering this is quite close to Scandinavia.

        Good luck!

    1. IHi Mary,
      My experience with German Embassy was quite a loOOng time, 8 years ago! I find it weird that they gave me multiple entry but I can only stay for 6 days in Germany! Seriously.

      The travel time is included, so you have to put 7 days I guess.

      All the best!

      1. Hi Mafey!

        Thanks a lot for the tips/info. Will take note on that.

        Btw, how long was the processing/approval? And re dun sa 6days grant mo, so bale 6days lang din yung in apply mo na stay sa germany at that time? Now i’m a little worried kasi i might extend to 10days instead of 5 but ung company letter and leave ko kasi is good for 5days time lang

      2. Hi Mary, To be honest I couldn’t remember… visiting Germany at that time was just a side trip. I was mainly about to go to Switzerland. But that time, Switzerland has not yet joined Schengen. You can check with the German Embassy. Am pretty sure, there were changes that took place for the past 8 years. Don’t worry too much! You can modify your itinerary when you get the visa!

      3. Hi Mafey! Thanks for your advice and for sharing your experiences. It helps a lot! Btw, i’ve already done my visa appointment. However, i have a question lang coz i’m just a bit confused (and kinda anxious), hindi na kasi ako nag fingerprint/biometrics & photo. Is that normal though? Since i’ve already applied for a schengen visa previously just a year ago (i assumed). Had this happened to you too?

  71. Hi Mafey,

    I got my Schengen visa approved two days ago! I applied it via Italian Embassy. I was only given a single entry with a maximum days allowed of 9 days. I just have some questions if you dont mind me asking for your advice..

    Single Entry? Does that mean I am only restricted to stay in Italy or I can go anywhere as long as it is Schengen State and in total, 9 days lang ako? Plan ko po kc to go Spain kht 2days lang. My visa states ‘stati schengen’. Also, when I applied for my visa and present all my supporting documents, I chose Rome airport. Since my visa na ako and im going to purchase the ticket, can I take a different airport then which is a lot cheaper in price or I need to stick with Rome airport since yun yung pinasa ko saknla that time. And last na po talaga, i did book hotel bookings sa pero icacancel ko din sya, kasi meron nmn tlga ako titirahan sa Italy. So in that case, kung cancelled na ang bookings ko at tinanong ako ng immigration before ako pumasok, machecheck paba nila if nacancel ko un hotels ko na un?

    Sorry andami ko tanong.

    Thanks Mafey!

    1. Single entry as the term implies mean YOU CAN ONLY ENTER IN THE SCHENGEN ZONE COUNTRIES ONCE. I assume you are familiar with the countries member of the Schengen. Go ahead with your modification but stick to the days of your allowed stay in the Schengen areas. The immigration normally ask the purpose of visit and where you are going.

      Have fun in Italya and Espanya!

  72. Hi Mafey

    This is a very helpful blog. Can I ask, what’s your answer on the application form No.18 , “Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality”, shall I answer Singapore since Im holding a work pass here? How about for question no 24, number of entries requested, will our chance of getting visa approval slimmer if we choose multiple entries, or is it better if we just choose single? For member state destination, we will just write our main destination right? We are going to different countries but we will be staying longer in Italy. Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes. That’s right.

      I don’t think requesting for single or multiple entry has bearing with visa approval or rejection. What is important is you meet all the requirements. It is your option to request for single or multiple entry. You have the right to do it. In the end, the decision is up to the Consul Officer anyway.

      You have to apply visa to the country where you will be staying longer number of days.

      Good luck!

  73. Hi Mafey,

    Good day! I was granted a Schengen Visa few weeks back via Italian Embassy and is now planning my Europe trip. I just want to ask your advice regarding the current situation Im dealing with. I’ll be staying at my relative’s house however when I applied for the visa, what i did was hotel reservations so as to save the hassle on part of my relative and eventually I cancelled these bookings. My dilemma right now is once I enter the Schengen country and is ask by the Immigration officer where should i be staying, should I just go ahead and informed/showed them the hotel accomodations (which I cancelled) or I have to tell them that i’ll be staying at my relative’s residence? what are the questions being asked by the border controls before you enter the Schengen country?
    Thank you and I hope to hear your advise. Btw, your blog is so informative. Thanks for sharing it.


    1. Hi. Just take it easy and enjoy. Relax.
      Whether you will stay at your relatives or at the hotel. Why worry? Be happy that you have a place to sleep on.
      Like, I mentioned – they usually ask the purpose of your travel and the destination/ places you will go and visit.
      Have fun and don’t forget to live the moment!

  74. Hi, just came across your blog when doing my research for Schengen visa application. Is Greece still part of Schengen area?

  75. Hi Mafey,
    It is really an informative blog that i ever read.
    I would like to know when you applied the visa to greece (through french embassy), did you stated for 6 months visit?
    Did you also provide the certificate from your employer (include the leave date for the 6 months).
    I am holding a work pass. To get the certification letter from employer for 6 months leave it sounds impossible.
    Do you think it will be Ok if i get 2 weeks leave date on the certificate letter from company but i request for 6 months visa. Because i tender resigantion after i get the visa.
    Please give me your advice.

    I have plan travel around europe and wish to get the 6 months visa as well, so i can fully enjoy my trip there.
    This is the 3rd time for me to travel to europe.

    Cheers, Lily.

  76. Hi,

    Can I ask you- If I am Employment Pass holder in SG, does it need to have 3 months validity as well?
    Mine is in the process of renewal, and current EP has a 2 month validity.

    However, my main travel document would be Passport, which has enough validity remaining.


  77. Hi Mafey,

    Not sure if I missed it in the comments but

    when you applied for your visa, did you indicate in your application form that you wanted MULTIPLE ENTRY?

    Thanks in advance!

  78. Hi Mafey,

    May I please ask if you also provided a “planned itinerary/cover letter” that states your day by day trip/itinerary on each state you are visiting. Kasi nabasa ko they require us to provide a cover letter stating the purpose of trip to Greece and itinerary.

    Hoping to hear ur response. My appointment is on the 12th of April.
    Thank you! 🙂

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