Against All Odds: How I’m Pushing Thru With My 2012 Euro Trip

One morning at work: What I’m dreading has just happened. My superior returned to my desk my leave application unsigned…

One evening at class: My teacher responded, “I don’t think we give advance exams…”

One afternoon, the airline carrier said: “Sorry Ma’am we could not re-book your ticket on your preferred date as all our flights are fully booked on that day. The only alternative I can give you is this and this… but you have to pay the regular fare which is… yeah, in short it’s like that, as if you’ll forfeit your previous ticket… ”

Allow me to share what I learned from my recent battle and how I made my way to move forward with my objective.

1. Take challenges as catalysts to keep you going.

Learning to look at problem as challenge makes the difference. When I treat my current situation as a challenge, I see hope, I became more optimistic that things could change eventually and work at my side. I am not really sure at all if it will happen that way. But learning to take things as challenge instead of problem makes the load lighter.

2. Walk your talk.

Do not talk and talk. When you set yourself a goal, keep it to your heart. No matter what the odds, keep walking towards your goal. Take action. Do something. Forego something if you need to. See the big picture. Take risk. Be resourceful. Deliver what you have promised. If you would possess an important aspect of your character, take integrity. Soon enough, you’ll realize everything you have set forth is within your hands.

3. Read blogs, lonely planet books and google search.

When I was going through this series of disappointment after disappointment, rejection, frustration which sure are the most unpleasant emotions you would want to happen to you. I was so focused on my setbacks that I lose sight of seeing the good. But in spite all these unpleasant things, I consciously shifted my attention to what makes me feel good. I read travel blogs related to the countries I want to visit, check my world atlas and try to locate those, some I can’t even pronounce rightly. I scan travel books and visit google search more often to help me understand the culture and give me an idea of the places I dream to see.

4. Consult locals. Even though there is no assurance I would be able to travel, I reach out to people living in those places I wish to visit. I always believe they are the best to liaise with.  While reading travel books and researching all the necessary info online are helpful, it is best complemented when there are locals who can help you, give some tips and ideas about just anything you would have not considered if not from them. For instance, I was really thankful to a local friend who help me find a cheaper way of flying within Europe. Before I only knew Ryanair, now there is easyJet. You can chance upon cheaper airfare via Aegean airlines or Olympic air when done months earlier. I was even able to book cheaper flight via Norwegian airlines from Oslo back to Athens. 🙂

5. Relax and keep a calm attitude. I think one of the most important qualities I’ve acquired through the years of working is to be diplomatic, the skill of being tactful in the art of negotiation. I used to be indiscreet (still I am sometimes ;-)), to the point that I would unintentionally hurt or shall I say bruise other’s ego? I speak my mind as it goes caring less on how it would affect other people, or my superior. I like to assert my rights and I don’t care whoever I am talking with. In the long run my impulsiveness veer away and I’ve learned to slow down and take things calmly. My easy going nature helps a lot, I think. 🙂

6. Rely in the power of Higher Being. If you think you have done everything you can within your power and sought all the possibilities but things are still not working favorably on your side, why not rest and let your concerns be known to God. God is an All-Knowing, All-Mighty, Supreme-Being. God makes all things possible. Full stop.

I can’t wait to see Greece, Italy and Norway. See you soon! 😀


8 thoughts on “Against All Odds: How I’m Pushing Thru With My 2012 Euro Trip

  1. super happy for you girl!! this is it!! Can’t wait to read your adventures soon 🙂 Btw, curious do you connect with the locals? would love to try that out but not like couchsurfing more on you can meet them for coffee and just talk 😀

    1. Girl, super thank you ha, I appreciate all your encouragement during those low moments.. na let go ko na yung mga nanigaw sa kin, naninira pag nakatalikod ako. Salamat sa Diyos at hindi nila ako nabuwag. Kaya tong travel na to sobrang iti-treasure ko sa hirap ba naman mga pinagdaanan natin bago makarating dito.

      Some of those locals I happen to meet from my previous travels. Couchcurfing and hospitality club are very useful if you could meet fellow travelers with the same wavelength. You will meet a lot of down to earth and accommodating people. Since lagi ka ring nagta travel I’m sure you are meeting a lot people from different places and that’s how we network :-).

      1. Mafs, it’s my pleasure to meet and know are an inspiration of not losing hope but to press on and of course the power of prayer 😀 Enjoy your adventure…pwede bang ilagay mo ako sa luggage hahahaha…I do hope I can travel with you para di ako maging shy hopefully next year since update na naman ng leaves 🙂

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