Favourite Travel Photos – My 7 Super Shots

I had no idea what am I getting into when I receive a tag from my friend Andrew Mamangun of trippingsbydrew.com to come up with my very own 7 Super Shots organized by HostelBookers challenge. I am glad that he includes me because I had fun, difficulty and enjoyable time doing this :-).

It was fun because while checking my file photos it brings back memories. While browsing, I can’t help but smile, feel sad, misses some place, wants to forget, hopes to stay forever etc all kinds of emotion. I find the exercise difficult at the same time because every place I visit I always have my favorite spur-of-the-moment shot. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had captured quite a few great shots (at least from my very own perception hihihi). Some of them were taken while I am at the bus, train or boat. So there the difficulty in choosing the best among the best from my thousands photo collections. It was totally enjoyable. I realize, taking photos has nothing to do (but of course it helps) with whatever camera you use whether DSLR or simply point & shoot but more often it’s how and when, the angle, the timing, the weather, how well all these coordinates with one another. Okay to be honest I don’t know about photography at all, I am just super duper grateful that I think I am given an eye to capture, be it landscape or people at the right time and place. The idea I think is being open to your surroundings, be totally spontaneous and be really aware of the place you are in. You’ll definitely capture something beautiful when you least expect it. So here it goes 🙂

1 – Takes my breath away

Coron Palawan, Philippines
Coron Palawan, Philippines

My recent visit in January with my mother made me fall in love all over again with the place. There is something magical about this Coron Island that mesmerizes me every time I went back. I will always be in full gratitude for the chance given to live there even for a very short period. I was too young and immature and was less concern about the big picture. I wish I had invested a little piece of land because given a chance again, I’d definitely live there! Coron Island as a protected area is under the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997 or RA 8371. Coron definitely takes my breath away!

2 – Makes me dream

Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

I was standing at the tower of Grossmünster church overlooking the entire city of Zurich. The feeling was so surreal, I can’t believe myself standing there, it was a lot like I am dreaming while wide awake! Switzerland being the first European country I had visited is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating place I had been. The architectural design of the buildings, hands down – the beautiful landscape, people greeting me “Gruezi” anywhere I go and the cleanliness is very impressive! Every household I had visited has a natural compost at their backyard. Having not even dreamt of going to Europe made me realize that anything is indeed possible, how much more if you dream? Zurich makes me dream!

3 – Makes me think

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

This is the exterior design of Sagrada Familia on a closer look. It makes me think what kind of brain Antoni Gaudi has! That his work of art continues to live until now. Being inspired by a great book of nature, in his work, one can discover the geometry of animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. Only a passionate artist can ever do this. Looking into myself in order to produce great stuff I have to be passionate in all that I do. How can I make something that will live forever? Still a question that sets me into thinking. Expiatory Temple of Sagrada Familia makes me think!

4 – Makes me laugh or smile

Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

The photo of Aunties having “siestas” at a bus stop really made me SMILE ^_^. I was walking at the suburb of New South Wales trying to look for the hidden secret of this quiet little town until I chance upon this group of oldies on a Sunday morning looks like having a great time. I had second thoughts whether I will take them photo or not. It was a very fast steal snapshot I’d say because I worry that they will stop me from doing so as I am intruding their intimate moments :-)). This photo reminds me of my grand mother, makes me smile and realize that anywhere in the world, although there are differences, we are actually a lot like alike :-).

5 – Makes my mouth water

Dortmund, Germany
Dortmund, Germany

When I was browsing my files, I realized I had not had so many photos of food because my interest is more on landscape, architecture and people. When I come across this homemade Tiramisu, it suddenly makes my mouth water. Do you know that metaphorically, Tiramisu means “make me happy” :-). This was how it made me feel particularly that it was especially baked for me by someone who treats me as her own daughter. Knowing that I suck when it comes to cooking, baking or anything related to kitchen makes me admire someone who is good at it. So if you have excellent cooking skills, I love you already! ;-)).

6 – Tells a story

Versailles, France
Versailles, France

I had said that sometimes you happen to take great shots when you least expect it. This photo of Grand Canal in Palace de Versailles would not look dramatic if not for the cyclists who happen by chance was fairly distributed that add up to the balance and that made this shot more stunning. I myself as a cyclist has dreamed of I wish to do that there too. And this photo also reminds me of some pretty interesting stuff. Like a blessing in disguise that we did get lost. Otherwise, I would have lost the chance to capture this beautiful photo. Plus, it reminds me of the beauty of always living in the moment. That there’s no point of dwelling on the mishaps, it’s a normal part of adventure. So instead of worrying about waiting I savor the moment and take as many photos as I can, of everything beautiful surrounding me.

7 – My most proud of (aka most worthy of National Geographic shot)

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

It was the most difficult decision that I had come up with because there are many competitive photos that wants to be place here hihihi. I pick this postcard perfect photo of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple; I was at the other side of Lake Beratan when I took this snapshot. Why it deserves to be most worthy of National Geographic shot is because this half-day planned visit turned whole day. My hired motorbike broke down two times on the way up to Bedugul from Kuta. Thanks to my two Balinese guide who had knowledge in fixing the spare parts not having any repair shops in the middle of the mountain could be alarming. Somehow, wow I’m impressed how mishaps can turn into adventure. And if I may add, it was drizzling when we finally reach the place where the thick clouds is covering the mountain backdrop so I waited patiently for the weather to get better and the mountain to show up again and walk through the other side of the lake to be able to capture a more dramatic subject and I’m happy with the outcome :-).

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my very own 7 Super Shots! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Favourite Travel Photos – My 7 Super Shots

  1. Thanks for doing the challenge Mafey! Hope you enjoyed. In my opinion, all of your photos are dreamy. Number 6 being the dreamiest 🙂

  2. Hi Mafs, ngayon lang me nakapag-view sa yong blog, I’m so proud of you! Para ka ng professional photographer. I like all your entries, but I agree with Drew, #6 is the best. Added attraction don yong mga cyclist, parang well plan ang pagba-bike nila. Timing yong mga distances nila with each other, especially yong nasa center at very timing din yong pagkaka-shot mo sa kanila, hehehe. How’s the contest, may napasama ba sa mga entries mo? Keep it up! God bless… ♥

    1. Hello po Tita Cors. Thank you for visiting once again and for being my fan in photography :-P. Sa totoo lang po di ko talaga alam itong chain na ‘to, naki-join lang po ako for fun 😀 Thanks po ulit ❤

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