Side Trip to KL (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I’m very spontaneous. –Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle summed it up, I am like that =).

It’s good to fly cheaper but I think you have to be ready with the downsides like when the time kept changing. This is what happen with my recent experience with Air Asia. I got several text messages and email about the changes. I’m glad though that they gave me the flexibility to choose. I delayed my flight a bit, opted to stay for one day and one night in KL, ended up sitting in a first row.

There are always related consequences though. Like I was not able to come back to work on the day I am expected to show up. I failed to inform my colleague about my extended absence. I have to pay for the cost. There is no such thing as free lunch really. I need to regulate my being addicted to traveling.

I’ve been to KL a few times. The last time was with my mother and sisters. No matter how many times I’ve been to a place, it’s always as if something new. I think that’s a reality. No experience is being repeated. Akin to the recent visit, I learned a cheaper way of going to the city from the airport. Not opting to take taxi but express shuttle bus. Here it is:-

From KL airport to city – take express shuttle bus to the city for 8 ringgits! Travel time is around 1.5 hours due to traffic. Alight at Pudu Central, if you will be staying at the Chinatown area. You can continue with the ride depending on which part of the city you will be staying. The bus stops from time to time.

Going to airport from the city – take express star shuttle bus again. This time the fare is 12 ringgits!!! I don’t know why it’s 4 ringgits higher! I have no time to argue with the bus driver assistant. Similarly, take the bus express NOT at the bus station but in between Maybank and Mydin building. Just opposite Pudu Sentral. Sorry, it’s purely landmark coz I have no idea about its street name. I hope it will somehow help someone who would be taking a similar trip. I write it here for easy reference. As I think it will definitely be useful the next time I head back to KL again, I can easily check it.

Notes from the Trip:

 ü        I wish to see Batu Caves. I was told it’s 45 to 60 minutes bus ride from the city. I thought I have enough time to do it since my trip has been extended.

ü        I have no place yet to stay. I was told there are many hostels in Chinatown. I went there  and after checking a few hostels; I decided to go for Grocers Inn. 15 ringgits for dorm. I thought it’s a very good deal, since when I stayed at Kota Kinabalu my hostel’s rate per night is almost 3X higher than this. My local friends even teased me, I am staying at a 5-star hostel =)

ü        After I checked in, I went inside the dorm and was greeted by Jessie from Netherlands. We chatted a bit about where we’ve been, and where will be going next after KL. Daniel, the guy from New Zealand joined in the discussion. They told me the lady at the adjacent bed is from Philippines. She was awaken maybe because of the noise? We smiled and greeted each other. She then told me, there was no more space at the dorm at that time. Oh my where will I sleep? I asked. Jen was kind enough to help me settle the thing. She went down to talk to Steven,  the Indian receptionist. To cut the long discussion short:- there was really no available space for that night. Steven decided to let me occupy a private (solo) air conditioned room for a night. And that’s for 15 ringgits ONLY! I thought the luck is on my side. Thank you for the miscommunication, I ended up at a better place *_;) Shukriya Steven! =)

ü        Daniel and Jessie kept teasing how lucky I could get. Daniel then invited that we go around. After roaming around Chinatown and went to the night market, we look for restaurant to have dinner. Jessie suggested a place and we all agreed. They both ordered noodles while I had my fried beef rice. I miss rice =)! Highlight:- we were all sort of in a vigorous discussion about the challenges facing by the developed and developing countries, talked about political and economic issues, then humanitarian cause etc etc. And then Daniel, suddenly noticed a chopped blue plastic pellets in his food. He called the person to convey what he saw. We were a little alarmed, we checked our own food too. The proud old Chinese gay guy (yes he is an uncouth gay, I’m sorry to say this, I love gays but I just couldn’t stand arrogant people) approached us and plainly said it was nothing. “Plastic stuff is just a minor thing, it’s not even insects or whatever so there’s nothing to worry.” Daniel suggested he should not pay for the food because of that. But the guy said:- “you have almost finished the food so you have to pay.” “But what if something happens to me?” “That’s your problem, if you wish to go to hospital you can just look for me here!” in a high pitch tone. Daniel has remained composed and diplomatic despite the fact that the guy’s tone was almost in a fighting mode. We decided to leave quickly after paying our bill as it seems that the argument will go nowhere. I told them, that guy could have at least said:- “Sorry,  they will try their best to ensure  next time the safety of the food they will cook so it won’t happen anymore.” But the guy even added:-  “you can put it in the internet, wifi, wireless, blogs whatever! I don’t care!”. So here it goes hehe. I just wish to give him a negative (-100%) customer service. Our concern actually is no longer for us but to other people who will come and dine in their restaurant.

ü        We need to get some fresh air! We resolve, we cannot really choose how people will react but we can always choose how we will respond to a certain situation. We keep walking around bought fruits and drinks and happen to watch a Malay cultural dance. After a few minutes we cool down a bit and my two buddies want to drink beer.

ü  We went to a reggae bar. The two of them ordered beers. Since I don’t really drink, I told them I will just join and enjoy listening to the relaxing sounds of reggae music. But the bartender kept on coming back to me to get my order. So I was somehow forced to choose. Ordered the ladies drink – vodka margarita banana flavour (something like that). And after my drink has been served I asked where is banana and why it was orange? The bartender said they don’t have banana. Gosh, ok enuff said. We call it a night and we head back to our hostel before midnight.

ü  Since I am staying in a solo private room, I was able to take good rest and so Batu Caves happens in dreams ^^. I don’t even know why I didn’t hear my alarm clock. I guess the alcohol has had effects on me. I slept too long that I’ve got only 3 hours left to catch my next flight. The receptionist the next day happens to be an old Chinese lady who were obviously pissed off with me because she was not happy I stayed at a private room for 15 ringgits. I told her it was not my fault. I gave her my room key and left. I still said my goodbye thank you even if her reaction annoyed me a lot.

Spontaneous decision. Unanticipated events. You can tell how the society is thru it’s people.


2 thoughts on “Side Trip to KL (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  1. I remember booking a spontaneous trip to KL too for an Easter weekend three days before the departure. It was worth it. We stayed at Bukit Bintang and roamed around the area. I love the gays too and the gay bar we found was a lot of fun! Maraming drag queens.

    1. I see we have something in common, being spontaneous is a lot of fun particularly when you didn’t expect anything at all, life throws you many surprises =)

      Thanks for dropping by again Kate. And a little off-topic sana ok lang ang lagay mo dyan sa Tsina? lalo na ngayon medyo mataas ang tensyon sa pagitan ng Tsina at Pinas. Ingat ka lagi!

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