Soul Echoes in Brunei

Brunei by Maftravelgraphy

I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit. -Khalil Gibran

Brunei as known to be an “Abode of Peace” has its unique charms. It has a relax atmosphere, quiet surroundings, not crowded and has relatively clean environment. The setting seems just well suited to reinvigorate my senses.

I decided to stay longer in Brunei because I needed some quiet time.

I realized I had not slow down since 2012 has stepped in. The 1st quarter has been relatively busy. Travel after travel after travel. Philippines. New Zealand. Philippines again. Brunei. Kota Kinabalu. Kuala Lumpur. Singapore…

<>  Fallow Period  <>

Right now, I am called to slow down a bit (from actual traveling) to give way to other stuff. In one week time, I’ll be in a school mode… to pursue some professional academic development. To keep abreast of the challenges and upkeep the competence. To be able to respond well to the ever changing facets of the working environment. Quite enough reasons to justify why one has to do what she has to do. I am lost for the right words to express my gratitude for my current company for believing in my talents. The fact that they extend a full sponsorship for the course I am about to take, I am only compelled to return the best that I could give. And the best, is that I am still being able to pursue what I love best:- traveling. Well, honestly, I thought of quitting from my job. Just so that I can travel. But my recent realization proves that I can do both without necessary compromising to sacrifice other stuff. It is lucid. It was possible. Everything IS indeed possible. Only a sense of balance is needed. And I think, I need to acquire more of it.

I have a thousand reasons to be grateful for my Creator for His faithfulness in me. Sometimes, I go astray but He always leads me back home. He always put me back at the centre. I confess, I am not a religious person. And there was time in my life when I don’t want to practice religion anymore. But I knew that I am not only a physical being. I needed to nurture my spiritual side too. I was reminded of God’s message before I left for this recent adventure:-

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but of power, love and of self-discipline

for when we are faithless, God remains faithful. Because He cannot dis-own Himself.

Brunei by maftravelgraphy

I am just stupefied that God pat my back in a country where vast majority are Muslims. As if trying to send the message that God is universal and He is Only One regardless of however we call Him or perceive Him to be. Whether we are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or even a free-thinker.

There’ll be bumpy rides in my travel, not always smooth all the time. But God is perpetually there as the Best Tour Guide for always. That’s enough for me to keep going… even when traveling alone.

Brunei Empire Hotel by Maftravelgraphy

Note:- I am a bit in a senti mode dahil sa nangyaring pagsabon sa akin ng aking pinuno, wala man lang banlaw *_;). I am actually in a high energy to share about my recent maftravelgraphy adventures. I will do in the coming days. I just have to feel this down feeling, it will leave away soon. I got the message. And I learn the lesson. Life goes on. It will be better in the next days =)).

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