My Adventures and Misadventures in the City of Sails

City of Sails, Auckland, New Zealand
City of Sails, Auckland, New Zealand

“It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way!” -Penelope Riley, Travel Absurdities

If I have a choice, I won’t choose mishaps particularly if it has something to do with authority. But that’s the beauty of traveling, the occurrence of the unexpected. Memories you create… I could not disagree to say the least.

I believe it’s possible to live a drama-free life. I thought drama belongs only to ego.  But when drama unexpectedly welcomes you in your journey, perhaps you can get rid of it. Or it will haunt you. I think it’s always best to face it. And befriend it. And casually asks why have you come my way? What are you trying to teach me?

I am back at my place I learned to call home. However, I am still worried… I am still not at peace to be honest. Perhaps I would have it once I get a positive reply that all is okay, that all is well. I need a re-assurance. I need it so badly especially that I still have plans of visiting NZ and traverse it south parts. I am yet to see New Zealand’s best. I admit my trip was flawed because of the unpleasant experience… It tried to get the best of me. I tried not to let it won.

My On-Going Drama with NZ

As of this writing, I still have unfinished business with one of the Ministry of New Zealand. I opt not to go in details as I am clueless how things will turn out. But I sincerely hope that it will be settled achieving a win-win solution on both sides. My biggest fear is if it gets elevated to the court (as written in that piece of paper that was issued to me). Arghhh, I hope I am exaggerating. I have to consciously stop inviting negative thoughts. I wish to remain optimistic.


Although my planned short-lived holiday in New Zealand did not turn the way I wish it would be:- I didn’t get to see Bay of Islands; I didn’t have the taste of Great Barrier Islands either. I’ve only seen Waiheke and Rangitoto Islands from afar. Still, I am glad to have experience those things that were not part of my itinerary. Minus my unpleasant experience, all else is excellent.

Places of Interests in Auckland

1. Mt Eden. Located just outside the city. It has a perfect crater. I so love this place. This mountain is the highest natural point in the whole of Auckland. It was afternoon full of sunshine, the weather is perfect when we visit but I was shivering because it was very cold at the top.

Mt Eden with a backdrop of Sky Tower and Auckland city, NZ
Mt Eden’s beautiful crater is considered sacred to the Maori’s culture. That’s why sheep and even human are not allowed to step into this crater.

2. One Tree Hill. Is in the Corn Wall Park. You get a stunning view of the entire city of Auckland. This memorial place plays an important role both for Maori (the Indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand) and other New Zealanders. This mountain is home to the tribe since 1700.

View of Auckland city from One Tree Hill
View of Auckland city from One Tree Hill and those lovely sight of sheeps grazing in the pasture land.

3. Mission Bay and St Heliers. Just 12-15 minutes drive from the city, located in the north island, suburb of Auckland. It is soothing to see the beach front promenade with beautiful waterfront.

Mission Bay on a rainy day. Auckland, NZ
A drive thru Mission Bay on a rainy day… as if the weather commiserates with my misfortune. (My droopy eyes still obvious as I cried like a river for that ghastly experience…)

4. Achilles Point. Is where you can have a good view of Rangitoto and Waiheke Islands. And a view of what the local’s called – naked beach… 🙂 and from afar, the view of Musick Point.

Achilles Point. Thanks to Brod Edmund Cuevas
Achilles Point. Salamat kay Brod Edmund Cuevas.

5. Michael Savage Garden. Is also a nice place to overlook the sea front of Mission Bay. It was created to commemorate the New Zealand’s first labour Prime Minister. It was raining during the visit, my first experience to see tourists all in umbrella :-).

Michael Savage, Auckland, NZ
Trivia:- In Auckland itself, there are 21 volcanoes!

6. Albert Park. Is a beautiful park in the heart of the city. Located just across the University of Auckland. Autumn blooms for flowering season. And the big trees! Though I could not identify its common name, I think these trees belong to species of Ficus family.

Albert Park, Auckland, NZ
Albert Park. Thanks to the stranger student who was kind enough to take several shots until I get satisfied hehe

7. Viaduct Harbour. A walk at night. Have a good view of the Sky Tower. Ubiquitous cafes and restaurants around. A sight of ships… you will really feel that you are in Auckland :-).

Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, NZ
Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, NZ

8. Buskers at the Queen Street. I love this place as well. Located at the down town centre. This is where the party, music, artists and the likes gather together. I have walked this place a few times, day and night. I always love to listen to the variety of music people play from different corners, a sight of people playing an unusual instrument. It calms me, it makes me forget my worries. That’s why I like Las Ramblas in Barcelona and Montmartre in Paris. These are places where I can closely identify myself. And I confess, I dream of doing this one day *_;). Perhaps I will bring my guitar and busk in a place where no one knows me so I would not be too shy to perform to entertain people, not for money reasons but just for the sake of experience. I really think it’s cool :-). My brod and sis from my college sorority even offered their guitar and was pulling my leg to try it there. I was not in my best guts though :-).

Buskers at Queen St., Auckland, NZ
Buskers at Queen St., Auckland, NZ

9. Bungy Ride. Located at Victoria St., just a walk away from the Sky Tower. This is for those brave spirits with high adrenaline. Not my type of activity. But perhaps it is worth trying one day, just to overcome whatever fear is that within me.

Bungy Ride, Auckland, NZ
Bungy Ride, Auckland, NZ

10. Auckland Domain/ Auckland Museum. (Grazie to Toni Hombre for the photo). I had not seen it personally. But sure it is worth a visit. I don’t have enough time? No, my free-spirit was not in the best mood to explore because of that low feeling that made me feel like a paranoid. Anyway, the history of New Zealand, the culture of the south pacific, the display and great collection of Polynesian artifacts can be found here. And the beautiful Auckland Domain park… I recommend it to be part of the itinerary for anyone who is visiting Auckland.

Auckland Domain by Toni Hombre
Auckland Domain, Auckland, NZ

There are so many interesting things that are worth doing and visiting in the north island itself, that what I have listed here is just a fraction of what I was able to experience in my barely one week travel. Oh, like the Sky Tower – the Auckland’s official landmark with height of 328meters tall while Paris Eiffel Tower is 324meters.


Aside from New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes, what made me like this place is its people (apologies but with exemption at the Immigration). I have good memories of the people I have encountered and come along with during my visit. I wish to have a separate post about it. Simply because they deserve my utmost gratitude.

4 thoughts on “My Adventures and Misadventures in the City of Sails

  1. Dream ko makarating talaga dito buti ka pa nakapunta ka na hehe! I’ll get there one day definitely! At mabuti naman at hindi ka mukhang stressed sa mga pics mo 🙂

    1. Hi Drew,

      I’m sure you’ll make it there definitely! 🙂 lalo na libre ang tourist visa kung mag stay ka ng less than 3 months dahil sa bilateral fee waiver agreement ng government ng Pinas at New Zealand :-).

      Hahaha syempre di ko na sinama yung sobrang mukha akong stress hihihi


    1. I have encountered other random act of kindness from strangers that was not mentioned in the post…and honestly I think that’s what’s missing from where I am currently at. Thanks for the visit batangala!

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