Unraveling My New Zealand Travel (Lessons Learned and Insights)

Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand
Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand

A person of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that we can realize our potentialities. – Charles de Gaulle

Sharing here an excerpt from my nightmares and some dream come true from the City of Sails.

1. Be respectful of the authority but be firm at the same time in asserting your basic right as a human being. To be treated as, well, human. Presence of mind always plays a crucial role in a semi ordeal sort of scenario. I thank God for letting my common sense work in moments of most dreadful situations.

2. Always believe in the goodness of people. Trust is a basic prerequisite. Be trustful. It goes along way. But it could go the other way around as well. Learn to trust your intuition. Listen to your inner self who deserves of trusting.

3. Let go of expectations. Don’t lose heart when things didn’t go as you planned. Traveling is not all about good times, creating happy moments, exhilarating experiences. Sometimes it let us experience other emotions such as sadness, loneliness, helplessness, moment of anger, vengeance, scariness… To teach us something.

4. Bask and live in the present moment. When we learn to truly live in the present, in the now, we worry less and learn that happiness is always just around the corner waiting for us to hug her.

5. Learn to be accepting of whatever comes in our way. It has been said many times that it is not so much what happen to us but what we do with what happen to us. When we commit unintentional mistake let us be courageous enough to admit it. However, let us learn as well to demonstrate to others that we deserve equal respect if they want to be respected. It’s a very basic thing that we often overlook and somewhat a matter of common sense that is not so common. This trigger more or less in situations we never expect would happen to us.

***excerpted from maftravelgraphy journal 1.31AM, 25 March 2012, Sunday, 234 Hobson St., Auckland City, New Zealand***


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