A Peek At Queen Marie-Antoinette’s Estate (Paris, France)

Palace de Versailles (one of those Marie-Antoinette's estate)

If the sight of the blue skies fill you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice for your soul is alive. -Eleonora Duse

*A Strange Experience*

How do you explain something, to be in a place for the first time and have that instant feeling that you have lived in that place for sometime in your life? Strange. This was a very, very strange feeling I know. And in so many ways I could not explain. Could this be a case of deja vu? I don’t know the answer. What I am sure of was I am not in a state of trance. I am sure I was there in spring and experiencing everything for real. I am sure, I belong to the Millennial Generation… Did I live in the 17th century? I don’t know the answer either.

I tried to concentrate to live in the moment and attempted to dismiss that very-strange-strong-feeling enveloping me at the time. I didn’t bother at all to share it to my friend-turned-Tour-Guide with apprehensions that he would think of me as crazy or worse, a psychosomatic (in case you don’t know what it means, Google is free *-^).

I keep it to myself and didn’t share or talk about it to anyone. Everybody is busy with their own lives anyway. And I’m not sure too, if any of my friends would pay attention to this kind of stuff. It’s only between me and my journal. First time to share it in public.

Thinking about it now, could it be the reason why I was having this soaring energy feeling inside of me to hop in right there and then to the Palace de Versailles at the moment I set foot to this lovely City of Lights? Because I am coming home? Palace de Versailles is home. Perhaps I have lived there before? Hahaha! I could laugh out loud at myself now. I know I sound silly. But seriously, if past lives, old souls exists and reincarnation is for real. Then maybe I have lived there before. Hahaha (one more time =). I need some dose of laughter. So have to cheer up myself to move the tension away. As I am not quite used to sharing so much about my personal life. Perhaps I am not up yet to some public scrutiny or  what you call limelight. I’m not sure if that’s unavoidable.

Please take a look at the photos below. Because in a while I have another strange experience to share with you.

*A Glance At The Queen’s Private Life*

According to source, Louis XVI’s wife loved this estate where she could return to the pleasures of simple, rural pursuits, away from the pomp of Versailles. Herewith is an excerpt of the Queen’s private life (http://en.chateauversailles.fr) :-

The Petit Trianon and its park are indissociably linked to the memory of Queen Marie-Antoinette. She is the only queen to have imposed her personal taste onVersailles. Sweeping away the old court and its traditions, she insisted on living as she wished. In her Trianon domain, which Louis XVI gave her in 1774, she found the heaven of privacy that enabled her to escape from the rigors of court etiquette. Nobody could come there without her invitation.

The reinstatement of the compound which shows most of the former arrangement: enclosing walls, gates, grills and saut-de-loup [Wolf’s jump] – shows the Petit Trianon domain as guarded, preserved place, centred on chateau. This arrangement shows the eclecticism and refinement of Marie_Antoinette, an art of living linked to free thinking, for the spirit of the Enlightenment was far from absent here.

Since 2007, the domain has been accessed from the Maison du Suisse, that is, the Porter, who not only held the keys of the Petit Trianon, but also had the power to allow visits to it in the Queen’s absence.

*Another Strange Experience*

We’re about to conclude our trip. We’re tired and have been walking the whole day for almost 7hours. Looking at the map it shows we’ve been everywhere in the palace. Walking around the garden of Versailles that covers around 800hectares (2000 acres) of land is I think an accomplishment in itself. I can feel the blister of my aching feet but I wish to ignore it.

While finding our way out, we were approached by a Chinese lady and asked for direction on how to get out from the palace. My Tour Guide confidently gave her a clear direction, motioning his hands on which way to go. Only to confess with me later that we were actually lost as well. We laugh out loud at  our mild misfortune. You won’t believe that it took us around an hour and a half (1.5hours) before we managed to find our way out. I wonder how did that happen. We headed to all the gates indicated in the map and they were all closed and locked. At one point, I made a crazy suggestion that why don’t we just jump over the fence so we could go out? But when we look out, if ever we would do that it’ll be like we will be killing our selves because at the other side of the fence are all canals with depth higher than the height of an average person.

So while I leave to my Tour Guide his expertise in navigating the place through his map, I tried to capture as many photos as possible and just enjoy the time not sinking in my mind that we were practically lost. In my mother tongue, we have this term called “nanuno”. I don’t know the exact translation in English. But it means, that we were played by unseen spirits, a superstitious belief we had when we were young. As a young lass full of adventurous spirit, every time we would play in the meadow, there are times when we could not find our way back home. We would then reverse our clothes into side B and as if magic, a trail that would lead us home eventually appear. I’m not sure if this holds any scientific explanation or whatsoever. It just work with us as young innocent children. Should we didn’t manage to find our way out say in 2 hours time, I am really into suggesting that crazier idea. But luckily, we were still lucky, the spirits released us =).


It was a day full of strange things happened. I am more than convinced that Palace de Versailles deserves to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am glad to be here. I am grateful to find my way back home -*).


I would temporarily suspend my France’s travel adventure. Because tomorrow I am flying to New Zealand. I will try my best to update my blog while I’m away.


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