Palace de Versailles (Paris, France)

Versailles Palace
Palace de Versailles is among the top ten most beautiful places in the world
And this our life, exempt from public haunt, Find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, Sermons in stones, and good in everything. -William Shakespeare, As You Like It, 1599


I don’t know exactly what Shakespeare is telling in the above poetry. But I love poetry. I love quotes. There is something in it that makes me ponder even if I comprehend the least. Hehehe. What I actually want to share for today is among the top ten (10) most beautiful places on Earth:- Palace de Versailles or Château de Versailles (pronounced as Tsatoh de Versay, read as it is).

Before I go further, I’d like to thank AirAsia (no, this is not an advertisement) prior to closing their flights to London and Paris (according to news, due to high tax and surcharges), I was lucky to be one of those who were able to avail their promotion. But only if I knew that I would miss my return flight, I would have second thoughts taking it. Since they don’t have daily flights in that route I ended up flying via Singapore Airlines which I paid way higher than the round trip ticket I got at AirAsia. I feel very rich! (kidding aside, I wish I am haha). But what I’d really like to say is it was a very expensive lesson to learn. I hope it won’t happen anymore in future. Though quite a superb experience. As Shakespeare put it: good in everything. That’s the only line that I am sure, I comprehend =). So I am writing it here, to remind myself, I should not let it happen again. Otherwise, I will have to bear unnecessary consequences that could have been prevented if not for my sloppiness =(.


When the plane touches down to Paris, it’s not Eiffel Tower nor Notre Dame that I’d like to see. I want to head right away to Palace de Versailles. There is a soaring energy inside me that can’t seem to wait to see the palace before my eyes. Merci beaucoup to a good friend Fabien who arrange everything for me to make this trip to Versailles, France a smooth and hassle-free. Perhaps he deserves more than acknowledgement because he did not only pay for all the fees incurred, he even served as my tour guide at the same time, a role rolled into one. Undeniably, a kind soul indeed =).

Here are some facts about Versailles:-

Versailles, or Château de Versailles is a suburb at the southwest of Paris, around 20km from the French capital. It was the centre of political power in France during the time of Louis XIV (1682) before the birth of French Revolution. Considered as one of the most beautiful achievements of the 18th century French art, Château de Versailles is in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

So without further ado, following below are some of my snapshots:- Happy viewing! =))

Versailles Palace, Paris1

Versailles Palace, Paris3

Versailles Palace, Paris4

Versailles Palace, Paris5

Versailles Palace, Paris6

Versailles Palace, Paris7

Versailles Palace, Paris8
Inside the palace, we were given a device that looks like a mobile phone. If you want to know anything, just press a corresponding number and then there'll be a voice over that will explain whatever you need to know in whichever part of the palace you go.

Versailles Palace, Paris9

Versailles Palace, Paris12

Versailles Palace, Paris10

Versailles Palace, Paris11

Versailles Palace, Paris13

Versailles Palace, Paris14

Versailles Palace, Paris15
The Mirror Fountain. Louis XIV commissioned the Mirror fountain in 1702, in the spirit of Le Notre’s Fountains, but with modern technical methods. Musical water displays are presented to the sound of Rameau.
Versailles Palace, Paris16
The King's Garden

Versailles Palace, Paris17

Versailles Palace, Paris18

Versailles Palace, Paris20

Versailles Palace, Paris21

Versailles Palace, Paris19

Versailles Palace, Paris22

Versailles Palace, Paris23

Versailles Palace, Paris24

Versailles Palace, Paris25
A sensitive plant in a garden grew, And the young winds fed it with silver dew, And it opened its fan-like leaves to the light, and closed them beneath the kisses of night. –Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Sensitive Plant,” 1820

If you were enthralled in these photos, I would say this is NOT the highlight yet, the best part would be the Queen’s Residence:- Marie Antoinette’s estate which will reveal the Queen’s private life. That will be up next =).


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